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Various exercises based on your equipment and questions.

  Sherry you said in the answers to your questionnaire that you wanted to work on your legs and rear end.  You also recently asked about the breasts of our graduates and their achievements.  Her are several exercises (with animated images from our archives) you may find helpful on the areas you have raised concerns about.
Chest Muscle groups

Pectoralis Sternal (major)

Pectoralis Clavicle (upper)

Pectoralis Minor

Serratus Anterior Side

Serratus Anterior Pull

Chest Exercises
Bar BellDecline Press
Dumb Bell Pullover
Dumb Bell Fly
Bar Bell Bench Press Guillotine
Dumb Bell Incline Bench Press
Bar Bell Incline Shoulder Raise

Exercises for Legs and Rear End

Dumb Bell Lunge
Dumb Bell Rear Lunge
Dumb Bell Squat
Dumb Bell Step Up
Important note on this one: Your "step" should be high 
enough to make your knee joint approximately even 
with your hip joint.  If you miss this, your muscles will 
not form correctly and will not lift your "rear" appropriately.
Weighted Hip Extension
Weighted Decline Sit Up
Weighted Roman Chair Sit-up
Weighted Incline Hip Raise
Weighted Incline Sit Up
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