Your personal long distance trainer, counselor and tutor
Michelle Bellicini
Michelle Bellicini will be your distance counselor.  Michelle has been very successful counseling other students.  Michelle is 39 years old and works for MicroSoft as a network troubleshooter.  Michelle lives with her husband, daughter and son.

Hello Sherry,
  I hope you don't mind getting your counseling from an Italian woman.  My husband is Italian too.

My husband took this picture when I was around 195 pounds or so.  He used to tease me with the picture.  I felt bad enough already, his teasing didn't make it any better.  His teasing didn't make me want him either.
A before picture of me

My husband took this picture last summer in our sitting room we added to the outside of our house.  I don't feel bad anymore about my appearance and we don't tease each other anymore in ways that would hurt the other.  Our marriage is better now than it has ever been and I love it.  I hope you will let me coach you through your life change like my counselors helped me.
An after picture of me

This is the after picture I e-mailed to your account at The Monticello Institute.
Green on porch

Before pictures
After pictures
Fat in my underwear This is one of the first pictures I took after joining and sent into my counselor.  I really hated it but I like to look back and see the change.

Smoking Smoking is my last bad habit.  I limit myself to one cigarette and one hot bath every week.  This is an early picture, when I was still fat.

Fat in swimsuit An unflattering picture of me in a swimsuit I bought at the start of my association with The Monticello Institute.

The next two are self portraits mid program. 
Self portrait 1
Self portrait 2

My husband took these two. 
Walking into shower
Drying off

Body suit on bed I sure could get big when my fat would be allowed to spread all over.

White and gray Not wearing much teasing my husband.
Black and gray Teasing with a little less.

Smoking and flashing Still smoking, and teasing my husband.

New red snazzies, self portrait.
All red

Self portrait in dark blue.

Covered Boobs profile  Thinner, and teasing my husband.
Bare Boobs All the way out, (with lint).  I would e-mail my husband pictures of me like this every now and then.

These next four are me still thinning on my way to my goal. 

. Stands My husband took this at our class reunion.

Husbands Ninja Posing on my husbands Ninja.

Favorite cutoffs Just what it says.

Top of the stairs My husband took this picture of me on a cruise ship when I was looking around at the crowded pool area.  It is one of my favorite pictures.

Leaning on our Beemer Another of my favorite pictures.  We bought it used and cheap and spend a lot to keep it running., but I like the way I look in it when I am driving it.

Yellow suit My husband took this picture at the beach.  No more flabby arms and I feel confident enough to wear a little one piece like that onto a public beach. 

Bare boobs and Nike shorts Another bare boobs self portrait.  Sometimes I have a hard time getting my head cropped in the shot for self portraits, but you get the point.  Muscle firmed up behind my breasts and that firms my breasts and way better tummy.  The picture is a few months old but I turned 39 March 1st.  Still, I don't think I look too bad for being almost 40.

Green suit on porch #2  Another shot of me in my green suit on the porch. 

My backyard movie loop It is just a walk into the frame, turn and stop in front of our gardening shed.  I am not flexing, and the suit does not complement my hips (my opinion).  The movie is a little grainy but it is the best I can get with the camera.  My husband was working the camera.  This was taken late last summer.

These are all pictures my husband took when I had no makeup on and was either tired before bed time or tired because it was early  in the morning.  I am not smiling or flexing in these pictures.  They are simple high risk pictures when I was off guard.

No shower curtain  My husband pulled the shower curtain back to get this one of me rinsing my hair.

Morning shower  My husband surprised me again but early in the morning when I was about to step out of the shower.

Blow dryer  He caught me blow drying my hair trying to get ready for work.

These are miscellaneous pictures of me posed and not posed.

Playing on a throw on the couch  My husband took this one of me when we were playing around in t    he den.  Photoplay works for both of us.

My husband took these when we were at our friends wedding in Las Vegas.  Big hotels allow a certain level of anonymity associated with inappropriate behavior.  he-he.
Showing off in a hotel window
Getting dressed and posing in a hotel doorway

Posing in the den  My husband took this one when we were fooling around in our den.

Getting ready in the guest room  My husband took this picture after we cleaned our guest room and decided to make it a "moment".

My husband took these of me sunning by our pool.
On a raft in the pool
Sunning and teasing my husband next to the pool

Sand and suntan lotion at the beach   My husband just put suntan lotion on my backside when we were at the beach, and he thought it would be funny to tickle me.  I rolled over to get away and got dry sand on my butt.  He took this picture of my going into the water to rinse the sand off..  Word to the wise, few things are as unpleasant as sand in a thong.

You might try getting some fishnet stockings like mine and wearing them.  These are a new pair I had to get because my old ones just wore out.

Flexing my calf muscles, in my pink dress, before a family yard party at our house.  I started off in a matching thong but lost those near the end of the party to surprise my husband.
Flexing calves

Stretching my ham strings in the backs of my thighs.

My husband was joking around about taking my picture through the shower door, and this was the only shot he got that I could be seen in the steam.
Shower door

Two more from last week in my green suit in the backyard.
Green suit flexing my arms and my butt
Green suit posing not really flexing

My husband and I were trying out a new digital camera, that's a little more grainy than I like.  But we tried the camera out and I got a dose in the backyard in this short clip.  I'm still trying to work up to a full deep throat, but I may never get there.
My husband letting me get a dose

Teasing my husband loading the trunk of the car.
Loading the car

Out in the field sunning and reading. I could only do this for about 15 minutes before I chickened out when some camper came near by and I had to run to put my clothes back on.
Out in the field

Surprised my husband by the back door, partially undressed.
Invitation for my husband

Matching my husband's tan, and giving him a peek at the goodies.
Tan and a peek

Matching my husband's tan, second picture outside.
Tan maintenance

I had to share a picture of my new garter belt, stockings and shoes. I was so disapointed about the free shoes falling through I had to treat myself.
New garter belt, stockings and shoes

Tasing my husband with coarse fishnets in the kitchen.

My husband likes to take pictures of my butt at the beach.
My butt at the beach

Stretching out at the beach in the shallow surf.
Stretching out

My husband had me match his bare but picture at the pool, so I yanked my top off for two laps in the community pool. Nobody else was there, so we didn't get in trouble, but it sure was scary in a fun way.
Playing in the pool

My half shirt on a camping trip. It's fun to tease my husband outside. Make a half shirt of your own and tease your husband too.
Half shirt

I found a suit, more like shorts and a top, like Cori's. See through and everything. I've worn it to the beach with a wrap so I don't get arrested. Still lots of fun, especially when I don't show my husband until we get to the beach or the pool.
New suit

A look at my husband and I both fairly erect in the same shot. It's really nice because he can get me up like that and to orgasm every time.
Two erections

Seated workout, try this while you are working out on your weight machine, or while you stradle the corner of your bed. It's a short grainy film, but it will give you the idea.
Seated workout
My husband took this picture and played around with changing the background because it was our dirty BMW. He really liked the picture even though I have a bunch of goose bumps on my butt. Even though I was not flexing in the picture, I sent it in to Amy and she thought it was good enough to add to my page and good enough to share. I don't know... What do you think?
Chilly butt

Not much flexing just teasing my husband while he took some high risk pictures while we were on a weekend vacation to Las Vegas. The kids were at the pool, and thought we were in the casinos.

Teasing 1   Teasing 2
Teasing 3   Teasing 4
Teasing 5   Teasing 6

One more from the same vacation. The bathroom had an oversized pedestal bathtub. It was exciting all by itself for my husband and I to play in (tee hee).
Thong teddy and long gloves
New cut-offs and a new black top.
New cut-offs
A big peek-a-boo for my husband during photoplay.
I am very uncoordinated and have never been good at sports, I'm just completely the most unathletic person in the world, but I do like to go to the beach and watch other people play. This is the picture I promised you, from kust a week or so ago, it's the first from the beach with bikini season properly in gear. I can't play at all but I do like to distract people when they play, and my husband is ammused as well, because he gets to go home with me.
Volleyball distractor

A movie that loops to show my before and after change, it pauses on the before and after.  A tan, some muscle, some makeup, standing on my tip toes and a whole lot of new confidence changed the way I  look, and the way I feel about sex, my marriage and myself.

Your success will be similar, as soon as you are ready to start to travel the path we have outlined.
Before and after movie

A new movie using a new program that Amy did for me a couple of weeks ago that loops to show my before and after change, it also pauses on the before and after.
Are you ready?
"New" before and after movie
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