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Dr. Miriam Wallace joined The Monticello Institute as a student in 1980 when she was 32 years old. Now 22 years later she is on our board of directors and serves as the Director of recruiting and new member acquisition.

Dr. Miriam Wallace, Gyn
Director of recruiting and
new member acquisition
A little info about me

I had the same problem all of the women here at The Monticello Institute had, I did not like sex anymore.  This sexual withdrawal was hurting my marriage and my family.  I took a blood test to check the testosterone level in my bloodstream and it showed that I was normal.  As a Gynecologist I understand the importance of a woman's testosterone level in promoting a healthy sexual appetite and sexily.   Not only was my level normal, but I was not low enough to self prescribe a hormone replacement therapy.  A few years went by and I was contacted by The Monticello Institute and I joined.  I figured I had tried everything else and this couldn't be any worse than the trouble I was going through with my husband sexually.  I even got my husband to participate in the counseling, but he never knew that I was leading him through this change.

I graduated about 14 months after I joined, and everything has been good ever since.  A few months later I returned as a distance counselor, but the counseling work was too hectic when combined with my medical practice and my family.  So I helped my students through graduation and stopped my counseling.  Now I am happy to just serve as the Director of Recruiting and new member acquisitions.

I hope you will find my pictures linked from below as motivation to help you join The Monticello Institute. 

The pictures

These are pictures of me the 54 year old and each of these pictures are less than 6 months old.  Yes, I'll be 55 later this year, so don't rub it in.  I am 5 foot 5 inches tall and weigh 127 pounds.  My body is what keeps me feeling young, and my husband and I only do a maintenance workout now of about 20 to 30 minutes a day, 6 days a week.

The picture at the top of this page is a copy of my marquis photo for the hospital.  I include it so you can see what I look like not flexing any muscles, and I like the way that picture came out.  My muscularity has provided me with a lot of my improved health and self esteem.  My muscles only get big when I flex them and I only do that when my husband and I are playing around.  The only thing I don't like about my body is no matter how young I make it look I can't make my face look younger.  I could do a face lift or a nose job, but Ii won't.  I am, just what I am, and my husband loves me like this.

This first two pictures my husband took of me while I was getting dressed to go to work.  I am wearing my long sleeve green turtleneck teddy that I like to wear under with a skirt, or loose pants.  I like the way it feels under my clothes because I feel like I am wearing a one piece bathing suit under whatever I am wearing.  It fits snug so I can admire my body and remind myself I don't look like the run of the mill 54 year old.  It also keeps me warm in the chilly hospital.
Green turtleneck teddy, first view
Second view of the green turtleneck teddy

These next four are ones my husband took while we were in New Jersey at a Symposium for Hospital Administrators.  The last evening we had a formal "eat and greet" function so we decided to get on our show off duds.  He likes to show me off and I like showing off.  I also like telling people my real age and seeing the look on their faces.
The lipstick
The Lipstick and the look
My body and my legs, no hose, just a tan and some lotion
Ready for dinner, drink and lots of dancing with my honey

My husband took these while we were in Paris, France.  Our airport shuttle was late and I was very worried we were going to miss our flight home.  Paris is nice but I didn't want to have to stay.  We had lots of time to kill.  And yes you can see that I am rather flat chested.  It's a genetic thing.  I have never been big up top.  I've never been average either.  My chest workouts though, have given me more volume than I have ever had before.  The tightening of my skin across my chest has made my nipples and areola are very sensitive, especially when I am aroused and my nipples are erect.
Me at a walkway light in front of the hotel
Flexing my arm and showing off my little round butt
My husband was making jokes about missing our flight, and I'm not amused

My daughter took this one of her 14 year old son arm wrestling me.  I wasn't working very hard to wrestle against him, and I let him win.  If you look close at my bicep you can see the separation of the two bicep muscles.  The two muscles in there are why they are called biceps.  You can only see my muscle separation when I am flexing.
Arm wrestling with my grandson

This is my favorite picture.  It is in our basement in my favorite pair of jeans my favorite belt and the flannel shirt my husband was wearing when we met.  I won't give it back to him and it is starting to wear out so I have to treat it gently and limit how often I wear it.  The jeans are special too because I bought them the day I graduated from The Monticello Institute.  They have never had the inner thighs wear out, and this is the first pair of jeans I have ever owned that didn't wear out like that.
Flannel shirt and jeans

This is a picture of my husband.  He is 2 years younger than I am and we met in medical school.  He was just back from a tour of Vietnam as an Army field medic and wanted to be a Surgeon.  If you look very closely you can see on the top of his right shoulder the entry point scar of where he was shot.  You can also see he is physically fit.  He was fit when we met and became fat after several years of marriage, then he became fit again starting with my prodding him along like The Monticello Institute showed me how to motivate him.  We do our workouts together and treat it like a part of our foreplay.  Watching him workout is a real treat for me and watching his muscles work really turns me on.  We are intimate almost every night and have actual sex 4 to 5 times a week.  On the nights we don't have sex, one or both of us will have an orgasm with the other making it happen.  We work it like we were dating and just give each other a lot of heavy petting or whatever feels right, short of sex.  When you join you will be shown how this will help you and improve your sex life.  It really does work.  And in case you were wondering his penis was a lot smaller when we met.  The Monticello Institute showed me how to improve his sexual performance and his penis size as a part of my counseling.  I added a little more than 3 inches on to his erect penis.  His size in this picture is right after sex as his penis is returning to it's normal flaccid state.  It shrinks up a bit after the weight of the blood in his penis is returned to his body.  Sex is now not a chore, but something I look forward to.
My husband

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