Michelle Bellicini's husbands before and after pictures as a participant (albeit, without his knowledge) in the Route 66 group provided by The Monticello Institute
Fred Bellicini

Fred Bellicini's before pictures...

I took this picture right after he pulled 
out when we were starting the program.  

He didn't have much then.

Michelle says, "Here are pictures I took of Fred (short for Frederico) when we were on vacation in Reno at the beginning of our Route 66 participation.  I really did hate how fat and sloppy he got.  He thought I should want to do "it" with him when ever he wanted "it".  Well, you read my case history, I didn't really want to.  My appearance and past alone were not making me want to do it, and his appearance and small poorly performing penis and sexual illiteracy were not helping either."

Fred Bellicini's after pictures...

Right after graduation
About 6 years ago.
A few weeks ago
He does not like the picture because he feels like I am looking up his nose.  
Oh yeah, like I am looking at his nose.
Well, ok Fred is flexing in those pictures and yes he does shave his testicles and trim his pubic hair, but I like it like that and I think you will agree that this a profound improvement.  But you can see what The Monticello Institute and the Route 66 plan did for me and for him and I just can't get enough of him since our change.  I did follow the Route 66 guidelines to improve both Fred's musculature and penile structure as well as his sexual performance.

Playing and flexing hard at the pool end of this last summer.
He has pulled his trunks part way down so I could get a really good high risk picture of his butt.
Another picture from the end of this last summer.
Just a closer picture of his nice round honey buns, with a balanced tan.
Well, ok Fred has just put on a good tan and has been working out. But I still like these pictures. It's not all about his penis, I like all of what I have made him into. But I wouldn't trade his penis in.