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Hello Sherry,
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Flexing chest close up. Sherry Graham
Flexing. Sherry Graham
Flexing chest close up, with additional muscle group identifiers. Sherry Graham
Sherry Graham working out on her lat pull down. The movie has had a leader installed. Sherry Graham
Sherry Graham working out on her lat pull down. The movie has been brightened to correct for the low light contition. Sherry Graham
Suggestion (Movie form) for Sherry Graham and use of her 9 inch toy or Olympic weight insert. It's a large file, so even with a high speed connection it may take a couple of minutes to load. Sherry Graham
Sherry Graham doing a little warmup with her blue dildo before her husband came in the room for sex.
A few points;
While the dildo work was important Sherry didn't really go very deep at all. Sherry did seem to focus on direct clitoral stimulation. That part of the movie while not well lit was very well framed and showed a lot for a first time *fun time* movie.
Sherry's husbands ring was probably put on too late, as it is located too far away from the base of his penis.
The softness of the bed and his greater weight may also be contributing to a misalignment of the genitals (he's too far down and she's too high), this could be remedied by keeping doggie style on a firmer platform like the floor.
Sherry does get a signal in on how she feels his size rates, slightly more than one inch (see Sherry's Photo History page for extracted vid caps).
Sherry is also starting to show some good definition in her triceps, shoulders and lats. She will just need to stay focused on burning the fat away to remove that layer that keeps them away from the skin.
And while her husband is certainly fat in his stomach and mid-torso he has good definition and size in his arms and legs.
Sadly for Sherry, he has not been blessed with a large penis, and as such is unable to bless Sherry with a large penis either.
Even with a ring on he was only able to get about one minute of sex in before he lost his load. This may be due in part to there not being any sex in their relationship.
Sherry Graham
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