Hello Sherry,
  Your Q and A page to benefit our keeping the questions and answers all straight is here. It will be a work in progress and I will try to get your answers typed in as quickly as possible. Of course the quicker you get your answers in the quicker I can add them. In the mean time here are a few questions.

Do you think your going to try the suggestion for using your Olympic weight insert like I set up in your movie? Answer:
Yes I will
When you do it, try sending in a self portrait or two of you using it. A movie would be better but your camera isn't ideal for self portrait movies.  Answer:
Well, I'm really uncomfortable making a movie or sending pictures of me doing that. But I'll try.
Also we've been talking a lot about you as well as how you feel about your husbands penis, I've neglected to ask have you made any progress in training your husband on how to pleasure you? You indicated that he was lost "down there" and really didn't know what to do. While his penis may not do it for you (now) it will be a lot easier to teach him how to pleasure you with skills that do not involve his penis. Answer:
I haven't made progress yet in enlarging his penis OR pleasuring me...I'm making the mistake of focusing on getting my doses, Which actually is sort of defeating my purpose as I feel sort of resentful in feeling he has no desire in pleasuring me, only in his own pleasure. Maybe I'm inadvertently spoiling him that way. (Shooting myself in the foot again).
Have you gotten to do any self sampling? Answer:
Not lately.
How are your dose frequencies coming along? Answer:
about 3 times a week.
Are you still keeping up with going commando? Answer:
I've been doing good in not going commando at work like you instructed...and I'm trying to remember to go commando as much as possible at home.
You said my suggestions were encouraging, are you going to try and make it most of the way in the next 110 days or so? If you are don't worry as much on training your husbands penis as getting your doses and makeup doses for any you miss. Treat it like an extended 60 day kick start. Your husband may have a difficult time keeping up but you'll just have to be demanding. If he is having a difficult time becoming erect the rings may help.
Have you tried the rings for a complete session?
No, I haven't tried the rings for a complete session yet, but I will the next time I get a dose. I am going to try to make it most of the way in the next 110 days.
Are you getting your *fun time* in several times a week? Answer:
Yes, I have been getting my *fun time* about 3 times a week.
Have you been successful at reducing the frequency of motorized toy uses to almost never? Answer:
Yes, I still use them about once a week.
10  I guess you have been using your nine inch toy (not the double headed dildo), about how deep are you getting it in? I mean how deep to feel good and how deep before it starts to hurt? Answer : I don't use it very often, I'm not sure how deep it's going.
11  It's been over one year since you have sent in any high risk pictures, and this lack of high risk may be contributing to this temporary interruption of your progress. Do you think you could send in some pictures to boost your adrenaline? Answer : Ok, I'm not sure when I will be able to get them taken...I'd rather do this when I'm alone, and right now I only have a very small window when I get to be alone. Hubby and I have the same days off and I only have about 20 minutes from when my daughter heads off to school and when hubby gets home. I'll see what I can do though.
12  I'd like to keep close tabs on your progress. No matter how you are doing, good or bad, please send a full set of measurements two (2) times a week. You can and should break down what worked for you and what worked against you moving towards your goals. Answer:
Ok, this sort of depresses me (taking my measurements) but maybe that's what I need to get my butt moving towards the right direction.
13  Let me ask you something not having to do with these questions...I saw the last episode of "The Drew Carey Show" and AB was on there...She was Maude's daughter on the tv show "Maude". I just wonder if you know if she is a member too. The only reason I ask is because she really looks good for her age. She's 59 years old. Just wondering.... Answer:
Let me see what I can find out. I saw the show and didn't really think about it until you just asked. I was also told that SC (you haven't seen her page) made a reference to The Monticello Institute on her show "Scrubs". Something about "Hormone Research". I have it TiVo'd but haven't seen it yet.
14  Some things you need to do this week:

 I want you to use your nine inch toy (not the Olympic insert) on the pillow stack, every day your husband goes to work. You said you have a 20 minute window, fill up the entire 20 minutes using and riding your nine inch toy. Be completely nude when you do use it, it's very important. And massage your clitoris as you ride your nine inch toy. It may take some coordination, but it will be lots of fun. When your husband gets home send him to the shower immediately (so you can get your dose and if he has a routine tell him to postpone it a little) and resume *fun time* with your nine inch toy for the entire duration of his shower. When he comes out you will be super aroused, satisfied and "horny". Get your dose, no sex just a dose.

Completed partially

Tried Olympic insert, could only use approximately 3 inches.

15  Some things you need to do this week (Week 1):

 Just after his last work day let him know there will be sex instead of a dose after his shower, do the same thing as above except use your Olympic insert for the last 10 minutes of your 20 minute window and the entire time while he showers. Or mix it in on both. When he steps out of the shower have sex with your husband (on top), but no showing your disappointment. Remember you can change him, but these activities right now are for you. This also takes care of your comparison and you can report back that information on Wednesday after you've rested up. ;)

16  Some things you need to do next week (Week 2):

 On your days off together continue riding your nine inch toy (not the Olympic insert), while your husband showers (of course you'll have to shower first). But when he steps out of the shower have him pay you back. ie, he will need to suck on your clit. Lights on so he can see what he's doing while you are reclined (laying on your back). Have him focus on your clit. It's your turn this is for you. If he has enough energy take him for more.

16a For an entire week (Week 3), every time your husband showers you need to be completely nude riding your nine inch toy for the entire duration of his shower.  On the days where you have your 20 minute window you need to be riding it during the entire 20 minute window, in addition to riding it while he showers.  Position is your choice while using your nine inch toy but it has to go deep and match your idea of a good hard fantasy fuck.  If kids are in the house you'll need him to adjust his schedule to accommodate your plan.  If he showers when you're not home, have wait until you are home.  When he steps out of the shower you will direct him to have sex with you.

Week 3 Recap:  Seven days in a row, of nine inch toy during his shower, plus the nine inch toy during your entire 20 minute window, and sex is to be the capper.

Report back
16b Off week for curse. (Week 4) No report needed, just exercise and get as many doses as you can.
16c Return to no toy, finger only *fun time*.  (Week 5) No report needed for this item.
16d This week (Week 6) you will mix weeks 2 and 3.  In as much as you will utilize your nine inch toy continuously during his showers and during the duration of your 20 minute window.  But you will have to be showered before he showers because this time you will direct him to suck on your clitoris until you are satisfied after which he will have sex with you for as long as he can.  If you can work the time right shoot for doing this more than once on as many days as you can.

Week 6 Recap: Seven days in a row of your nine inch toy during his shower, plus the nine inch toy during your entire 20 minute window, then by your husband orally focusing on your clitoris and sex is to be the capper.  Make an effort to do this more than once day. 

If you think the ring will help his penis try it.

Report back
16d` Final week (Week 7) Same as week 6 but no nine inch toy use like week 6.  Finger only *fun time*, focused strictly on your clitoris will be substituted for every instance of your nine inch toy was used in week 6. 

But there will be two additions to the list of things to do:
1) Morning sex on days he does not go to work (We don't want you to kill him with your appetite).  It will be difficult but he should already be erect and ready to work with you.  Sit on top and go, until he can't go anymore.

2) Since you said your husband falls asleep before you do, you will have an easy time with this one.  What you will need to do for 7 days is do everything like you normally do prior to going to bed with one addition.  When you go to bed you need to use your nine inch toy while you are in bed with your husband sleeping.  Being completely nude and uncovered is imperative.  If you have enough pillows use them to build "hill" to conceal your activities, should he awaken.  Continue using your nine inch toy for 10 minutes, two orgasms and/or you ejaculate.  If you want to continue after two orgasms and/or ejaculation feel free, but make sure you continue for a full 10 minutes.

Report back.
16e (Week 8) Curse, after which you will hide all of your toys and return to finger only *fun time*, for any and all *fun time*.activities. No report needed, just exercise and get as many doses as you can.
17  Use the ring on your husband. I've reviewed the pictures you've sent in and the smaller one will be of more use until he begins to enlarge. Send some info back your likes and dislikes of ring usage. Completed partially.

Found an improved duration of his erection during oral sex, he was also unable to orgasm.  May have been a time issue or other issue.  Unclear...

18  What is your present dose frequency? It's down to about two a week right now, but I'm trying to squeeze in more. My husband is always tired it seems.
19  Do a Kegel strength test with one of your silver bullets and see how much you can support. Send info back on your results. I was able to hold the silver bullet using kegels.  I thought I was only going to be able to hold it with my legs mostly together, but I was actually able to hold it with my knees bent (feet pointed
19a Great!  Were you surprised?  Walnut crushing is on the horizon. J  I know I was so proud of myself when I first was able to do that.  Send a picture or two of you holding it up, see if you are able to tie a small weight or other object onto the wire. Pictures
20  Measure your husbands penis with and without the ring. Send results. Un-answered
21  No longer required, see question 16 supplements. No longer required, see question 16 supplements.
22  No longer required, see question 16 supplements. No longer required, see question 16 supplements.
23  Work up the courage to introduce you receiving oral sex. Have your husband focus in your clitoris. Guide him as needed. Un-answered
24  Start working up more courage that will enable you to start breaking the ice with your husband. Un-answered
25  Start becoming familiar with Poser. Some members are beginning to send in their work to share with the others. Check my work on your page, including me and poser man in some movies. Maybe they will spark some imagination and get you started working with Poser. If you want have your husband take some photoplay pictures with you posed in such a way and I'll add a poser man to the picture. Maybe even send a short movie, and I'll get Poser man added. You can even do self portraits and I can add a poser man. Un-answered
26  Send more High risk photos, your adrenaline may be down. Un-answered
  New Questions New Answers
27 In your fantasy about Bill you said you envisioned him to have a large penis.  How old were you when the men in your fantasies had large penises? Around 37 years old.
Who, famous or not, were (or have been) the subjects of your fantasies since you started having fantasies? James Spader (the actor) and Leonardo Dicaprio. There may have been others, but I can't think of who.
28a If you remember any, famous or not, please let me know. TBD
You said your husbands penis was "disappointing" sexually because you had been using your nine inch toy and Olympic insert.  Has your husbands penis ever been sexually satisfying for you? Yes, when we first got together. I guess really for the first 5 years or so.
When you are getting your doses (without the ring) have you noticed when your husbands erection subsides?  ie, Is it before or after he ejaculates?
If he subsides before ejaculation that's bad for his endurance and size, if he remains hard through ejaculation that is good for his endurance and size.  If you are sexually aroused the pheromones will help his erection.
After he ejaculates.
31 Has including *fun time* (with an unlocked door) into your workouts been helpful in your reduction of body fat. I haven't noticed any difference. But I haven't been including the *fun time* with my workouts lately.  Actually, I did it tonight. I will try to do this much more often.
31a Let me know how it is working for you, as you increase its usage. TBD
32 Do you and your husband use photoplay as a part of foreplay? No, we never do.
32a Make a point to add it periodically.  Even if it is pictures just of you getting a little "nasty" with the camera.  Poses I can add Poser man to are also kind of fun too. Pictures to follow
33 Do you use your non piercing jewelry anymore, or your fun wear (racy clothes)?

Heads up
Amy has told me that Dr. Whitmore is a little upset that some of the students who were sent cash to visit that store may have pocketed the cash instead of getting themselves some clothes for "special" ocassions that would improve there libido.  Amy says you are one of 6 recipients in your area who have not posted any pictures with new fun wear.

I forget I have the jewelry.
Yea, I know. I still have the money, I just wanted to wait until I had lost some weight so that I would look better in them.
33a Try using the jewelry.  It will help you focus on your clit and the nipple chains are fun to wear anytime, even during sex.
Part of the clothes thing is that it gives you something to shoot for, because you want to fit into "that".  Also wearing stuff under other clothes is fun.  Fishnet dresses, for example, are fun to wear under a shirt and then pull the shirt off while driving at night to surprise your husband (not when kids are in the car).
Pictures to follow.
34 This week or so, post some high risk self portraits of you using some of your large toys.  Check your websites for poses and ideas.  I can't help but think that one of the things holding you back is the lack of high risk pictures.  If you can get yourself in the pictures I'll crop them and make them look good. Ok, I can do that.
34a Ok, I'll look for them.  And push yourself in what would be acceptable and embarrassing if your husband found out you had on the internet. Pictures to follow.
35 Along the lines of photoplay, take one of your husband naked and aroused and I'll put a Poserman next to him so you can compare.  If you can get yourself in the picture with your husband too, and gesturing the right way, I can make it look like you have chosen Poserman and his not disappointing penis.  I guess if you can get one of your husband I can make a Poserwoman pointing, choosing a well hung Poserman over your husband, or even several woman pointing and laughing at his "disappointing" penis.  Just tell me what you have in mind when you send in the picture(s). Actually, can we not do this one? I don't want to feel any worse about my husband than I already do.
35a Do you really feel bad about your husband?  You sound horribly disgusted.  Is it his small penis, or something else?  Are you having fantasy problems again?  I mean wishing for someone else?  You said you almost had an affair with Bill before, have you gone back to Bill since?  Or do you want to again?  Amy always thought you had a very strong desire to have a fling with Bill and may very well have had a short powerful affair that never really worked out, and ultimately failed because of the deep love of your husband.  Is Amy right?  No one will judge you, but don't tell your husband, and yes, if it's happening now it needs to stop now. 
Is it that he not exercising with you?  You've been at this for a while, and you may be a little burned out and the 8 week plan above will help you reconnect.  Maybe you need to do a little *fun time* when he does lift weights with you.  Or join him in the shower after you do a walk.  You are going to have to break the ice with him sooner or later. 

Remember it's not just about the doses.  The doses improve your libido, and the side effect of doses is an increase in lean muscle mass for those that exercise which in turn burns fat, producing a toned cut look.  And reducing the percent body fat improves the testosterone level making it change faster and easier to maintain your final goal..

36 Have you been using your erotic reading material since getting it. No, It's locked in my special locked "tool box". I need to do that.
36a Get it out and get turned on, then ravage your husband. Report back.