How we work at
The Monticello Institute
  Dr. Miriam Wallace, Gyn

  Director of recruiting and 
  new member acquisition

  My name is Miriam Wallace.  I am a doctor with and director of recruiting for the Monticello Institute.  We have contacted you because some time ago you took a blood test that included a test of your testosterone level.  In the time since you took that test, you have not received any testosterone correction treatment pharmaceutical or otherwise.  If you took this test due to a low or reduced libido (sex drive) and this low libido problem is continues in preventing you from enjoying a full sex life then we would like to help.  If you did not take the testosterone test for any libido related issues please disregard this contact and accept our apologies for our mistake.  If you did take the test for lowered libido difficulties then please read on and prepare yourself for a new life.  I know this program works because it worked for me. 
My Monticello Institute story
Yes, I too had a lowered libido.  Sex was "just one more chore" I had to do to finish my day.  I couldn't stand finishing off my day with letting my husband have sex with me or even touch me.  I knew that my testosterone level was representative of my sex drive, and no matter how many times I sent in my blood tests they all came back indicating my testosterone level was normal.  Then several years ago I was contacted by The Monticello Institute and they explained how they worked to correct libido levels including those affected by testosterone levels.  There was no magic bullet for the change and it was not a quick overnight change.

First they explained that my testosterone level was normal at some time but for some reason it was being masked or had been triggered to shut down.  After that explanation they asked me a bunch of questions about my life, my experiences and all sorts of what I thought were inconsequential details about my life.  They also needed a lot of personal details about my life that I didn't really like to share but since they were all very professional and maintained strict privacy I shared those details.  They needed those details to understand fully about what was making me tick and my libido tick low.

The second thing they did was study my case history and set me up with a distance counselor who was familiar with my case and had a similar background.  Like I said earlier it was not a silver bullet repair.  It was an attack on all fronts to stop my falling and failing libido and return it to a new level.  It took a little over a year for me to get through the program.  My counselor was a great help because I could explain my difficulties and apprehensions and she would talk me through the obstacle because she had a similar problem and worked through it herself.  She was my distance cheerleader.  She kept me going.  This second step is the longest stage.  They even showed me how to increase my testosterone level and libido with the help of my husband.  He never knew what was going on and still doesn't but our lives have never been happier.  I never understood the secrecy involved with the treatment until my changes started to occur.  Believe me keeping it a secret helps a bunch. 

The third step was the maintenance program.  My counselor showed me how to maintain my gains and lifestyle and my life has never been like it was before my association.  I did not return as a counselor myself but I did return in an administrative capacity. 

I do not receive any significant payment for my efforts.  I volunteer my time to do this work because I know it will help everyone who participates like it helped me.  Each of the physicians doctors and counselors at The Monticello Institute also volunteer their time as well.  There is no reason to suffer with a lowered libido.  I am almost 55 years old now (and with no facelifts, and yes that is a recent photo at the top of the page) and my husband and I feel physically like a couple of 19 year olds.  I look forward to my life every day, and you will too if you are deemed suitable after the question and answer session.

Before we can help I need to explain a little about how we work at The Monticello Institute.

We operate through a series of steps, as outlined above.  But to add a little more detail please continue reading.

  1. The first step is of course your taking a testosterone level test for an impaired libido, and you have already done that.
  2. The next step ours when, after a couple of years, we collect the information from the Insurance industry.  Then we mail out our initial flyers to the suitable candidates.
  3. The next step is yours when you respond to our initial mailing, either by return mail or on the internet.  From there you will confirm your desire to change by sending return mail to request the initial question and answer packet or e-mail your request for the electronic version of the same question and answer packet.
  4. A short time later we provide you the question and answer session in the media you requested as well as your first participant payment.  You answer the questions and return the answers to the appropriate source for examination and study.  From that point, the information you provided will enable us to assign you a distance counselor.  We also provide you with a Monticello Institute web mail account so you may confidentially discuss with your counselor matters that concern you, and Monticello Institute web pages where you will find the lessons of the past from your counselor and other graduates that will encourage you to follow the directions in your lesson packets.
  5. Your counselor will also provide you with your "lessons".  She will not tell you about future lessons in the curriculum because you may be tempted to skip ahead, and taking any of the steps out of turn can undo any progress you may have made.
  6. You will continue through with your lessons and your counselor will stay with you until you have completed the program.
  7. After the completion of your program your counselor will help you for a short time with the start of your maintenance program.  When that is complete you will proceed to graduation. 
    • At that point you may be asked if you would like to return as a counselor.
  8. Your counselor will continue to be available to field any follow up matters you may like to attend to or just swap mail as a sort of girl talk.  Most of our participants maintain a distance sort friendship, a little like pen pals, even after their graduations.
As director of recruiting I will not be your counselor.  But I may be able start your change as soon as I receive your mail requesting membership in The Monticello Institute.  Send your mail to
and in a few days you will receive instructions on how to do your online testing.  We will also send you your first payment as soon as you request your membership.  So I and countless other volunteers would pleased to hear from you and begin your path to the change that we have all gone through, but we can't start until we hear from you.  Hope to hear from you soon.