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Hello Sherry,
  Here are several links to short movies of various members.  I hope you find these movies helpful.  Try to remember to learn something new and take a lesson with you when you watch these short films. 

  When you click on these links they will start a page and a pop-up window that will display a link to the movie.  The page will pop back to this menu after a couple of seconds and the the pop-up window will stay for 30 to 60 seconds so you can click on the link that will start the movie.  The nice part about this particular type of movie is that will allow for you to pause the movie and observe the screen as a still image.  You can even resize the movie with in the limitations of your screen size. I will be adding more images as I time permits. 

Movie Links
This is a longer version of the movie I already left on your page. I little more walking and a little more posing and flexing. The nice part about this format of movie is you can resize the window and see a larger image, with a small loss in image quality. Still I hope you enjoy it more than the other movie. Long form movie
In this movie I am demonstrating my oral work in the early stage of one of our recent sessions. His penis is just beginning to firm up as I lick the pheromones from the head of his penis as well as the end of the shaft of his penis. I am also sampling the small amounts of pre-cum that is dripping from his penis.  I used to not like oral sex, due to my past, but I really find this now to be the beginning of an almost daily ritual that relieves me in so many ways.  In fact I enjoy it so much now, it's very nearly an obsession. The beginning of a dose
I know you already know who Dr. Whitmore is. In this short video Dawn is flexing her left leg pretty hard, as well as several other lower torso muscles. Pretty good for a grandmother. Dr Dawn Whitmore
If you have not bought a sports bra yet, get one. This particular case is not really why they invented the sports bra, but they did invent it to prevent just this sort of problem.  This a video clip of an early member of The Monticello Institute who had to go in for breast reduction surgery as well as breast corrective surgery. In this video she is working out in her garage on a stair step machine. She has asked to keep her name unlisted with this video.  And remember it's never too late to firm the muscle tissue behind your breasts. Why they invented 
the sports bra
Stacey Hale is another recent graduate of mine and in this short video Stacey gives a good demonstration of dedication to quality oral work. Hard work paid off for her and her husband and it will for you too. 
This movie is a different format so you will have to manually close the pop-up window after you start the movie.
Stacey Hale
Sherry, you asked about clitoral enlargement...  This movie is a close-up of my clitoris aroused.  If you still  want to enlarge your clitoris start working your clitoris like a penis, like I am working mine.  Work on a 30 minute erection before your first orgasm, about 4 to 6 times a week (but NOT when you are having your period).  Use a mirror to observe your progress.  That is the first step to enlarging your clitoris. Michelle Bellicini
aroused clitoris 
Here are two movies Dr. Madison Taylor's husband took of her playing around on their back balcony.  Maddie and her husband have a privacy balcony on their house so they can sun in the nude. Madison Taylor #1

Madison Taylor #2
Jean Mitchell is one of my graduates from 2000.  Jean had a serious problem with oral sex as well.  Jean's problem was primarily with putting her mouth on her husbands penis.  She would swallow but she did miss out on a lot of her full dose.  Once she overcame her oral block Jean made it very quickly to her graduation. Jean Mitchell
This is Liz Stollberg and her husband.  Liz is one of my graduates from early 2001.  The user tip in this movie is to remind you to not let your husband ejaculate on your face.  You need to get a full dose.  The image behind Liz is their bigscreen TV, and you can see his sleeve in the frame keeping the camera on Liz. Liz Stollberg
This is Cindy Bauman and her husband.  Cindy is one of my graduates from 1999.  Cindy has done a good job enlarging her husbands penis.  Notice how they both have enough room to get a good grip on his penis.  Cindy Bauman
Jane Winfield is one of my present students.  Jane sent in this movie of her showing off a new outfit for her husband. Jane Winfield
This is a movie April Hurley shot on film a long time ago.  April recently had it transferred to digital tape, and sent us a copy.  April was about midway through her program. April Hurley
before movie
Sandra Peck and her husband enjoy photoplay.  He tells her what to do and she pretends to be a centerfold.  Sandra's husband really likes Sandra's erect nipples.  Don't go without using your camera as a part of foreplay. Sandra Peck
This movie is of Caroline Reed having a hard time keeping her husband settled down.  As a result Caroline misses out on some of her dose.  We cropped in on the image so you can see how much she missed.  Keep him still or he just might spill.  Caroline is one of Amy's graduates from a few years ago.  Caroline Reed
Many of our members do not have to start from such a bad place.  This woman started at almost 370 pounds.  She has graduated and yes it did take her a long time, but she did graduate.  She has also asked that we not share her name with this video.    Yes, she is at a nudist beach.  She jumped into the high risk photo area as quickly as she could.  She did have problems with her skin and her breasts.  Much of her skin was reconstructively trimmed back as were her breasts.  This was the only option for her skin as it was so severely damaged and stretched.  Take care of your skin, and be thankful you did not have to start from such an unfortunate place. Keep your
weight down
In this movie Catherine Mayer is taking a topical second dose, after receiving an oral dose at the beginning of their session.  You can also see if you closely watch the right side of the screen that Catherine has helped her husband enlarge her husbands penis to point where they also can both get a grip. Catherine Mayer
Martina Jennings was one of Cori Nadeau's students.  This movie was the first well framed example of quality, deep, oral work.  We have cropped the movie to center the activity in the frame.  This is the movie that inspired Stacey Hale to master her craft so well. Martina Jennings
This is a celebrity graduate who prefers that you not tell about her association here.  She shares her movie with us in the same spirit of anonymity that we all share here.  This movie shows his second near the end of a 60 minute session.  You may recognize her face and her initials but you should also protect her choice of privacy as well.  She is not one of my graduates since she had a different background experience.  You do not need to send her a thankyou message either.  If you do she may or may not reply depending on how busy she is.  Her husband still does not know about her association with The Monticello Institute. PB
This is a movie of my husband working my erect clitoris.  It is only this large when I am aroused.  And I am never aroused unless I want to be.  Almost all of our members opt for the increased clitoral size due to the ease of orgasm and sexual fulfillment.  It will decrease more rapidly in size than my husbands penis, but there is less blood to return to the body. Michelle Bellicini's 
clitoris aroused by 
her husband.
This is a movie from before my graduation but when we first started getting video cameras.  We actually mailed tapes into a local University "clearinghouse" that was participating in the research and they would bulk ship the tapes to the central research lab for The Monticello Institute, where they were distributed to the counselors.  Kind of scary, but the internet has simplified the whole process.  In this video  I put the video camera on the book shelf and pushed record.  I am using a jelly type dildo, which is designed to approximate a maxed out penis, to see what it would be like to sit on top and take a full penetration if I made my husband that large. Wow, did it surprise me.  It was good to feel something that deep with me in complete control.  I had to use the table because I could not put the pressure on my knees doing the semi-splits in bed since my knees had been damaged from carrying all of that weight for so many years.  It was also the only thing low enough for me to straddle, still had to put on heels to get my feet up high enough. Michelle Bellicini
using the table.
The use of that toy above helped me get up the courage to try out a present from my bridal shower that I had kept hidden, a huge dildo.  The one above had some discomfort and a little pain but it still felt good.  This one hurt, though but it made me feel very "nasty".  I used it more than a few times until Amy convinced me that stretching my self that way was going to heave me disappointed by unrealistic expectations for the growth of my husband penis.  Still it was an interesting kind of moment, but I don't think I'll try that again. Michelle Bellicini
trying out a large toy.
Lisa Barder is not one of my students but she is a graduate none the less.  Lisa is in an interracial marriage, so if that sort of thing bothers you you probably shouldn't watch this movie.  Lisa's video is a compilation of several moments from the same session that were spliced together by her counselor.  The latter segments were filmed by her husband holding the camera down low with his left hand and this causes some instability in the image.  Lisa's video demonstrates several important key points
  1. At the beginning of the video Lisa is teasing her husband to his second erection and subsequent second orgasm by masturbating for him, and allowing him to watch and record the event.  In a short time, Lisa's pheromones have caused her husbands erection to return.
  2. The growth of her husband's penis to about twice it's original size.
  3. Any woman can "deep throat" her husbands penis.  All it takes is practice and time.  Use your toys to assist your practicing during times when your husband is not available.  Just don't lodge anything in your throat.
  4. Don't miss any of the dose, if any spills lick it off.  This point dramatically illustrated and is one of the reasons Lisa's video is important because you can clearly see the semen against the background of his dark skin.  Lisa also does a good job of licking the pheromones from her husbands scrotum.
Lisa Barder
Sal Foss during some light photoplay in the Michigan Hill Country at a family cabin, beckoning her husband to bed.  Sal is an original Route 66 member and has her information listed in the Route 66 pull down menu on your menu page. Salome Foss at the
Sal Foss oiling up in front of her mirror.  If you don't already have a large or at least full length mirror in your bedroom put one in and exercise and pose in front of it.  I converted my closet doors to an all mirror surface, and before that I had the back of my bedroom door with several large mirrors to make a large mirrored surface.  What Sal is doing is what I think you were doing in your movies which was baby-oiling your skin (the shiny skin in your movies?) to make your skin youthful.  Sal is also doing a good job of flexing her chest muscles, in such a way that you can see the individual muscle groups under the skin. Salome Foss oiling.
Sal Foss still in front of the mirror, oiled and flexing. Salome Foss oiled
and flexing.
Sal Foss still in front of the mirror, oiled and working out her left arm, shoulder and chest, with a portable elastic gymnasium kit. Salome Foss
working out.
Salome Foss still oiled up doing sit ups, crunches and feeling the burn.  Notice the skin on her stomach and how elastic it is on her stomach.  I really like that fountain of youth look. Salome Foss sit ups.
This is a movie of one of my first students, Laurie Bale and her husband, this is an interracial marriage so don't look if that sort of thing bothers you.  In this movie Laurie has enlarged her husbands penis a little less than an inch more than it originally was when she started with The Monticello Institute. Laurie Bale
This is a movie of Laurie and her husband fully enlarged.  Laurie is also demonstrating her ability to deep throat.  Laurie learned that by learning to deep throat when her husband penis was smaller it made it easier to perform the same act after she enlarged his penis. Laurie Bale
This is a before movie of April Hurley jumping in her pool.  This movie is a little older than the one at the top of the page. April Hurley
This is a second movie from the same celebrity graduate listed above, who prefers that you not tell about her association here.  Again, she shares her movie with us in the same spirit of anonymity that we all share here.  This movie shows his second orgasm near the end of a 60 minute session, which accounts for the small amount of semen.  Also note her ability to get two hands on her husbands penis and still have room to stroke his penis. PB
This is a movie of Kathryn Weaver and her husband.  Kathryn was one of Amy Linn's students who eventually graduated.  Kathryn made a lot of effort on increasing the size of her husbands penis but was slow on her working out and exercising.  Remember to strike a balance in both of your needs.  In this movie Kathryn's husband is getting his second orgasm and she is receiving it topically.  Kathryn was also wearing her nipple chain and a fake tattoo (which you can still see) to freak him out. Kathryn Weaver
and her husband
This is an early movie that Amy Linn, my counselor.  She had her husband film her while she teased him into a second erection, and orgasm.  Ahh, the power of pheromones, photoplay and imagination. Amy Linn
This is a movie of my husband and I having sex.  As you can see, he is plenty big, and I am feeling him "touch bottom" every time.  It hurts a little with every stroke but it is that good hurt that makes me gasp a little with every stroke to keep up.  He is not pulling all of the way out with every stroke and maybe leaving a couple of inches in every time, and I am clamping down on him every time he pulls away on his up-stroke. Michelle Bellicini
and husband
This is a movie of Robin Ko flexing her arm and getting it measured by her friend while her husband films her measurement. We left her voice in so you can here she is all American. Robin is proud of her 5 foot tall muscular body as it is exceptionally hard work for Asian women to achieve. Robin Ko
14 inches
This is a movie from Anessa Schroeder another graduate of mine from about 6 months ago. Anessa is lives in London, England and has built up as much as muscle as she can so far, but is working on more definition. Anessa and her husband are managers of an apartment building in downtown London. As you can see Anessa has done a good job working on her chest and is now doing maintenance work with her hands empty. Anessa is worried about the stigma of excessive muscle that European women are saddled with. This movie was taken by her husband when they had the apartment's weight room "closed for cleaning". Yes those are real tattoo's from her younger punk girl days. Anessa Schroeder
This is a movie Cynthia Brookshire's husband took this movie of Cynthia on a cruise ship at a bikini contest she was strong armed into entering. Cynthia had to hit the ships gym right before the contest to pump-up a little extra, and slam down a couple of Long Island Ice Tea's to get up the courage to dance around on the stage in her bikini. Cynthia said it was fun but would have enjoyed it more if she had won instead of finishing second (the winner's top popped off). Cynthia Brookshire
Shelley Beatty is another graduate of mine from just over two years ago. Shelley returned as a counselor after her graduation and has continued to help others. Shelley a tall 5'7", and taller with her heels, has just turned 45 years old and is the mother of two daughters, that are both in college. The first movie Shelley sent in is if her posing and flexing in her foyer. Shelley has also found a small rug to keep her heels from scratching her wood floor.

Shelley's second movie is of her and her husband. Shelley's has a difficult time getting her husband to participate in the enlargement of his penis, as he finds her sexual needs to sometimes be excessive. Presently Shelley gets to work with and train her husband and his penis only a couple of times a week. Shelley's husband is still large enough that they have to start slowly, but Shelley is still working to increase his size to over 9 inches from his slightly less than 8 inches now (originally he was 5 inches).

Shelley Beatty

Shelley Beatty
and husband
Robin Ko sent this new movie in of her flexing her biceps. You can see her nice separation of her shoulders, biceps and upper chest as well as both muscles of each bicep. Robin Ko
Melissa Edwards is a graduate of mine from about a year ago. She has packed on a lot of hard muscle, strong muscle, but because Melissa's parents are recent immigrants from Ireland (Melissa was born in the United States) has had a hard time losing the small amount of body fat that will show her muscle separation. You can see from her carrying her husband and doing squats with him she has the muscle. Melissa is just over 5 feet tall and is a 28 year old mother of two. Melissa sent in these movies early in October, 2002. Melissa and her husband are both O.R. nurses at a community hospital. The locker room movie is from the locker room where the staff store there personal items and they had a little playtime when they had the locker room to themselves. While high risk is good, this may be an example of too much risk. Melissa Edwards
Carrying her husband
Melissa Edwards
Jumping Rope
Melissa Edwards
Oversized boxing gloves
Melissa Edwards
Locker room play
A movie my husband took of me flexing in a new red backless top. I had also tried some hair extensions to make my hair look longer. I think I will just let my hair grow out some. Michelle Bellicini
flexing with
new red top
A movie of my erect clitoris, on my way to another orgasm at the hand of my husband. If you were going to enlarge your husband's penis you may want to plan on enlarging your clitoris as well. Michelle Bellicini
erect clitoris
A short movie of Becky measuring her forearm. Becky is one of my graduates from about a year ago and this is a maintenance movie she sent in. Becky took just over 12 months to graduate. Becky Dutton
A movie of Lane Williams using her elastic exercise system. Lane is also one of my graduates from about a year ago and took about 16 months to graduate. She would have graduated much sooner but she had a problem getting enough doses from her husband because he is a truck driver and on the road several days a week. Lanes correction for this was to get multiple daily doses while he was home and work him out extra hard while he was home as well. Once we got her dose schedule changed she moved right along to her goal. This is a maintenance movie Lane sent in to share with others. Lane Williams
This is a short movie of my husband working my clitoris when I was at the beginning of enlarging my clitoris. I had lost a lot of fat, but had not yet toned up. My husband never really new where my clitoris really was but learned a whole lot as it became more pronounced. It is pretty small in this movie. Michelle Bellicini's
before enlargement
This is a short movie of me working my own clitoris. I shot this movie during my Christmas vacation about a week ago, using the method I explained in a previous message. My clitoris is still not fully erect in this movie, but it is a good example of how you need to work your clitoris to increase the size. As you can see it's very easy for my husband to locate my clitoris now compared to before and my orgasms from his work or my own are so much more intense, and of course easier to achieve. Michelle Bellicini's
after enlargement
Stacey Hale, a recent graduate of mine (prior movie above) demonstrates how we all practice learning to deep throat. Just relax and practice. Practice often. You can even sample your own fluids and pheromones. Once Stacey really jumped on dosing and threw herself into a strict adherence of all facets of the program she graduated in a little less than 10 months. Stacey Hale
Stacey's movie is a good example of deep throating, photoplay, and penile growth just to name a few. When Stacey started out her husband was a just under 5 incher and through regular use, built him to where he is today at 9 plus. Stacey Hale
This is a movie of Karen Tidwell stripping for her husband in their garage. Karen just turned 40 years old and sent me these videos. Karen is Asian and her husband is White. Karen is a small 5 feet tall and her husband is right at 6 feet tall. Karen is a graduate of mine from several years ago and still sends me mail periodically. The pants she is stripping out of are some of her old fat pants. Karen is a big fan of going commando when she can surprise her husband at inappropriate moments. Karen Tidwell
These are a pair of movies that Karen Tidwell sent in. The first is Karen showing off how her hard work on her husbands body has paid off for her. The second movie is actually the same movie but we isolated and got a close up of the part of his body that she personally built to satisfy her needs. Karen has slightly more than doubled her husband's erection to a full 10 inches. Karen Tidwell rear1
Karen Tidwell close-up
Karen Tidwell, her husband working the camera as she works to get him fully erect. It's kind of a dim video but you can brighten your monitor if you need to see more. Karen Tidwell
Karen and her husband have put their camera looking down over his shoulder while Karen continues working her husband to a full erection. Karen Tidwell
Paris Hilton learned about The Monticello Institute from RZ at the opening of "Bridget Jones's Diary". I don't have all of the details but I have been told that the guy in the tape is Richard (Rick) Solomon (now married to Shannen Doherty). Paris was never a graduate, but is a member... sort of... One of the reasons RZ let her in on the secret and set her up with a contact who may have set Paris up with a counselor is her interest and more importantly her incredible cash reserves. As I understand it Paris wasn't interested in the program as a whole, but was VERY interested in the enlarging of the penis. Paris' interest in that was her only real focus, and as you can see she built Rick to more than twice his original size. Well I don't have any before pictures but you can see he is fairly well hung (pause the movie and brighten your computer monitor). Since Paris has learned this skill she has become a benefactor, and "part time" student. I personally don't like the spoiled brat attitude, but I commend her generous nature, even if it is self serving. Paris Hilton
This is a scene from a Janet Jackson HBO Special. There are a couple of things to take note of in this clip. The first is Janet's being commando was pixilated by HBO. Too Racy? She said she did it on purpose, as a wink back to her counselor. The second thing to study is her muscular development. It seems to be good all over, especially the center of her chest. Janet Jackson
This is a movie from another member, Sarah Price. Sarah visits Las Vegas frequently and apparently her and her husband win a lot. This is a movie of that her husband shot while they were enjoying a room comp. I don't know anything about Sarah except that she lost about 140 pounds and that those are implants, but she did that because her breasts were wrecked from the extra weight. Sarah Price
enjoying Las Vegas
Tanya Williams is a graduate of Janice Rains, and works in Shreveport at one of the casinos in the security department, doing background checks. Tanya's movie is a recent submission. She is a mother of four and grandmother of six, her youngest child will be graduating from college this year. Tanya graduated in '84 at the age of 30, after 16 months. She started at 188 pounds and is now at 128 to 132 of hard, mature muscle. I only say mature muscle because the more you workout the easier it is to maintain, and the harder and more defined your muscle gets. I can't find any information on if she has implants, but it looks like she may have a pair, or her shirt/top is lifting them up awkwardly. You can also see she had her hood pierced (did it herself, ouch!), but that was done about a year before she joined, the belly button ring is a store job she had done after her first grandchild was born (to remind her she still feels young). In this movie, Tanya is teasing her husband in some "photoplay" on the stairs in their house. Tanya says she enjoys teasing her husband during "photoplay" while he is in the nude because she gets to watch his penis grow and harden right before her eyes. In the movie Tanya doesn't really do any flexing but you can see the lean muscle mass under the skin move with her, and you can also see what she likes to call her "white girls butt". She was carrying the most of her weight in her thighs, butt and upper arms when she joined and it's all gone now. She is also wearing some very high heels that make her hips look even slimmer by making her taller. All in all, not too bad for a 50 year old grandmother. Tanya teasing
her husband
Two movies of Dr. Rhonda Mauser using her large toy. It's more of a demonstration of how far a womans body can go or what it can accept. It's also a good example of use and favorite position. One movie is actually two scenes spliced together and the other is a retake where the camera stayed up longer (it kept falling over). Both films are high risk, in her back yard on her deck. Rhonda says the toy is larger than her husband, who she has grown to 11 inches, not as large as the toy she is using in either movie. The movies were done more to demonstrate to other members that it's safe to use over size toys to explore larger options. Rhonda says her husbands 11 inch penis is too much to use completely in all positions but would rather him be too large than too small. The movies are old (late last summer) and were shot when Rhonda was 48 years old. I know you have already tried your nine inch toy and were pressed for tome when you did, but I thought you'd like to see another member taking a large toy for a spin. Rhonda says her husband never sees her use her "super toys", she does not want him to feel his 11 inches are inadequate. Rhonda's composite
Rhonda's closeup
isolation movie
This is a movie of Dr. Denise Mason. She is an original Route 66 graduate and researcher. Denise met her husband who was also a researcher for The Monticello Institute at that time. Denise and her husband were and are both Gyn. Doctors. The movie presented here is one of the gyms The Monticello Institute has access to, as well as after hour access. If you look closely you can see Denise has a larger than "normal" clitoris. Denise enlarged it the same way we have described. I believe Denise is about 54 or 55 years old in the film which is a recent film. Denise does some of the purchasing for The Monticello Institute for various "items" as well as toys. Denise in the gym
This is a movie of AS, doing a little *fun time* and photoplay for her boy friend/dose provider. The movie is not more than a month old and I do not know anything about her membership or graduation. I will pass on more info as it given to me. AS *fun time*
This is also a recent short movie of BS, and four of her providers! Apparently she can, and does, get what she wants from this small group, in exchange they say nothing and make themselves available. The Monticello Institute strongly and officially advises against this sort of interaction. This sort of is supposed to be about relationships and not doses. I do not know any more about BS that I have not already told you, I also do not know anything about her "providers". If i get anymore information I will pass it along to you as well.
P.S. If you read her lips near the beginning of the movie it looks like she says "thankyou".
BS, multiple
This is a recent movie Debbi Medina sent in. She had her husband film her during "photo play". Since you already had said you had tried self sampling and found it to be "not that bad" I thought you might like to see another way to try self sampling, and if you can break the ice with your husband, something you might try out while your husband is present. Debbi Medina
self sample
Two movies I did of me with Poser man. You could do the same with one (or any) of your movies and Poser man. I guess you could do one of you and your fantasy man. If Poser is too hard send me a movie and I'll have you and Poser man "gettin' it on". ;) They are both the same movie of me having *fun time*. The first he's popping a big erection real quick (I wish it was that easy), the second one of them poser man's hand is matching my shoulder, and his other hand is moving my hair out of the way. First of me and
Poser man
Second of me and
Poser man
This is a movie of one of the original Route 66 graduates Janice Rains. You have a link to a page with pictures of Janice. This is a short movie Janice' husband took of her right before they went out on her 55th birthday late in October. Janice said she got that new strapless dress and some matching shoes, and went completely commando except for some dress tape to keep her "boobies" from popping out. Still still looks great for her age, and she's very bold going out dressed like that in Chicago in the winter time. Still, I think she looks healthy, young and happy. Janice Rains
before going out
My husband and I went to Mexico's Pacific coast the weekend before Thanksgiving, to a quiet out-of-the-way beach. It's a public beach and there are people there but the crowd is older because the waves are weak for surfing. Anyway my husband and I found a spot and there weren't any people, sooo... I thought it would be fun get a high risk movie. Yes, I am completely undressed, but what I really liked most about this movie is the way my abs look, wet and reflecting the low sunlight. I just wish it was a clearer movie. It was a fun 25 or 30 minutes completely nude, feeling very primitive on that secluded beach. Michelle
nude at the beach
This is the member listed earlier on this page in the video "Keep your weight down" She continues to not share her identity and has gone from 370 pounds to her present 117 pounds and 12% body fat. She did it in 3.5 years. 3.5 years of hard work and daily dedication to her goal. She lost about 1.4 pounds per week on average for the 3.5 years. Now she is a benefactor and her thanks are well received. Her husband lost a lot of weight as well (not as much as her) and has definition and a 9 inch penis that she grew from 2.5 inches (don't feel so bad about your husbands 6 incher). She said she tried exercises of all kinds and even did her exercises when she first joined The Monticello Institute and tried to avoid the doses, but eventually found them to be very beneficial. Yes, her upper arms had skin removed as did her frontal torso (stomach), and yes those are implants she got as a part of her breast lift. An after movie
from higher on
the page,
370 to 117
One of my recent graduates, Lori Taylor. Lori is now 44 and took about 14 months to reach her goal from 177 and 38% to 116 and 10%. She was stuck on a plateau for her first two months until she started getting her doses and working out hard 5x15 two times a day without fail and limited herself to 30 minutes of TV per day while not exercising. Lori is still trying to get the last little bit of fat out, and is shooting for about 2% body fat. This is a movie she sent in last week. Lori Taylor
This a recent movie Amy gave me to share with you. Amy has some software that will float text over movies. Amy Linn
This is a movie my husband took of me. We were checking on the neighbors house while they were on vacation (feeding fish, watering plants, etc...), and decided we'd play a little in a risky situation. This is a large mirror they have in their foyer. Michelle
playing in the foyer
This is a movie Amy suggested I share with you since you asked if I got one of those clit pumps. I don't really like the movie because i have an ugly fake tattoo on and my thighs look really thin. I had just finished showering after working out and that's why I have the veins on my thighs pumped up a little. My husband fluffed me up a little and that's why, well... you'll see. Michelle
white thong
This is the same as above but with pauses Amy added. Michelle
white thong
with pauses
This is a small group of movie Amy sent me of Karen Marks and Dr. William Jefferson. Karen is in another group but she had some similar problems as you have had, ie. stuck on a plateau, almost but never did have sex with a black boyfriend, almost had an affair two times, her husband had a small penis like your husband (his was pretty tiny at 4.5), never got to have access to a large penis, until her trip to NYC. They went out to a disco with some board members and Karen went the whole night in a short dress completely commando. They did ply her with a little alcohol to lower her inhibitions and found out she was interested in Dr. Jefferson (a research fellow with The Monticello Institute) who was single and 30 years old at the time, Karen is 44 in these movies. They asked Karen if she'd like to get "Friendly" with Dr. Jefferson or another Dr. at the club and she said she'd like Dr. Jefferson. Karen said "If I'm going to cheat on my husband I'd like some brown sugar and he's got a great ass and judging by the jiggling in his slacks he's huge". After the clubbing they went back to her suite (with a chaperone, a board member, who held the camera). The movies are kind of short and they do have sound, but you may have to turn up the volume rather high to hear it. Karen's visit was inspiring enough to her to help her off her plateau and graduation 3 months later. Karen continues to improve and get harder and has brought her husband up to 9.25 inches. Karen never told her husband what she did and never will, but she's got what she wants at home now. 

You can put any of these movies you like and watch them as you do your *fun time* thing on your bench. Have fun.

Karen Marks
Dr. Jefferson 1
2, , 
We got a permission from the production company to make The 8 minute Abs Video a VOD to our members. Their only request is that you let them know what you like about it. 8 Minute Abs
This is a close up movie of Peggy Ogawa using two fingers to massage her clit. Yes it is awfully close but it demonstrates a way to massage your clit that is both pleasurable and helps it grow. Peggy is not one of my students so I don't have any other pictures of her, and her husband recorded her. Think of this as more of an instructional video. Peggy Ogawa
This is a close up movie of me using two fingers on either side. My husband took this video. Again just think of it as an instructional video. Michelle Bellicini
This is a second close up of me. But this one is in profile, and should give you a good idea of what you can expect to grow yours to. When I started I was more like Peggy Ogawa's (two links up this page). Michelle Bellicini Profile
This is a celebrity movie of MC and it is a few years old with her hair in it's natural color. She has just learned how to make herself ejaculate. According to the text description of the movie this is her third squirt. The guy on the screen to the left is SP. According to the text file he is trying to get it up again, as he was having a hard time keeping up with her "needs", but eventually she helped him to get to where he could go beyond the 30 minute mark.

Same movie isolated on MC's vagina so you can see it's not urine but that it does come out of her vagina and not her urethra.
MC Ejaculation

MC Ejaculation Closeup
A short movie of Joan Mueller talking about exercise. You have already seen her on my graduates page/pull down menu. Joan Mueller
A movie of Dr. Tina Grey during *fun time* while she was a student.

This second movie is of Dr. Tina Grey and her husband Dr. Ron Grey. They met while they were both research chemists and study volunteers for The Monticello Institute and later married. In this movie she is getting her dose and some ab work at the same time. I'm sure he has to feel tortured because he has to hold the position while she orally pleasures him. A third researcher/volunteer is working the camera.
Dr. Tina Grey *fun time*

Dr.'s Tina and Ron Grey
This is a short movie of Kim Katô in NYC. Kim is a 37 year old Asian woman of Japanese descent, she is only 4ft 10in tall. Kim is in a different part of The Monticello Institute than we are in and was having a problem getting her husband's (also Japanese descent) penis to grow past it's 3.25 inches long when erect. The guy in the movie she is so shocked about (a research GYN for The Monticello Institute) is also of Japanese descent and is approximately same build as Kim's husband and started at the same 3.5 inch erection as Kim's husband. The audio is active so you can hear Kim's reaction. I know your husband is as you say "tiny" but he may be able to grow if you keep training him and keep getting your doses. Kim Katô
This is a movie Lori Rivers' husband took of her using a 9 inch toy. Her husband doesn't mind her use of the 9 inch toy as a part of foreplay as he is 1.5 inches longer than this toy. Lori also likes the exhibitionist rush she gets while being filmed "performing" for her husband. I don't recommend you use your large toys in front of your husband until he is larger than those toys that he may see you using. Lori Rivers
Amy tells me this movie was done of Dr. Whitmore at SMU a few hours prior to the PB concert at Billy Bob's. Dr' Whitmore's hair is so sort because her hairdresser did something wrong and damaged her hair so they had to cut a fair amount of it off. Dr. Whitmore liked the way her head felt (cooler) with the short hair and apparently adopted it as a new choice. Personally I think I'd cry until it grew back out. Dr. Whitmore is doing 30 pound curls to pump up to look her best in front of all of the other girls, and she really does look good for her age regardless of how badly her hair was butchered. Dr. Dawn Whitmore
30 pound curls
This is a movie of Debbi Medina and her husband. You have already seen one of Debbi's movies doing a self sample as a part of photoplay with her husband. This movie was spliced together by Debbi from three different doses and the last one was shot like a porno film with a "money shot". It is fun to do this as a part of photoplay. Debbi Medina &
Well, I don't really like showing you this movie, but people above me have asked me to share this one with you. This is one of Mandy Cole she is one of my graduates. Mandy joined The Monticello Institute one month after you (March 2002) and is 5' 2" tall. Mandy was born in April of 1962 and has 2 daughters (now 21 and 16). She started out at 191 pounds and is now stable at 119 pounds since her graduation, May 1st 2003. Mandy's background is similar to ours. Mandy resisted the instructions for the first 3 months or so and eventually tried it to show us it wouldn't work on her. She and her husband's marriage was so bad they were actually sleeping in separate rooms. After a 90 day "kickstart" where she strictly adhered to working out and dose schedules she had dropped 30 pounds, and the two of them were sleeping in the same bed at the end of the 90 days. She was now a believer and became a workout fiend and a dose fiend. Mandy even set a personal limit of 2 hours of TV per day and only if she could be exercising while watching. She also exercised 5x15 two times a day, two 45 minute cardios per day, 1200 to 1800 high protein low carb calories per day and averaged 2 doses a day, which was no small feat since they didn't work the same shifts (child care issues). Mandy, like you, had a problem with a husband and his small penis (3.75 inches erect). He is now at 9+ inches. I hate telling you things like this because I feel it will make you feel bad and work away at whatever confidence you already have, but the powers that be feel like you need a benchmark to compare your efforts to. I am sorry if this makes you feel bad in any way but they may be right since your plateau seems insurmountable at this time. The plateau may be a result of your not doing everything you need to do. Mandy didn't do what she was supposed to do, but later did and the results speak for themselves. Mandy is not unique and neither are her results. I have before and after pictures of her, but as I said before, they may not help you get motivated and may have an opposite effect. Getting in touch with Mandy is a little difficult right now since she was living in Gulf Port, Mississippi and has been displaced. No matter how you feel I know you can do the same as soon as you are ready to get on the path and start towards your goals. Let me know what you decide. Mandy Cole
This is a movie of Dr. Rachel Walls using a new machine used in Sexual Therapy, designed to provide women with intense orgasms. A draw back to the machines is there high cost, $5K plus and noise, as the next two movies make clearly evident. Dr. Walls is a single 29 year old Molecular Biologist doing research for The Monticello Institute. This movie is a compilation of 3 test rides in NYC (no sound on this one but there is sound on the next two). Dr. Rachel Walls
This is a movie of Dr. Amy Genini using the same machine used in Sexual Therapy. Dr. Genini is a married single 47 year old Sex Therapist (starting weight was 227 pounds at age 27, graduated at age 28) doing research for The Monticello Institute. This movie was filmed in one of the apartments The Monticello Institute keeps for visitors by another female research Doctor. The movie is of Dr. Genini 6+ minute test ride. Dr. Amy Genini
This is a movie of Dr. Rhonda Sherman using the same machine used in Sexual Therapy. Dr. Sherman is a married single 45 year old Clinical Psychologist (starting weight was 185 pounds at age 25, graduated at age 26) doing therapy overviews and therapy lab research for The Monticello Institute. This movie was filmed in one of the apartments The Monticello Institute keeps for visitors by her husband (also a Ph.D. involved in research for The Monticello Institute, which is where they met). The movie is of Dr. Sherman doing an almost 7 minute test ride. Dr. Rhonda Sherman
This is a movie that Debbi Medina got of herself using her 7 inch toy. 7 inch toys are for penetrating not for rubbing on your clit, and you can clearly see her very arroused clit that gets the attention of her "wandering" finger, that seems to be controlled not by her but by her clit, like it is saying "touch me". Having a 7 inch toy for rubbing or shallow use is like having a pool cue and only using a space about as long as a thimble on the end. It may move the ball a little, but it it won't get the job done in the same way. Go deep and make every stroke count. In you fantasy about Bill and his big "tool" did he just rub the head of his 9 inch cock around on the outside or did he go in all the way? Really, let me know. Debbi Medina
Paris Hilton Sex Tape - 37 minutes Several Scenes Complete Night Vision and Day.
  The really amazing part of watching this movie is watching a girl worth a half a billion dollars who enjoys sucking cock and fucking guys who are well below her social position.
Paris Hilton
BS training KF, second load, filmed and submitted just last week. He's still kind of tiny but he's got enough to stroke his hand between the head of his penis and his body. BS & KF
NP, aka Princess Amidala. Still letting her hair grow out after filming V for Vendetta, she isn't real happy with this movie because of the way her breasts look. But she does like the way the movie shows what she has grown on her own. I never would have thought she'd be the sort of person to have her hood pierced. NP
Erica Taylor works for The Monticello Institute in New York City. She is one of the event coordinators that makes sure everyone is happy, or as happy as they can be. Amy tells me she also takes care of all of the associated bookings including limo services as well as VIP (real celebrities) nom de pleume issues so they can keep their anonymity. Amy told me she was the one who handled my husbands phone call. In each of these movies she is flexing. Not to bad for a 48 year old grand mother and former toll both worker. Erica standing
Erica seated
One of my graduates, Joan Mueller, at the gym. She didn't have a lot on her top shelf but she is working on the muscle under what's left. Joan Flexing
Joan Cable Curls
Joy Rodgers, still not quite graduated, sharing what you can expect at your top shelf. Joy is one of my older students at 51, she joined at 49, and has gotten to her present state in 17 months. She is 5'3" and started off at 177, and is now down to 120. Her top shelf loss has gone from 39c to 29a or 29aa. Joy is considering implants but is waiting until she is done, but is presently having problems getting her metabolism to squeeze out the last of the fat. Joy lifting
Joy flexing
Erika Schmitt is one of Cori's graduates. She started off at 38 and has gone down to this. She has decided to not get implants. Erika is a counselor is 5'2", and 44 years old and weighed in at 119 when this movie was recently made. Erika
Anita Gannon is one of my graduates from several years ago (lives west of Fort Worth). She is flexing in this movie. Anita has chosen to not get implants. She is 5'1½", 43 and started out at 192 and had 39a's, now she is down to 111 and has 29aa's, or as she likes to call them 29 nothings. Anita
Donna Seebrook is a graduate of mine. She joined in 2001. Donna lives outside of Houston and is 43 years old and 5'2". She started out at 155 and graduated in 13 months at 111, but maintains herself at about 114 since then. Donna has also decided to not do implants, but is considering it. Her top shelf change went from 34½b or c to 30a. Donna in black
Donna in red
Dr. Denise Ruttman is a research fellow at SMU for The Monticello Institute. These movies are of her at her farm/country house east of Dallas last September. She is a 46 year old grandmother. Dr. Ruttman has gotten implants and says she loves them, because of how they make her look and feel. Dr. Ruttman 1
Dr. Ruttman 2
Dr. Ruttman 3
Eileen Thomas is one of April's graduates from many, many years ago (one of her first?) and is a 44 year old grand mother. She is flexing her arms and chest muscles. What makes this movie interesting is how you can see her implants on top of the muscles which are ripped and cut very well. Eileen
Debra Morgan is one of my graduates who started in 1998. She is 5'3½" and is 44 years old. She is also 50% blind in one eye. She started at 175 and is now down to a very hard and very defined cut at 118. Debra has decided to not get implants but thinks about it periodically. She went from a 37b to a 31aa. Debra Left
Debra Right
Debra Chest
Missy Dalton just turned 44 at the first of the month. She joined in early 2001 and graduated in 16 months. Missy also got implants but she got all the way down to a smaller and droopier pair than Erika Schmitt went down to. Missy decided to get her implant in 2003 after she had been at her goal for one full year. She loves them. The after movie she is sharing is from one of her trips to NYC as a "look what you can do girl" advertisement for some of the members who are stuck on a plateau. She started at 183 and maintains her self between 117 and 112. She lives in New jersey so the trips to The Monticello Institute are not exceedingly inconvenient. Missy before
Missy after
A series of four celebrity short videos spliced together. Celebrities
A series of several very celebrity short videos spliced together. In this video and the preceding one I actually saw each of these celebrities on my visit to The Monticello Institute. They were either working out or socializing or tubbing or in the steam room or in the shower or at some social event outside of the club. Many I saw in more than one place. I didn't see any of them making these videos, and as always you don't talk about these people doing these things, EVER. Celebrities
A Series of sketches in a movie format Sketches
This is a movie of Wendy Beckley in a WV motel "meeting". The guy in the movie is NOT her husband but a guy she had the hots for (will remain unidentified). Wendy is about your age now and is a graduate. She's sorry she cheated on her husband but puts that in the past and does not mention it anymore. She just kept having fantasies about this guy, I don't know why. Wendy did this movie and sent it in to show her counselor how much fun she would have (a requirement if you want to have extramarital sex while a member of The Monticello Institute). Her husband was pretty small, about 5 inches, a little smaller your husbands penis. Wendy hated having sex with her husband like you do with your husband because he is so small. He is bigger now. The only odd thing she does in this movie is she "tosses his salad" because it turns her on. I personally don't get it. It's kind of like your anal sex fantasy. In this movie Wendy is built a lot like you are now and you'll see her saggy breasts. Wendy did show up wearing her shirt and white pants only (kind of bold since even she said she could see through the pants). Wendy was flirting at work with this guy and he could barely see her vagina when she posed just right. The video is longer but was trimmed down for time constraints. Wendy had no problem doing any of the things she fantasized about, in this movie. One of the reasons Wendy was embarrased is after she graduated and her husband was on his way to her goal the black guy still "wanted some". They only had sex about 10 times. The black guy confronted her husband and she denied it and got away with it, using the defense, "Why would a girl who looks as good as me want to have sex with that?". It worked and Wendy's life went back to normal.
Wendy Beckley
Sherry on her *fun time* on day one. Sherry, *fun time*
day one
Sherry on her *fun time* on day one. Sherry, *fun time*
day one
note one
Sherry on her *fun time* on day one. Sherry, *fun time*
day one
notes 2 & 3
This movie depicts Sherry and a possible fantasy. All of the people in the movie are single and are involved in The Monticello Institute and they are all Research Doctors. The guy measured by hand was, approximately right at one hand before he started.
Sherry, Clarence
and Scott
This movie demonstrates one method of stimulating your G-spot with a penis. It was started with another plan in mind but we had it edited down for your specific need. You can stimulate your G-spot with your large dildo by putting the dildo down on your bench, chair or bed and leaning back as it penetrates you. By leaning back you are forcing the head of the dildo to press (firmly) against your G-spot. You can also use large toys controlled from behind, where you reach around behind you to push them into your vagina. You can either be laying on your side or on all fours to do this. You can also stimulate your G-spot as described in your interesting facts page under the G-spot links. If you do feel like you are going to urinate, that is only an orgasm with ejaculation. When your period is over please continue recording your *fun time* and send them in daily. Try using these methods (finger only stimulation of your G-spot as well as large dildo stimulation of your G-spot).

  Your husband may be able to stimulate your G-spot during missionary position sex but you'll need to be laying flat on your back and he will need to be somewhat up right. If you still can't feel it you may need to put a pillow under your rump to elevate your hips and giving him a better angle at your G-spot.

  Simultaneous stimulation of the G-spot and clitoris can be achieved during sex by scooting back and forth in a grinding motion when you are on top of your husband. Your clitoris will be in a rubbing contact with his pelvic bone and his erect penis will swing back and forth inside your vagina coming in contact with and tapping your G-spot when you swing forward.

Clarence stimulates
Sherry's G-spot
Sherry and Clarence test an AirBed. Sherry and Clarence
test an Airbed
Dr. Lisa Speake is a Research Assistant for The Monticello Institute at NYU and is a practicing Dermatologist. She is a mother of 4 and is 39 years old. Her husband is also a Doctor but is a Dermasurgeon. They both met in medical school. She recently got recruited by The Monticello Institute to help in research in exchange for counseling and limited access to the facilities provided by The Monticello Institute. Dr. Lisa Speake is not yet a graduate.

When I went to NYC for you I saw The Blue Room and several other rooms like that. They are primarily for celebrities in NYC who'd like a dose but without the entrapments of revealing their identities. They are also for "contest winning" members who are a little too shy to have the dose provider in reach. When used for contest winners they are only permitted for the first two days. They are also for graduates and researchers with special membership credentials.
  The board had me add this movie so you could see how simple and safe the doses can be provided, and can be customized to meet your personal preferences, as they were for Dr. Speake.

Dr. Speake in
The Blue Room
Sherry and Clarence dancing at his place. Sherry and Clarence
This is a short movie of Tina Buckley. Tina is one of my graduates. She is a 5 foot 3 inch 44 year old mother of two and grandmother of one, who joined The Monticello Institute in June 2002. Tina graduated in October 2003. This movie is was sent in in the Summer of '04. Tina had the same problems as most students, and attributes all of her her success to a reasonable diet, vigorous exercise and daily doses. Tina Buckley
quick video
This is a longer composite movie of Tina. It was all compiled in July and August and sent in August 9th. She started at 190 and is now down to 114. Sherry, you could have a build just like hers, but it will require that you eat right exercise hard and vigorously pursue your husband and take what you need from him.
I can add a more proper page of before and after pictures of Tina if you'd like, and maybe another movie, let me know.
Tina Buckley
longer video
Hi Sherry,
  This is movie of Helen Murphy. She is like you in as much as she was stuck on a plateau. She came to NYC on thew 9th (of February) as a contest winner. I know you'd never do anything like cheat on your husband and neither would Helen, but what happens in The Monticello Institute stays in the The Monticello Institute. Her husband is a little larger than your husband at 6 inches and a little smaller than Clarences at 7 inches, and this Doctor is a little larger than Clarence. I think your visit will prompt the same reaction from you as Helen had on her visit. And yes that's some odd polka music in the background, Helen picked it out. And it may take a minute to load so just wait. The Doctor started out with us at about 6 inches, his wife enlarged him but passed away a couple of years ago. He visits to help as best he can.
Helen Murphy
Hi Sherry,
  This is movie of Colette Gary pulling on her clit, yes she's bigger than your husband, in muscles as well as "down there". She is a doctor from the original 66 members, and she has never gotten not does she plan on getting implants. And yes she loves it when her husband sucks on her clit. Yours will grow this big as well if you work on building it and yes Colette is semi erect in this movie, and can "jack it off" when fully erect.
Colette Gary
Hi Sherry,
  This is a movie of Elaine George in 1999 of her visit to NYC. Another research Physician is in the room taking pictures. Both the counselor and the man having sex with Elaine are Doctors and assist The Monticello Institute in research matters. What makes this video unique, to you Sherry, is it is mostly unedited. This event is one of 9 that day for Elaine. And on her visit she had 9 to 12 sexual encounters each day. And yes each one was at least one hour. She didn't think she could have sex with a man other than her husband but she started in on the first day and had the time of her life. You can see she was in no way forced or coerced into this activity. Another unusual point, and only to demonstrate for you what endurance is, this entire movie is just the one Doctor. That's approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes of useable erection. Listen to her getting her rocks off as he pounds her hard and deep. Watch her hands, feet and legs as she submits and accepts the attention. Elaine is like you in as much as she had a desire to be violated by a black man. Elaines husband is pretty small at 6 inches and had never seen one in person larger than 6 inches. This Doctor in this movie is larger at 8½ inches, but he also the smallest of what Elaine experienced on her visit to NYC. Most were 10½ inches and one was 12½ inches. Each of her other sexual contacts was similar in acceptance and abandon.
This large movie may take a while to load.
Elaine George
Hi Sherry,
  This movie is called the Lovers Guide To Sexual Positions. It is provided to you as a VOD from the Hollywood Division of The Monticello Institute to help you to begin having sex with your husband. Regular members are not provided with access to this video, only the Hollywood Division and benefactors who have contributed very large gifts of thanks to The Monticello Institute. Please do your best and stop accepting your present situation as normal.

A minor tip is to go through this video and do all of the positions and activities front to back. For whatever reaaason the Hollywood members seem to have a higher willingness to try the anal activities but if anal isn't for you skip those activities. You may return to them in the future if that interests you. All of the people in the video are Doctors from The Monticello Institute UK. Look the video up on IMDB and read the credits, their names are not listed as this could be considered an ethical or propriety violation. They also were not paid for their participation in this movie.
This is a large movie may take a while to load.

Lovers Guide To
Sexual Positions
This movie is April Andersen, she is one of my graduates who joined The Monticello Institute in March 2002 at 197 pounds, and graduated June 2003 at 109 pounds. She is now 45 years old weighing in at 114 pounds and the mother of 3 now grown and moved out children and two grandchildren. This movie is a before movie from June 2002.
April Andersen
This is a recent after movie of April. She was selected for me to share with you by Dr. Whitmore, in hopes of inspiring you to great things and great progress. Her husband filmed her in this movie. Dr. Whitmore actually edited two movies together, the sound/music was the way it was in the files April submitted.
April Andersen
This also is a recent after movie of April. She lives in Naples, Florida. The movie was shot on the back porch of her house. The pool in the preceding movie I believe is at her house as well, but I'm not sure as her husband is a pool contractor. She also works at their business as an accountant. Dr. Whitmore added the messages to the movie to inspire you. All in all, she's not to bad looking for a 45 year old Grandmother. If you agree, send her some mail, if not send nothing.
April Andersen
on Porch
Backgound references to the two Doctors in this movie to follow later in the week. It is silent but has script placards so you'll get the dialog. Movie
New descriptions below this point
New Movies
This is a recent movie and not of a very high quality of Dr. Lisa Marie Abatoni and her husband Dr. Kyle Abatoni. They both started as research participants while they both worked at a BioMedical research company in Maryland. We (The Monticello Institute) helped her in exchange for running tests afterhours at her facility. The bonus was her husband worked at the same facility, and since we had to let him in on what we were doing she was counseled by a different group of counselors. The alternative counseling is conducted in a manner that provides other methods because the lack of or lowered adrenaline levels (because the husband is cognizant) has to be countered primarily with increased doses. 3 per day minimum and up to what ever he can provide (research is continuing in this area). All of this is essentially the same as your plan, except as noted.
So, the significant points of the video is they are both 45 years old and have recently become grandparents. Lisa joined right before Christmas 2001 at 215 pounds. She graduated the following Christmas at 108 pounds. Lisa is 5'1" and has maintained that same weight since. Her husband was enlarged from a thin 4 inches to his present thick 9.5 inches, and is still increasing at Lisa's control. Lisa's clitoris is also significant because it went from a barely visible pink bump under the hood to it's present state of good extension from beneath the hood then erect. This was done by the multiple daily *fun time* events, and teaching her husband how to focus on her clit, both manually and orally. As you watch the movie you may notice her clit enlarging and retracting as the level of arousal is increased and decreased as he lick Lisa's clit.
The subject of their movie (filmed in New York City) is one of Lisa's fantasies (instructing a man how to pleasure a woman orally), and is something they both enjoy acting out. They did it for other students to aspire to for clitoral enlargement, and because acting it out on film for a small crew and ultimately others was a turn on for both of them.
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