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How to trim your pubic hair
as demonstrated by
Dr. Kathy Schultz
Dr. Kathy Schultz is a forensic pathologist.  Kathy is not only a graduate of The Monticello Institute but is also one of our distance counselors.  Kathy is 43 years old
Trimming your pubic hair

As you may have already read your pheromones are very important in helping your blood chemistry correct itself.  Your skin is the largest organ of your body and expels pheromones all of the time.  Your pheromones will need to be enhanced by allowing your skin to "breath".  This is why it is important for your body to be disrobed when you are masturbating.  Pheromones come from every hole on your body including your sweat glands as well as every time you exhale.  Pheromones are a form of chemical language, and you are always sending a message even when you are not talking.  Read up on the pheromones on the interesting facts page and learn more about what parts of your pubic area are better signal senders.

I am going to show you some important tips on how to trim your pubic hair to maximize your chemical signal while you are masturbating.  I am also going to give you some important tips on how to trim your pubic area.

  1. Always use clean razors.  If you shave your legs do your pubic area first.  You don't want to leave any pheromone residue from your legs on your vagina.
  2. Always use room temperature water.  If it is hot water your skin will swell and contract causing hairs to become ingrown, if it is cold water your skin will shrink and you won't get a clean shave.
  3. Ideally shave your pubic area like a man shaves his face.  Not in the tub, and NOT on soaked skin.  Soaked skin has the same effect as hot water.  
  4. Do all of these things before you bathe.
    1. Wash your pubic.
    2. Trim your pubic hair down to about a quarter of an inch with just scissors.
    3. Trim away the excess hair as shown here.  It is animated and may take some time to load, be patient.  Trimming pointers
    4. Then shower, do not bathe.  Taking baths redeposits your pheromones on your body from other emotions earlier in the day.
    5. Do NOT vigorously scrub your freshly shaved pubic area while showering.
    6. You may want to apply a feminine aftershave to your pubic area after your shower.  That will be up to you.  After you shave that area for a while your skin will toughen up to the rigors of shaving and be less sensitive to the event.  You will NOT lose sexual sensitivity.
    7. You should also try to go without underwear after shaving, at least 30 minutes maybe even an hour.  Try wearing a robe, night shirt or long shirt to conceal your bare vagina.  You are trying not to let fabric rub your freshly shaved privates.
    8. The more you shave and care for your pubic area this way the easier it will get.
  5. You should leave some pubic hair in place as it is beneficial to stimulating the pheromones ejected from the sweat glands between your fingers and on your palms.  Do NOT shave it clean.
Here are two pictures of me that my husband took of me.  I share them to show others how to maximize their results with The Monticello Institute.  I used to hate trimming that part of my body because when I did it made my hips look broader.  Now I think with my slimmer hips I look just about right.  I am still working on the muscles in my chest to firm my breasts, but they are way better than they used to be.  Remember to keep 'em short.
Me on the bench in the back yard
Me in the tub showing off
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