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Kim Dominguez joined The Monticello Institute in 1997 at the age of 30.  After graduating in 1999 Kim returned to work on web page installation and maintenance as well as data base maintenance.

My Story

I have a different story than a lot of the girls in The Monticello Institute.  I was born in Santa Teresa, New Mexico. Well I may have been born there.  I was dropped off on the porch of a Catholic Church in Santa Teresa when I was a few days old.  The Priests took me to child welfare and they put me into the Foster home program of southern New Mexico.  I have never met my biological parents, and have no idea who they are or who they might be.  I do know, from DNA tests, that I am part Asian and part Black/Hispanic (an Afro/South American mix).  I guess nobody wanted me at all.  I was eventually adopted when I was 13 years old, by a large Mexican American family.

While I was being shopped around in the Foster Home system for adoptive parents I met a lot of bad people, who qualified (financial support) to adopt and a lot of good people who did not qualify to adopt (lack of financial support).  I was also fostered out to migrant farm families from Mexico that put me to work picking in the fields, and treating me like a money source.  Several of the foster families had abusive males in the house and felt I was to be used as a sex toy and sexually abused me.  I never told anyone because I thought that was normal.  It took a very long time for me to trust any people after I was adopted, let alone trust any males.

The family that adopted me had a lot of family in Mexico.  They spoke Spanish at home and made me learn spanish too.  I have always felt like I was Mexican since they have so openly taken me in.  We frequently visited the rest of the family in Mexico in a poor gulf fishing town where they lived.  That was where I met the man who would eventually become my husband.  Interestingly enough he was from New Mexico as well.  My husband and I still visit Mexico to see our "old world" families.  I went to college got a degree in Public Relations and now I work in a Public Relations Department for a water utility cooperative (it's owned by the farmers and the local community).  My husband is an irrigation foreman for one of those farms.

I never have never told my husband of the abuse I dealt with as a child.  He does know about my shuffling around between foster homes and my adoption.  My Spanish is fluent enough and so few other people know about my adoption, or question my ethnicity, I am usually able to pass for an Indian from Mexico. 

After my years of abuse in different households, I never was sexually curious after I was permanently adopted.  My husband is the only person I have ever willingly had sex with.  We did ot have sex until after we had been going out for 6 months.  We only had sex rarely after we were married.  Most of the time was as rarely as once every other month.  I would hear my friends talk about their frequencies of sexual contact and felt odd that I was so far behind.  My husband wanted more sex than I was willing to provide and the Priests at the Parish were of little help.  I asked my doctor about my sex drive and he told me he could check to see if it was a chemical problem.  He took a blood sample (my testosterone test) and told me the results were normal.  He also told me I could see a Psychologist for more help.  There are no mental health professionals in these out of the way southwestern farm towns so I had to pass on that option. 

About a year and a half later I was contacted by The Monticello Institute and joined.  They helped me through all of my mental blocks and made my life and my marriage like they were all new again.  They showed me all sorts of ways to make my life better and improve my self esteem.  The even showed me how to exercise the muscles in my chest to improve my bust line.  How many Asian women do you see built like me?  I hope to see you test and join soon.  You will like the counselor you are paired with by The Monticello Institute, and they will help you like they helped me.

Pictures below

My husband took these pictures near our families home in Mexico.
Picture from the beach in Mexico
Picture from the beach in Mexico
Picture from the beach in Mexico
Picture from the beach in Mexico, with my husband farm truck behind me

My favorite blue suit.  Don't judge the suit, they wear small suits on the beach in Mexico.
More pictures from the beach
More pictures from the beach
More pictures from the beach
More pictures from the beach
More pictures from the beach
This one is my favorite, because when I see it I don't see the abused little girl inside.
Last picture from the beach

My husband is in this photo.  Yes, The Monticello Institute showed me how to encourage him to workout with me and how to help his penis size.  Have you ever seen a Mexican with a big unit?  Well you have now and he is only 5 feet 8 inches tall.  This picture is at the apartments you see behind me in the other pictures.  You can see behind him the telescope his family uses to look at the ships in the Gulf of Mexico
My husband

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