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Michelle Bellicini's exercise schedule.

  Hello Sherry,
These are my exercises and the way I "schedule" them (not in order weights first aerobics second).  I will email you, for the time being, the creatine stack that The Monticello Institute recommends (done).  I will also add to this web page next week things I am certain I forgot.  Sorry for being so late, and send any questions you may have.
Every Day 100 Kegels every 15 minutes at work and every 15 minutes if I think about them during the rest of the day. 
100 Kegels every 5 minutes during the preparation and consumption of each meal.
1 Kegel with every exercise repetition (not set but repetition).

Barely dressed or completely nude paired workouts.
One short masturbation set thrown in with every set in my 5x15's.
1000 sit-ups 5x15 Upper arm work, all:
Forehand bicep curls
Backhand bicep curls
Forehand military press
Backhand military press
Behind the head forehand press
Behind the head backhand press
5x15 Chest work, all:
Bench butterfly curls
Positive incline bench butterfly curls
Negative incline bench butterfly curls
Negative press
Two handed negative chest press
5x15 Weighted step-ups
5x15 Roman bench sit-ups
Stretching exercises
Aerobic exercise 30 to 60 minutes, choose or mix from: 
Roller blading (rarely)
Mini trampoline
Alternating day set A 5x15 all:
Stand-up row
Shoulder lifts (standing butterfly)
Forearm forehand curls
Forearm backhand curls
Supported single handed bicep curls (90% of max)
Alternating day set B 5x15
Weighted deep knee bends
Leg extensions
Leg curls
Butt curls
Supported ab-curls
Behind the back body lifts (on the edge of the bench)
Doses Except during menstruation... One a day minimum for at least 6 days a week (I try for 7).  I also try to shoot 2 a day once a week.  During my period I get one dose, but only one (permitted by The Monticello Institute).  Since my husband and I can't have sex at that time, I do this as a part of working to keep my husband "tuned up".  I also help him become erect a couple of times during my period.  A little oral sex but no dose and a little bit of hand job.  After my period I load up and do multiple doses (at least 2 dose per day 3 if I am greedy) for 4 days straight and then go back to my regular schedule.
Sex 5 to 6 times per week we have a "session".  Sometimes 7 days per week.  Each is usually about 60 minutes long, sometimes we have an additional quickie when time and privacy issues permit.
*fun time*
As noted above, thrown in with my workouts (orgasm less important), and it does not matter if my husband is present or not.  Any time I can get the house alone or reasonably private time (orgasm and ejaculation are important on this one).  Any time my husband is showering, I will get started on a short *fun time* so when he steps out of the shower my clitoris is already erect and extended (orgasm not important because he will get me few).
Tanning Out to the beach once a week, or camping and laying out there, laying out in the back yard if I can't get out.  I usually make to a tanning booth once a week.  Sunless tanning lotion as needed.
Creatine Here's a typical creatine loading and maintenance cycle:
Week 1: creatine loading phase (5g / 4 per day) 
Weeks 2 to 4: creatine maintenance phase (5g / 2 per day) 
Week 5: creatine loading phase (5g / 4 per day) 
Weeks 6 to 8: no creatine 
In week 5, I preferred to not load and just begin my off phase. Actually I alternate cycling periods, so every other 5th week I would have a loading phase. 

I found that I didn't always get any extra gains for the loading in week 5, so I alternate it. It could be different for you, and there are many variation of this cycle, so test it out, and figure out what works best for you. 

Be sure to work out hard and drink lots of water, 2 or 3 liters per day. And work hard enough to sweat. I can't get your pages added right now, my husband 

At work I use the stairs almost exclusively. I try to avoid escalators and elevators.
On the way to work I can't really work out at our little office gym because too many pervs like to come down and watch me sweat. What I do to get around that problem is I carry some weights in the car to lift at traffic jams and some elastic gym equipment (those heavy duty rubber band things you step on) and hook them under my feet and lift towards me. I have a second set tied to the seatbelt in the back seat to puch away from me and a third set running under the seat track to lift and or push up. I also use my "mobile gym" at lunch so I can eat and listen to music and exercise.
I can do all of the Kegels in the office I want.
Other Stuff I forgot (TBA)?  There is more, but I will have to add that later.


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