Mailing pictures is easy.

1. Read your cameras instructions.
2. First charge your cameras battery.
3. Format a couple of floppy disks in your PC.  Everybody with a PC has them laying around all over the place.
4. After your battery charges up, take some pictures.  Make note of the names of the files on a piece of paper.  It is important and they are usually named MVC-000s.jpg, where the 000 part is the unique name/number of the individual file.
5. Go to your web page and go to your mail account.
6. Put the disk you are mailing pictures from into your computers floppy drive.
7. Then click on your compose mail link in your mail account and you will get a window to send e-mail from.
8. Mail the photos to the address or send them to my address.  Who ever gets them will attach them to your web page.
9. Fill in the body of your message with the captions you would like added to the pictures.
10. Click the attach button at the right of your screen and the "compose attach" window will open.

Whatever you do, DO NOT click the browse button.  This can cause your PC and our servers to crash.
11. In that new smaller window type the location and the name of the file in on the line.  You should type something like a:\mvc-000s.jpg where the 000 will be the unique name of the file.
12. Then click the attach button in the smaller window and wait while your computer attaches the image to your mail.
13. You will know the file will be attached when the file name you just typed appears in the currently attached file part of the window.
14. Repeat 11 through 13, but do not attach more than 5 or so files at a time.  The Monticello Institute mail system does not much care for that.
15. When you are done attaching the files click the close button.
16. You should now see your attached files on the right hand side of your window.
17. Click "Send".

You are done.

Send pictures of you and your husband, so we can start your personal page and begin charting your progress.  Send a couple practice pictures to yourself first if you want.

When you get the mail click on the subject line to read the mail.  You will see the name of the file as a link in your mail.  Click on that.  A security hazard warning will come up, that's supposed to happen.  Dot the "open it" button and click OK.  It will load the picture and display it for you.  The picture will stay with the mail until you delete the mail.