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You will find several movies listed below. Check back periodically for additions to the list.

Hello Sherry,
  Here are several links to short movies depicting various fantasies you have had in whole or in part. I hope you find these movies helpful and to be a good assistance in your daily *fun time* schedule. 

  When you click on these links they will start a page and a pop-up window that will display a link to the movie.  The page will pop back to this menu after a couple of seconds and the the pop-up window will stay for 30 to 60 seconds so you can click on the link that will start the movie.  The nice part about this particular type of movie is that will allow for you to pause the movie and observe the screen as a still image.  You can even resize the movie with in the limitations of your screen size.  I will be adding more movies as I time permits and as they are handed to me.

Movie Links
A movie cobbled together that you can watch on your computer during *fun time*. Sherry and Clarence
A movie of Sherry Graham and Poserman, or Bill. I did the layout work on your movie and added the Poserman and rendered it. Then I tried to to a full textured render and the frames didn't match. This one looks pretty good and should give a pretty good idea of what we can do. Limitations so far are 33 seconds. Make your movie however long you'd like but I can't add Poser people for longer than 33 seconds (so far). Sherry and Poserman Bill
Clarence visits Sherry at the art gallery. If you want another movie let me know, there is a question at the end of this movie. Clarence visits Sherry
Clarence visits Sherry again at the art gallery. Nude Clarence
visits Sherry
This is the first of two movies Amy found that sort of fit your fantasies. Try watching them and see if they get you aroused like writing your fantasies does or reading erotic literature does. Let me know if either of these videos arouses you enough to do *fun time* while you lay on your bed and watch these movies.

This first one, the shorter of the two, is supposed to represent you and Bill sneaking off to a copy room, or company security office for a quickie.

Sherry and Bill
This is the second of the two, and a bit longer. It is supposed to represent what happened when Sherry went over to visit Bill at his apartment. Sherry visiting
Bill at his
Sherry and Bill having sex on a couch. Sherry & Bill
Sherry and Bill after the kids are asleep. And in this one I fully expect your waist, hips, abs and breasts (if you do implants) to look like hers. Sherry & Bill
Sherry and Clarence having sex in his van. Sherry & Clarence
Sherry and Clarence on special visit Sherry made to Clarences apartment. Sherry & Clarence
Sherry apologizes to Clarence for splashing water on his clothes. Sherry apologizes
Sherry and Bill at his place. At Bill's
Sherry and Bill babysitter role playing. Role playing
Sherry and Bill have a hotel quickie. Hotel quickie
Sherry and Bill have sex at the pool. At the pool
Sherry and Bill have sex in two different locaions, first sneaking off at work and second in a "Sex" motel. Two places
Sherry visits Clarence at his apartment, and Sherry likes it a lot. Clarence's
Sherry and Clarence chat, and Clarence gives Sherry what she asked for. The chat
This movie is a work in progress. It depicts Sherry and a possible fantasy. The movie should be finished by Friday evening. All of the people in the movie are single and are involved in The Monticello Institute and they are all Research Doctors. The measured guy was, right at one hand before he started.
Sherry, Clarence
and Scott
This movie demonstrates one method of stimulating your G-spot with a penis. It was started with another plan in mind but we had it edited down for your specific need. You can stimulate your G-spot with your large dildo by putting the dildo down on your bench, chair or bed and leaning back as it penetrates you. By leaning back you are forcing the head of the dildo to press (firmly) against your G-spot. You can also use large toys controlled from behind, where you reach around behind you to push them into your vagina. You can either be laying on your side or on all fours to do this. You can also stimulate your G-spot as described in your interesting facgs page under the G-spot links. If you do feel like you are going to urinate, that is only an orgasm with ejaculation. When your period is over please continue recording your *fun time* and send them in daily. Try using these methods (finger only stimulation of your G-spot as well as large dildo stimulation of your G-spot).

  Your husband may be able to stimulate your G-spot during missionary position sex but you'll need to be laying flat on your back and he will need to be somewhat up right. If you still can't feel it you may need to put a pillow under your rump to elevate your hips and giving him a better angle at your G-spot.

  Simultaneous stimulation of the G-spot and clitoris can be achieved during sex by scooting back and forth in a grinding motion when you are on top of your husband. Your clitoris will be in a rubbing contact with his pelvic bone and his erect penis will swing back and forth inside your vagina coming in contact with and tapping your G-spot when you swing forward.

Clarence stimulates
Sherry's G-spot
Sherry and Clarence test an AirBed. Sherry and Clarence
test an Airbed
Dr. Lisa Speake is a Research Assistant for The Monticello Institute at NYU and is a practicing Dermatologist. She is a mother of 4 and is 39 years old. Her husband is also a Doctor but is a Dermasurgeon. They both met in medical school. She recently got recruited by The Monticello Institute to help in research in exchange for counseling and limited access to the facilities provided by The Monticello Institute. Dr. Lisa Speake is not yet a graduate.

When I went to NYC for you I saw The Blue Room and several other rooms like that. They are primarily for celebrities in NYC who'd like a dose but without the entrapments of revealing their identities. They are also for "contest winning" members who are a little too shy to have the dose provider in reach. When used for contest winners they are only permitted for the first two days. They are also for graduates and researchers with special membership credentials.
  The board had me add this movie so you could see how simple and safe the doses can be provided, and can be customized to meet your personal preferences, as they were for Dr. Speake.

Dr. Speake in
The Blue Room
Sherry and Clarence dancing at his place. Sherry and Clarence
New descriptions below this point
New Movies
Hello Sherry,
  I added these two movies. The first one is of some of the Doctors from The Monticello Institute playing around. The movie is supposed to be you tanning with your new boobs when a couple of visitors come by.
Sherry Tanning
This is three short movies for you to watch. They were picked based on your preferences. Three Movies
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