Hello Sherry,
  In addition to your regular daily workouts that include finger only *fun time* and cardio, you will use the next 8 weeks to get each ot these things listed below.  And refrain from any large toy usage except as directed below.  The top part of the page is things to be done every day for the 8 weeks, and the lower portion is specific items to be done on specific weeks, with specific instructions.

  Instructions Success Y/N

J Whole 8 weeks

1 Things that were at one time high risk, dangerous or taboo have probably become commonplace for you now.  You probably have become very used to thongs as well as occasionally going commando.  So we will have to take it up another notch by increasing your adrenaline with daily risk . 

Beginning this week and lasting at least through the next 8 week period you will go commando.  I mean you will go commando everywhere, even at work.  With the exception of your monthly curse you are to be commando at all times.  And it won't matter where you are work, shopping, church events, everywhere.  Pants, shorts, dresses or skirts, it does not matter what you are wearing, you will be commando. 

And I know you had fantasies about sex with Bill in meeting rooms, on copiers and in your car in the parking lot, but you are not to open that "Pandora's Box".  And to stop any temptation to wear your underwear, take any you might wear illegally and put them in a locked suitcase in the back of a closet.

100% Commando


2 You said you have a 20 minute window between your daughter leaving for school and your husband getting home from work that you use for *fun time*.  For the next 8 weeks you are to remain completely nude from when your daughter leaves for school until she comes home, and that is to include sleeping in the nude.  Depending on what the lock rules are, you may have to set your clock to wake up and get minimally dressed so your daughter won't get an eyeful.  You may also pass on this rule on weekends when your daughter is not in school and other days you may have walk-ins.  You'll do your workouts in the nude when your husband is there, and whatever else you do, but now you'll be completely nude.

The usual monthly curse exceptions still apply.

100% Nude


3 Every day regardless of curse status you will get at least one dose from your husband.  If you or your husband have habits that may interfere with getting at least one dose a day you will have to put them aside for as long as it takes to get that done.  If you can get more, that is even better  One dose per day minimum.


4 This is another adrenaline helper. 

Every day (except during your curse), that your husband is showering in preparation for your dose you will use that time for finger only *fun time*.  The only exception to that will be as noted below.

Daily *fun time* while your husband showers.


5 This is another adrenaline helper. 

Since you said your husband goes to sleep before you almost every day, for the next eight weeks (except during your curse), after your shower as you go to bed in a commando state you will have high risk *fun time*.  i.e., Shower as you normally would getting ready for bed and when you slide into bed pull the sheets back off of you and start finger only *fun time*.  Keep going until you have had at least two orgasms.  If you want another go ahead.  The key details are you are supposed to be on your side of your bed, completely nude and manually stimulating yourself to orgasm.  Yes you'll have to suppress noises you'd normally make but you'll enjoy it.  You may even have to start off with slow masturbation to sort of test the waters seeing how quiet you'll have to be.  Lick, self sample, your fingers when you are done but do not clean yourself otherwise after you are done, just go to sleep.

Daily High Risk *fun time* while your husband sleeps.


6 Everyday, even during your curse, you will break some ice.  I know you said your husband has an oral hygiene problem, so everyday you will hand your husband a toothbrush and have him brush his teeth.  He will do this because you will spend at least 5 to 10 minutes every day kissing on your husband.  You said he was a good kisser, now make him do that again for you.  It will be awkward at first but the only way to break the ice is to start swinging. Daily Kissing


7 Every day of the 8 week run you will read a few stories out of your erotic literature to stimulate your brain, before your husband gets home.  Bookmark the ones you like to read again in the future. Reading erotic literature


J Instructions for individual weeks listed below Highpoints
1 (Week 1)
Judging by your most recent high risk pictures you seem to have a window of some sort behind your couch.  Hopefully this window is at the front of the house.  On the Wednesday of this week after your daughter has gone to school, you and your husband will have sex on this couch completely undressed, and the drapes open.  Your husband will be seated normally and you will sit on him like this was the back seat of a car (have you ever had sex in a car) facing out of the window behind the couch.

And since you said your husband has been picking up overtime on Thursdays he would seem to have days off on Wednesdays and Fridays, right?  If I am correct, make the Thursday of week one your Big Toy Marathon.  Every 15 minutes except during our weekend you're going to work on working your nine inch toy or Olympic insert all the way into your vagina.  As you use the Big toys you will shoot for an orgasm each time.  Doing this all Thursday will set up a comparison for Friday morning after your daughter has gone to school.  On the Friday of this week have your husband shower immediately after getting home.  You will use your nine inch toy for the duration of his shower.  As soon as he steps out of the bathroom tuck your nine inch toy away and take your husband back to the couch for a repeat of Wednesday, but this time slap the small ring on him before he gets hard.  Once he is up have sex with him.  Again you should both be nude and the drapes should be open.  Continue until he is done.  This Friday event will also serve as a comparison and should conclude your large toy usage.  Yes he will be disappointing, but remember you can make it grow, and above all don't show your disappointment under any circumstances.

  • Sex Wednesday
  • Big Toy Marathon Thursday
  • Sex Friday with Comparison
2 (Week 2):
On your days off together (Wednesday and Friday morning) use your nine inch toy (not the Olympic insert), while your husband showers (of course you'll have to shower first). But when he steps out of the shower have him pay you back. i.e., he will need to suck on your clit. Lights on so he can see what he's doing while you are reclined (laying on your back). Have him focus on your clit. It's your turn this is for you. If he has enough energy take him for a dose.

Wednesday night, if your street is quiet enough, you can park right and you have tinted windows on your car both of you go to your car jump in the back seat, strip, makeout a little like you did when you were dating and follow it up with sex.

  • Wednesday morning receive oral sex.
  • Wednesday night sex in your car in your driveway.
  • Thursday Big Toy marathon
  • Friday morning receive oral sex.
3 (Week 3)
No Big toys this week

On your days off together (Wednesday and Friday morning) use your weight machine as the seat and have sex on it.  Let him have a seat first and then you sit down on him.  Wednesday without a ring and Friday with the ring.

Wednesday night have him manually stimulate you and then push him down on his back while you straddle his face and have him suck on your clit.  Follow the whole thing up with sex where you sit down on him.

Thursday night, when you have the house quiet pick your favorite big toy and a smaller hard plastic one, and some lubricant.  This night we're going to work on one of your sexual fantasies, anal sex.  Use a dab of lubricant on your fingertip and finger your anus.  Go slowly and relax.  If it hurts stop and relax, and try again.  Add a little lubricant and try two fingers.  Wiggle them around.  As a general safety rule you don't want anal bacteria in your vagina, so your left hand does the anal work and your right hand does not.  After you have gotten used to it, try putting a little lube on your hard plastic toy selection and slipping it deeply into your anus.  If you'd like it to be larger select a larger hard plastic toy.  After you have gotten used to it try massaging your vagina and clitoris in a finger only *fun time* sort of way while your anus is still being penetrated.  If you're finding this pleasurable, and you probably are, try putting your nine inch toy in your vagina.  Go deep, and imagine yourself being devoured in an orgy.  It will be like your getting gang banged, and if you become comfortable with a toy in your anus and want one larger, go for it.  Just remember to clean all toys thoroughly when your done.

  • Wednesday morning sex on the weight machine.
  • Wednesday night, receive oral sex
  • Thursday night, new sensations.
  • Friday morning sex on the weight machine.
4 (Week 4)
Off week for curse.  Just exercise extra hard, makeout and get as many doses as you can.

Weeks 5 through 8 coming soon.