A guide to getting through the The Monticello Institutes Literature the first time

Good you are reading the "getting to know us" primer page.  At or near the top of most of The Monticello Institute pages you will find a link to an escape page.  This page is provided for your viewing privacy, should prying eyes or unintended viewers arrive while you are studying your electronic information packets.  Should they arrive while you are studying, you need only click on the link and you will be sent to a blank page where you will find instructions on clicking the back button to return to your exit point.  Go ahead and give it a try right now, and then click the back button to come right back here.  Remember the back button will always take you to the page you were viewing immediately prior to the page you are presently on.

Well, now that you are back, some explanations...

We use frank and explicit language, and all of the information we have included we expect you to keep, as we do, private and confidential.  We also ask that you not share this information with others and we also ask that if you should see another participant that you recognize that you maintain that confidence and not share that information with them.  After you read this page you will likely not need to read it again, as this information seldom changes.

Much of the information you needed about how we operate was included in your invitation/prospectus mailer.  We do re-include some of that information electronically.  In the table of contents you will also find links to areas about The Monticello Institute and our staff and methodologies, as well as technical and biotechnical explanations that may look deeper into areas such as physical, mental, physiological, psychological, psychiatric as well as personal and lifestyle issues, most of which will be personally relevant to you and your situation.

You have been placed in a group that for the most part is comprised of people who have similar background and life experiences as you.  We have a success rate of nearly 90% for testosterone level correction in all groups, and in your group we have a success rate of about 97%.  The only test/study group with a higher level of success is an advanced study group that has a more vigorous test and study schedule with a success rate of slightly over 99%.  You may be eligible for admittance to that group if you meet certain admission criteria and as openings and staff resources are made available.  These opportunities do not recur on a regular basis.  You will be notified of your opportunity as soon as the the preceding conditions are met.

The people in your test group will recount their personal stories to you in a personal one on one forum conducted like a group therapy session (as will you to your distance therapists and mentors).  The difference in this therapy session is that it is written, anonymous and private.

Now go and follow the remaining order in the table of contents follow the instructions in your personalized packet and complete the exercise therapies as instructed and prepare for your own personal success story, because you can make a difference.