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originally compiled by Madison Taylor
but now maintained by Michelle Bellicini for
Sherry Graham
Sherry Graham first took a testosterone level blood test in the 98/99 time frame.  Sherry was contacted for potential membership by The Monticello Institute in the third quarter of 2001.  Sherry has yet to respond to that offer.  

An Open Letter to The Monticello Staff
What we know about Sherry Graham
  • Sherry Graham has taken a blood test to measure her testosterone level.
  • Sherry has been contacted by US Mail for membership.
  • Sherry has received over $100 in good faith membership pre-payments.
  • Sherry has received over $80 in technical equipment (Tanita weight scale).
  • Sherry has received over $80 in the form of personal equipment (Pulsatron/Silver bullet plus package).
  • Sherry has had her name and address in our database matched to an internet mail order purchase with the same name and address.  We also collected her e-mail address with that purchase.
  • Sherry has internet access, and an internet e-mail account.
  • Sherry has been contacted by and received e-mail membership offers.
  • Sherry has yet to respond to any of our membership offers.
  • Sherry fits the typical profile of a type E contact.
    • Slow to start membership, probably due to trust issues.
    • Low sex drive.
    • Frustrated marital relationship.
    • Stressful work and/or home life.
    • Enjoys masturbation results, but not the act of masturbation itself.
    • Masturbates secretly due to feelings of guilt.
    • Distracting relationship issues overshadowing sexual fulfillment.
    • May have chemical issues working, reducing sexual desire. 
    • May have psychological issues working, reducing sexual desire.
    • May have low self and/or spousal image issues at work reducing sexual desire.
  • We have set Sherry up with an open access web page to allow her greater access to out resources.
Until we hear from Sherry we will continue to pursue her for a response.  If Sherry fits the profile we can help her if she joins, but she will have to take advantage of our offer and accept our helping hand to start the process.  I hope Sherry understands that the longer she waits the more imbedded the bad habits become and will etch at the foundation of her marriage until it collapses into divorce or general marital unhappiness.


Hello Sherry,
  After the game Saturday night I dropped by your house to drop a bag of things for you to use. I placed them under the drivers side front tire in a black plastic bag. I was not seen by anyone except a light colored cat who stared at me from the roof of your red Toyota. So, you should find a bag with two items:

1) An envelope with $300 I had forgotten how hot the D/FW area was, so buy some fans to help cool your house, or if you have enough fans buy yourself something else nice or useful. Either way, let Michelle know what you got and she'll tell me. I'd ask you to e-mail me but I get about 400 pieces of mail a day, most of which require that I respond.
2) You will also find a new (but wash it off before using) 9 inch dildo with testicles. It is 9 inches from tip to testicles and 10 inches from tip to base. It is a more accurate representation of what your husbands penis will grow to in size and proportion if you work on him. I hope you like it. And there are special instructions on it's use below. I, Dr, Dawn Whitmore, have personally selected it for you, Sherry Graham, since you expressed several things in your mail. 

1) One of which was having been with Clarence who was a "9" with "a great ass" and your husband most recently scored by you as a 4. 
2) Having almost been with Bill and that you looked forward to or wanted desperately to make love to you with expert skill and his nine inch hard on.
3) And lastly you've been stuck on a plateau for a very long time.

Given these items for thought I am going to change Michelle's plan for you for a short time.
Here is what i want you to do:
1) Continue exercising as Michelle has instructed. 5x15 twice a day. It may be rough to do and you may lose some sleep but we've got to get you moving in the right direction. This includes your regular cardio, kegels etc...
2) Drain your husband as Michelle has described. You had expressed a hit and miss dose schedule, no more. One a day minimum on his work days and shoot for 4 to 5 a day on his days off. More is better. You may need to schedule and plan these events, but you must get them.
3) I don't know what extra things you are doing while you are getting your doses, but you are now going to add finger only *fun time* on your self while you are getting your doses.

Here is where your new dildo comes into play (and you will use no other toys until told to do so by either Michelle or myself)... 

4) Every day spend 10 minutes practicing deep throating with your newest toy. With some practice you should be able to easily rest it's balls on your chin. You will not be done with exercise until you can do that. It shouldn't be too hard since you are already deep throating your husbands 6 inches.
5) Every day as a part of your nude 5x15 exercises you will use your new dildo for 5 minutes of pumping penetration. No rubbing it on your clit except as a greeting to your clit. You may while pumping your new dildo in and out massage your clitoris with you other hand. So at the end of each 1x15, 5 minutes of "sex" with your dildo. And when you are done with each of the first 4 dildo "episodes" lick it off. Self sampling is still very important. On the last episode (5th circuit) go for an orgasm. You can use different positions (pillow stack, reclined, doggie style, etc...) but one of the goals here is to get used to the whole 9 inches, and the kegels you've been doing will in addition to tightening your vagina, raise your ovarian floor. You may even be able to hold your new dildo in place while standing, using just your kegel strength alone. That is you should be able to.
6) You also probably don't have enough high risk behavior, so you will need to start using your new dildo every time your husband is showering (and you're alone in the house, ie no children).
7) On the nights your husband is working and your children are asleep, and you're alone in the house you need to use your new dildo once to orgasm every 30 minutes, except while exercising which will be once with every set. If you have a video camera and a tripod record each of these events onto a blank tape. Hide your tape. You may build quite a collection of tapes. Don't let your husband see them, ever.
8) If you're husband calls while the house is clear (children asleep), ask your husband to hold on a moment, get your new dildo out, get naked, resume the phone conversation and start using your new dildo and go deep and fast for the duration of the phone call. When the call is complete finish with an orgasm. This can be combined item 7.
9) In addition to your weekly measurements take weekly pictures. No fancy clothes or activities, just nude, flexed as well as not flexed. Your husband can take these pictures.

And if diet and hunger become a problem, eat more, but exercise more, commensurate with the amount of excess calories consumed as determined by the caloriesperhour.com web page linked from your web page.

These instructions supersede your 4 and 8 week plans temporarily and except for the deep throat practice, doses and exercise are suspended during your monthly curse, and are to stay in effect each and every day until you reach 155 pounds. Do these items every day. No exceptions. No excuses. No deviations. No additions. No days off. You are your own worst enemy and your own best ally. Defeat your enemy within and win. Failure is not an option. Now get going Sherry and win, Win, WIN!!!
    Dr. Dawn Whitmore

Hello Sherry,
  The board and I have discussed your progress and are concerned that your not getting everything done you need to be doing. In your last message you were obviously bothered by your lack of progress and seemed to be confused by the stoppage, suggesting that you were getting everything done (I'm paraphrasing). 

So in our discussions we have come to the conclusion that you are missing one or more significant building blocks to support your progress. Are we correct? If we are correct, and in that light proceeding like we are (and we could very well be wrong), we'd like you to get back to the basics. Like when you first joined The Monticello Institute.

You will need to begin by focusing on the doses (as many as you can get from him) and vigorous exercises mixed with a return to eating habits that are more in line with moving you toward your goals. You will need to resume high risk behavior, always commando and teasing your husband when appropriately alone. One Michelle got from Amy was while her husband was driving at night dropping her pants or lifting her dress and doing a little finger only *fun time* while her husband drove, it's something you can try too, but you'll need to use your imagination too (Tip: For that kind of teasing it works best on the way home, it's a little awkward to arrive at your destination with your husband aroused and poking out the top of his pants). Bring finger only *fun time* back into your routine as you and your husband chip away some ice from your relationship. If he's spent show him what you can do and let him see you self sample, and see if he doesn't jump right back up. Write your own stuff too. Do what you like. You showered with Bill in your fantasies, shower with your husband too. Lathering each other up is good foreplay.

Get back into a regular schedule of *fun time*. No more electric toys, only use your fingers or your big cocks or your Olympic Inserts. 

The school year will be starting soon so you'll be able to sleep in the nude, or at least with your southern real estate in the breeze.

Make sure your workouts include *fun time*. And if your husband is home make it the kind that you would not your husband to see. High risk, just don't get caught.

Read your adult literature a few times a week. Arouse your brain, get horny.

Break the ice. Chip a little more away every day, every week at least to start but eventually work up to every day.

Learn to be a receiver, and let your husband suck on your clit.

Teach your husband how to manually stimulate you, 3 classes a week ought to do until you can't speak because he's so good.

Take more HIgh Risk pictures. We are worried you have either sold or damaged your camera so we are send you a new one. It should be in the same place as the other items. It's an expensive camera (good enough for counselors) and we'll be adding memory. Do high risk photoplay with your husband as well as alone when the time and space (privacy) allows. All together it's almost $700 worth of our commitment to you, for you to do your very best. We just thought something happened to your old camera since you keep promising pictures and never follow through. If you still have your other camera, hang on to it, and continue to use it as well. The new one is much nicer and more professional.

We really do know you will succeed, but only as soon as you get back on the path and stop foiling your own efforts. If you know it's wrong before you do whatever will move you away from your goals don't do it. And you will have bad days, just treat them like little bumps, and keep on going. 

And before you start thinking you'll never finish or you're the slowest ever, I can tell you you're going to finish and you're not the slowest ever. But what I want you to be able to tell me is you are doing your best everyday and dehydrating your husband, as well as loving him like you have neglected to do for the last umpteen years. And if you are doing everything your supposed to be doing and you continue to remain stuck, we will need to bring you in to the NYC club and see just what exactly is holding you back. I really don't think that will be necessary because I believe that the thing that holds you back most is Sherry, but if it's not you, we can and will figure it out and help you make a life change that will be so very great, you'll think you were in a dark room and somebody turned on the lights.

Your immediate goal is to go under 160 pounds by the end of the month. Failure is not an option. No exceptions. No excuses. No deviations. No additions. No days off. You are your own worst enemy and your own best ally. Defeat your enemy within and win. Failure is not an option. Now get going Sherry and win, Win, WIN!!!
    Dr. Dawn Whitmore