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Sherry Graham
Sherry Graham was first took a testosterone level blood test in the 98/99 time frame.  Sherry was contacted for potential membership by The Monticello Institute in the third quarter of 2001.  Sherry has yet to respond to that offer.  

What we find Sherry Graham (in absentia) to be "Doing and/or Not Doing"...
Relying on motorized toys instead of finger only *fun time*.

Not breaking the ice with her husband.

Insufficient doses quantity, either due to Sherry's disinterest or her husbands inability to provide the juice due to his work schedule or possible erectile dysfunction caused by years of neglect.

Not working out with an honest effort. Sherry seems to have a problem scheduling enough time to exercise or not working working out hard enough. May have a strain avoidance idea of workouts.

Irregular cardio.

Irregular *fun time*. May have a hard time fitting it into her schedule. Sherry results suggest she seems to be missing incorporating *fun time* into her workouts.

Virtually no high risk pictures, very disappointing efforts in this area. High risk pictures fail to be the kind that would embarrass her if her husband found them. No *fun time* self portraits. Seems to prefer cheesecake high risk pictures. Seems to have enjoyed being merged with a poserman by her counselor, and showed a little more high risk adventure in those pictures. May have sold camera.

No photoplay. Even though Sherry rarely has any contact with her husband she has not seemed to have been able to incorporate photoplay into those events.

Sherry seems to have little or no spontaneity in her love life with her husband. Would seem to be adhering to some of her plan to succeed but we are unsure of which items she is completing.

Sherry seems to have a half hearted effort. She does however seem to have a strong desire to want to change her husband as well as herself, but seems to have put her marriage as a third item. Very strong desire to succeed but lacks commitment to execute plans to fulfill her desires.

Sherry does not love her husband, but would like to change. She feels bad about feeling that way, but more guilt than desire to change. Sherry does not want a divorce from her husband but she seems to want a magical make-over of her marriage. Perhaps without her putting her best foot forward and with minimal effort.

Sherry has a very sexually inept husband, and no matter how awkward he is, Sherry seems to be unwilling to train him to meet her needs to correct this item that makes her very unhappy.

There some evidence of an unwillingness to adhere to personalized program plans.

Any intimacy Sherry does have probably does not include any build up to the event and may be very business like. Poor mixing of sexuality and love.

Sherry does have a personal history of being sexually aggressive and adventurous starting with Clarence, and including her husband when they dated as well as an adventure of the heart that she had with Bill. But presently Sherry seems timid and reserved in regards to repairing her marriage. She knows she will be required to take the first step to correct this but seems to be unbudgable in this area. Marriage is on a plateau of it's own as well. 

Sherry also seems to have time management problems, distracted by disruptive adolescent at home. This seems to also be a disruption in Sherry's desire to rekindle her crumbling marriage as well.

Sherry is probably still withholding info on sexual past. Clarence & Bill, possibly more. May be a trust issue, worried about leaks that would get back to her husband? We need to see what we can do to gain Sherry's trust.

Sherry's shared fantasy expresses an active, good and healthy sexual appetite. This appetite does seem to be directed at things in her head and heart and not towards her husband.

Sherry has expressed an interest and preference in 9 inch penis, in both fantasy and desire for husband (presently 6 inches) but when 9 inch toy arrived has only been able to use 6 of the 9 inches. No word on how well she enjoyed Dr. Whitmores emergency drop off or how deep she was able to insert her newest 9 inch toy in either her vagina or down her throat. May need to do an emergency delivery of a new 7 inch dildo to help her step up to 9 inches? Will need to table this item temporarily pending further questions.

Sherry dislikes her husbands slide from being a 7 to a 4. Sherry says she is disgusted not only by his appearance but his gross sexual inadequacy. In Sherry's most recently reported sexual encounter with her husband she said she was very disappointed and could barely even feel her husband inside her. She also said he ejaculated very quickly.

Sherry seems to harbor significant resentment towards her husband for not being a 9 like Clarence. Sherry was and still is very attracted to Clarence. She finds his body to be nearly perfect.

Sherry still has feelings for Clarence.

Sherry also still has feelings for Bill.

Sherry did enjoy and was not offended by the cartoons depicting sex between 

Sherry may be looking for some sort of approval of having had an affair with BIll, before admitting having had an affair with Bill. Bill was and still is very attractive to Sherry unlike Sherry's husband who is not attractive to her in any way.

Sherry probably won't admit to interracial sex with Clarence due to internalized stigma for such matters.

Sessions with Clarence probably went well beyond making out and simple petting as Sherry described.

What woman or girl ever let a man or boy finger her and NOT subsequently have sex with him? And Clarence was a 9! Sherry was mostly certainly swept off her feet by Clarence as well. And their meetings were "repeated" and she enjoyed it. Sherry most probably looked forward to their meetings and not only enjoyed her meetings with Clarence but expected it due to it's frequent occurrence. 

  • We need to get Clarence' side of the story and see if they match. Alot up to $8,000 to the investigation firm to locate Clarence Briggs so we can send in one of our investigators to jog Clarence's memories.
Sessions with Bill also probably went farther than talking. Sherry has already admitted to being in a situation that would make it easy for her to cheat. Sherry has also admitted that she very much wanted to have sex with Bill, and almost any where, work, his house, her house, in their cars at work. Sherry also described Bill as very attractive and physically fit. Sherry did say that her desire for Bill was not one sided and that Bill had feelings for her as well.
  • We may need to get Bill's side of the story and see if they match.
Hold off any actual expenditure on investigators pending a change in Sherry's story on Clarence and Bill. If Sherry recants her stories and completely confesses about sex with Clarence and sex with Bill send her $350 cash per correction ($700 total). Otherwise we need to get on with the investigation. Our three FBI profiler graduates feel 98% certain that these are two of Sherry's points of inner turmoil preventing her from progressing as she'd like to. They also feel that there might be more points of inner turmoil (12% probability).  Give Sherry until July 15th 9 PM CST to recant, she can provide the details at a future date.  If we don't hear anything, then make arrangements with the investigators to locate Clarence Briggs.  We also need to get Marjorie Tyler to to check the "Black Males on White Girls Network" database and see if any Clarence Briggs has ever listed a Sherry Baddorf as a sex partner in the comparative database.  Sherry must also be reminded what is shared inside The Monticello Institute stays inside The Monticello Institute.  Her secret will remain a secret.
  • This may cause some ill will from Sherry, but we need to be certain about this mental block.  If the truth comes from her it will set her free.  If we have to dig it out from alternate sources and Clarences and Bills recollections differ from Sherry's the truth again will set her free, if we are wrong we will need bring Sherry in to the NYC facility or the SMU facility for a complete checkup and examination.
  • Sherry has emotional issues/conflicts with her husband. We may need to move her off of her present course of stopping her doses and towards a sex only trial and see how that works. 
  • Intimacy (kissing)
  • Making out in the nude
  • Mutual petting/foreplay 
  • Followed by Sherry receiving oral sex 
  • Followed by intercourse 
  • 21 days in a row, once day minimum, three a day on combined days off. 

  • Sherry may need to review marriage viability and discuss her options, breaking the ice with her husband and correcting things, open marriage, separation, or divorce.  It will be The Monticello Institutes position that she break the ice and repair the relationship.

    We may need to see if Sherry still wants some intimacy with Bill and discourage those feelings.

    • We may also need to see if Sherry would like us to call in a sex surrogate for her. 
    • Sherry may need a minimum of 4 visits per week for about two months to see if we can move her off her plateau. 
    • SMU has two immediately available Research assistants (1 Doctor of Gynecology and 1 Doctor of Internal medicine) that are willing to help in this study. 
    • They are both familiar with Sherry's case and her web site, her appearance and or fitness will not be a problem for either of them, and they are both very interested in helping in the resolution of this research difficulty Sherry is having. 
    • Sherry may have a problem since they are both 6'2" and very fit, athletic (3% body fat), and are both enlarged to 9.5 x 6.5 inches, one is African-American and the other is Anglo-American and both are unmarried 26 years old. Bios (Photos) on both Dr.'s can be provided, but only if Sherry wants to go this route. 
    • Sherry would need to understand that this is about the sexual therapy only and doses, she would still need to continue working out, eating right. Sherry would need to handle the scheduling on her end and allow enough time for four 60 minute visits at her house in her bed each week, to allow her to be properly satisfied sexually, Sherry should also be aroused prior to their arrival. 
    • If Sherry would like to use the Dr.'s simultaneously that would be ok as well, but may require a little more logistical planning. 
    • A female Chaperone (a research Dr. also from The Monticello Institute) could be made available if Sherry feels a need for it. 
    • We would need all waivers signed by Sherry and notarized, ensuring that she understands that The Monticello Institute can not be held legally responsible should her husband find out about this sexual therapy. 
    • This is not about love, this is about helping Sherry get past her plateau and on her way to her goal. 
    • There will be a prescription for this sexual therapy, and will be refillable on a bi-weekly basis and no longer refillable after 4 months or until Sherry reaches 130 pounds whichever comes second (last)
    • Prescription to be underwritten and paid for by The Monticello Institute Research Division, SMU.
        The Monticello Institute Board of Research, SMU Division
        Dr. Dawn Whitmore, chairperson presiding

    Hello Sherry

    After reviewing your movies we believe you are falling short in several areas...

      Judging by the size of your husbands erection you are probably not getting the dose frequency you need to have your workouts be as productive as they could, or should, be.  You actually may be doing a lot of work without much progress, or as much as you'd like.

    We are concerned about your progress so far and this plateau you are stuck on, as well as a seeming aversion to breaking the ice with your husband.  We also believe, again, judging by your husbands penis size, that you are at, or near, zero doses per week.  We just don't get the impression you are "feeling it" with your husband, as in you are more or less, completely indifferent to him, but on the other hand, have a rich and vivid sexual imagination.  An imagination that is very wanton and expresses a very strong sexual aggressiveness and assertiveness.  You express a definite preference to men with large penises, but insert your 7 inch dildo very deeply into your vagina. 

    So we are going to prescribe a slight change in your plan to take effect immediately to improve your libido and effectiveness of your doses.  The following is a short list of things to begin doing immediately, and will continue until you start your next period.

    1) Continue your working out and cardio but use alternate plan B.
    2) Without counting your calories, try an limit yourself to 1800 to 2200 high protein low carb calories. 
    3) Since you have new hours and days off you will need to begin immediately placing yourself on the receiving end of oral sex.  This will need to be a daily occurrence.  The only exception will be limited to your monthly bill.
    4) You will suspend *fun time*, except when incorporated into sexual activity with your husband.
    5) You will suspend getting doses, unless you feel like it AFTER you have received oral sex.
    6) You will suspend sex until after receiving oral sex, but only if you are aroused enough by the oral sex.

    The desired outcome of this change is for you to be arroused before, during or after getting your dose.  You have said in the past that you liked the way your husband performed oral sex on you, and found it very pleasurable.  Your lack of arousal may be (probably is) inhibiting your progress.  If your doses have become matter of factly or a part of your daily chores then your doses are not helping very much.  Let your husband start you up and see where it goes.

    Keep your cart moving Sherry, and I hope your husband can arouse you well enough to start melting your ice.  Leave the light on and pull your hood back and let him go to town, or drive you there.  Show him what he needs to suck on and what to lick on and make him keep on coming back and stay fresh, and keep your presentation trimmed, neat and tidy.  Hope to hear from you soon.

    An early release from a leading medical journal that Amy sent me regarding Testosterone Therapy.
    Like Amy says it's fun to watch someone reinvent the wheel.
    Article to be published in a leading Medical Journal

    Effects of testosterone on humans

    In general, androgens promote protein synthesis and growth of those tissues with androgen receptors. Testosterone effects can be classified as virilizing and anabolic effects, although the distinction is somewhat artificial, as many of the effects can be considered both. Anabolic effects include growth of muscle mass and strength, increased bone density and strength, and stimulation of height growth and bone maturation. Virilizing effects include maturation of the sex organs, particularly the penis and the formation of the scrotum in fetuses, and after birth (usually at puberty) a deepening of the voice, growth of the beard and torso hair. Many of these fall into the category of male secondary sex characteristics. Increased testosterone causes deepening of the voice in both sexes at puberty. To take advantage of its virilizing effects, testosterone is often administered to transmen (female-to-male transsexual and transgender people) as part of the hormone replacement therapy, with a "target level" of the normal male testosterone level. Testosterone is also often used by female athletes to enhance muscle build and gain a competitive advantage.

    Testosterone effects can also be classified by the age of usual occurrence. For postnatal effects in both males and females, these are mostly dependent on the levels and duration of circulating free testosterone.

    • Most of the prenatal androgen effects occur between 7 and 12 weeks of gestation. 
    • Genital virilization (midline fusion, phallic urethra, scrotal thinning and rugation, phallic enlargement) 
    • Development of prostate and seminal vesicles 
    Early infancy androgen effects are the least understood. In the first weeks of life for male infants, testosterone levels rise. The levels remain in a pubertal range for a few months, but usually reach the barely detectable levels of childhood by 4-6 months of age. The function of this rise in humans is unknown. It has been speculated that "brain masculinization" is occurring since no significant changes have been identified in other parts of the body.
    • Early postnatal effects are the first visible effects of rising androgen levels in childhood, and occur in both boys and girls in puberty. 
    • Adult-type body odor 
    • Increased oiliness of skin and hair, acne 
    • Pubarche (appearance of pubic hair) 
    • Axillary hair 
    • Growth spurt, accelerated bone maturation 
    • Fine upper lip and sideburn hair 
    Advanced postnatal effects begin to occur when androgen has been higher than normal adult female levels for months or years. In males these are normal late pubertal effects, and only occur in women after prolonged periods of excessive levels of free testosterone in the blood. 
    • Phallic enlargement (including clitoromegaly aka. enlarged clitoris) 
    • Increased libido and erection frequency 
    • Pubic hair extends to thighs and up toward umbilicus 
    • Facial hair (sideburns, beard, mustache) 
    • Chest hair, periareolar hair, perianal hair 
    • Increased muscle strength and mass 
    • Deepening of voice 
    • Growth of spermatogenic tissue in testes, male fertility 
    • Growth of jaw and remodelling of facial bone contours 
    • Completion of bone maturation and termination of growth (via estradiol metabolites) 
    "Adult testosterone effects" are important in adult males and females, and may decline as testosterone levels decline in the later decades of adult life. 
    • Maintenance of muscle mass and strength 
    • Maintenance of bone density and strength 
    • Libido and erection frequency 
    • Mental and physical energy 
    Therapeutic use of testosterone

    Testosterone was first isolated from a bull in 1935. There have been many pharmaceutical forms over the years. Forms of testosterone for human administration currently available in North America include testosterone cypionate and enanthate in oil for injection, methyltestosterone tablets for oral ingestion, and skin patches and a gel preparation for transdermal absorption. A buccal oral preparation is also available. In the pipeline are a "roll on" delivery method and a nasal spray. Both are under development.

    The original and primary therapeutic use of testosterone is for replacement in males who lack it (hypogonadism). Then in the 1965 research on females found that increased testosterone levels improved libido and almost completely eliminated depression.  When used for these purposes, the benefits of body development, physical strength, and mental energy can be very dramatic when used in conjuntion with a rigorous exercise regimine and undesirable side effects rare.

    However, over the years, as with every hormone, testosterone or other anabolic steroids has also been given for many other conditions and purposes besides replacement, with variable success but higher rates of side effects or problems. Examples include infertility, lack of libido or erectile dysfunction, osteoporosis, penile enlargement, height growth, bone marrow stimulation and reversal of anemia, and even appetite stimulation. By the late 1940s testosterone was being touted as an anti-aging wonder drug (e.g., see Paul de Kruif's The Male Hormone) in exactly the same way that growth hormone is being described today.

    For Female Athletes

    Anabolic steroids have also been taken to enhance muscle development, strength, or endurance. After a series of scandals and publicity in the 1980s (such as Ben Johnson's improved performance at the 1988 Summer Olympics), prohibitions of anabolic steroid use were renewed or strengthened by many sports organizations, and it was made a "controlled substance" by the United States Congress.  Testosterone Therapy is now a primary assistance for female athletes, to improve muscle growth and strength.  Testosterone Therapy is however traceable when taken from un natural sources as there are unique chemical bindings to produce these types of supplements.  Testosterone Therapy is however undetectable in human females when taken from human males and the same increase in muscle growth is derived when mixed with rigorous workouts and cardio.  Many studies at Universities have found that their female athletes have increased muscle mass in addition to increased sexual appetite and clitoromegaly.  Most of these female athletes get the testosterone as a precursor to sexual activity (oral sex) by milking their boyfriends or husbands for the semen they produce when they orgasm.  This semen is either applied externally or taken internally through oral ingestion, where the latter is a prescribed as a preferred method for greater retention and quicker absorption of the testosterone to the bloodstream. 

    Frequency of these testosterone doses is dictated by the desired need for improved muscle mass.  One per day will maintain muscle growth when taken in conjunction with vigorous exercise and good diet (where diet also involves timing to avoid foods at least 3 hours prior to sleep).  Averaging less than one per day will fail to maintain muscle growth but averaging greater than one per day will build muscle at a much higher rate than a simple one per day.  The effects on muscle growth of greater than one per day are still being measured, and are intrinsically difficult to measure due to subtle differences in individual metabolism.  This comparative measurement does become easier to resolve as the percent of body fat nears zero and the individual metabolisms become less unique and become more similar.

    An odd side effect has been noted psychologically as the athletes become aware of the association between testosterone and athletic performance, ie they will begin to self prescribe natural sources of testosterone.  And since there is no real cost, these female athletes have become more sexually aggressive towards there providers (sometimes spiraling to violence and not stopping until he can supply her need) and are not happy until they have secured as much testosterone supply as they feel they need to be winners, including some reports of unmarried female athletes consuming averages of one per hour from a group of providers.  But increases like this seem to have a less than desired effect.

    Hidden link to muscle growth via testosterone and arousal

    No matter how many testosterone doses many of these unmarried athletes received their muscle growth was still not as quick or as defineable as married athletes or monogamous athletes.  Initially it was believed that the variety of testosterones was impeding the muscle growth, but later studies found that it was an arousal factor.  This was confirmed by pheromone measurements while getting doses.  In fact all of the female athletes that were studied found that ones, regardless of marital status, who got their doses mechanically (treating it as though it were a sport supplement) with out any desire or arousal had very low increases in muscle mass. 

    Conversely the female athletes who were aroused and living in an "erotic moment".had more dramatic muscle weight gains, in addition to surprising fat losses.  This does not mean love but an erotic connection, where the female athletes reported a strange separation from the moment where they found themselves at the command of their bodies wanting to feel and do things that made them participate in sexual behaviors that were prior to and after those moments inappropriate and incongruous with their sexual standards.  These same athletes would usually note a return to those new behaviors and inclusions of new ones.  The additional behaviors usually included daily masturbation to orgasm.

    The "testosterone deficiency" of aging and the andropause controversy

    The latest development in testosterone use appears to be a reprise of the anti-aging claims. A number of physicians, supported by pharmaceutical manufacturers, are popularizing the concept that the testosterone decline of aging (which they term the "andropause") is unnecessary and can be treated. While many University studies have been slow to study this theory, due to a low number of elderly students willing to submit to a study group, there have been reports that many actresses in Hollywood have been getting special chemical help from a group of secretive anti-aging research scientists and physicians. 

    The Hollywood Wrinkle

    A few of the actresses who have been questioned have hinted around to, or towards, the simplicity to their anti-aging program, which apparently has also kept their bodies young and physically fit.  And this is well beyond the body makeover or plastic surgery Hollywood is famous for.  If it is a program like the ones conducted at Universities for female athletes, then who is directing them?  It does seem to spread all around Hollywood like some secret underground information network and is very private, and closely guarded.  There have been a few actresses who have been seen. in the span of a single 13 week TV season, dramatically changing right before Americas eyes.  There are many people in Hollywood who have attended these Universities that have studied testosterone therapy for athletes or testosterone therapy for sexual dysfunction.  We don't know if this is a coincidence but it is an interesting foot note that further investigation will probably not yield actresses willing to say what goes on behind closed doors.

    October 20, 2005
    Hello Sherry,
      Amy and Cori have helped me and done a little research on their own (at the direction of The Monticello Institute leadership board) to help you.  Here is a summary of their report explaining what they have figured out...  Be forwarned that their message is very direct and may be somewhat coarse to read and understand.  I have added a little more at the end.
    The last set of measurements Sherry sent in were in retrograde (moving away from her goal). This may be due to one of a few specific hurdles.

    1) Low or non-strenuous workout routines.
    2) Low or non-strenuous cardio routines.
    3) Poor dietary habits, either excessive portions or a low protein/high sugar menu or both.
    4) Eating too late due to work schedule.
    5) Insufficient dose quantity.

    Supporting Statements...
    The only one we can be reasonably sure of is that, judging by the photo history Sherry has provided of her husband, the dose quantity is most definitely too low.  This determination was interpolated due to the lack of any increase in the size of his penis.  While not "terminally or permanently" small, his penis does seem to be smaller than the 6 inches Sherry indicated in her Q&A.  Sherry's husband is probably closer to 5 inches.

    Sherry has indicated that her husbands penis size is a point of difficulty for her, in as much as his tiny penis makes her feel badly about her husband.

    This feeling may cause Sherry to continue to distance herself from her husband rather than strengthening their marriage.

    This is also supported by Sherry's own statements describing her not wanting to kiss her husband.  This lack of romance may have made her doses more of a mechanical and detached event rather than one that may enjoy any sort of passion.

    Sherry has also indicated that she has had (and may still have) a desire to explore options outside her marriage.  Sherry has said she almost had an affair with a co-worker.  This desire in her heart has been strong enough to interrupt Sherry's sleep patterns while she fantasizes about what may have been.  Sherry did send an example of her fantasy which was very explicit and revealing about her and what motivates Sherry.  This may have been one of the only truly honest messages from Sherry.  Sherry did say the fantasy was so vivid that she was barely able to finish typing it before she had to run to her bedroom for vigorous and fulfilling *fun time*.

    Sherry has indicated a definite preference for a man with a large penis, but has also indicated a desire to leave her husband as is (as we demonstrated with her husbands pictures and a lack of change in this area).

    Sherry has also presented us with an interesting contrast.  In the movie she sent using her 7 inch toy while laying on her back Sherry never really used more than about 4 inches of the toy.  Sherry also seemed to not really be enjoying the act.  This may have been due to the stress of the camera recording her but can't be wholly the problem.

    There has also been some suggestion from Sherry that her secret life from her husband and her doses have become routine and not a risky or even exciting activity.

    Course of action...
    1) Sherry needs to be getting her strenuous weight lifting done everyday.  No rest days until she goes under 150lbs.  If multiple daily workouts are needed, then that should be encouraged.
    2) Sherry needs to get 30 minutes of strenuous cardio everyday.  No rest days until Sherry goes under 150lbs.
    3) Sherry will need to eat a high protein low fat low carb low sugar diet.  Lots of baked skinless chicken breasts, low fat jerky for snacks, etc.  High protein low fat meals.  Calorie target set at 1255 to 1780, as in light workout to difficult workout.  No workout will set the calorie limit at 900.
    4) No food for last 3 hours before bed, 4 hours is better.
    5) Sherry will just have to step up her demand for doses from her husband.

    Regarding Sherry's doses...
    At this time Sherry's husband's penis is simply not arousing for Sherry.  It is simply too small to get Sherry's attention or to keep it once erect.

    Sherry has said that she has erotic literature, which she may need to use to get aroused either reading it alone or aloud to her husband.  Sherry should mark which stories she finds arousing for future referrals.

    Sherry will also need to start making the doses a part of something larger, as in a part of making out and not a mechanical lustless event.  Sherry should encourage (and order him if he is unwilling) her husband to stimulate her prior to and during the dose.

    If Bill is still a distraction she can't get him out of her mind and he is available, Sherry should invite him over when her husband is at work and get it done and out of the way.  We do believe that Sherry has gotten further with Bill than she has indicated in her mail with Michelle.  Perhaps much further.  Sherry may have a block in this figurative department, and this block is either that she has already sealed the deal and retains it as a secret or that she still wants to.  Through several conference mailings and pollings with our psychology departments the majority of the Doctors polled believe Sherry has had at least one sexual encounter with Bill.  Out of 172 Doctors polled 158 said yes 3 said no and 9 not sure and 2 haven't answered yet.  Odds are something happened, and Sherry is holding back that information in fear of being judged.

    In either case Sherry's love for her husband may be at very dangerously low point and instead of waiting at this low point Sherry will either need to fan the flicker of her marriage or take a little test on the side.  A late night invite for Bill should not be a problem since he has been to her house before and he has expressed a desire to be with her.  If Sherry invites him over she will have home field advantage and be able to tell Bill it's just for sex and not about love.  Sherry will get the attention she so very deeply craves from Bill and she will find out if it was worth it.  Bill will get Sherry who will undoubtedly be very in the moment.  It's a win win for those two regardless of Sherry's final decision, but Sherry's husband will lose out if she decides to stay with Bill, and Sherry's husband will win if she decides Bill was not worth it, because Sherry will decide her husband was and is a better option.

    In the interim Sherry should start using her yellow bench as a support for her 7 inch toy and start sitting on it until it can go all the way in.  Sherry should do this 3 times a day (before work for 10 minutes, after work for 10 minutes minimum or until satisfied, and while her husband showers prior to his dose).  Sherry will also need to start using her 7 inch toy in bed prior to going to sleep if her husband has already fallen asleep.

    Once Sherry has mastered the 7 inch toy and it's complete insertion she will move on to the 10 inch toy.

    Sherry will forgo the dose for sex one day per week when she uses the 7 inch, 10 inch or Olympic Insert (her choice) on her bench while her husband showers.  She may have her husband use his cock ring to help him.  And she will need him to have it since he is both small and a quick shot.

    Sherry will also one day per week minimum have her husband suck on her clit so she can start training him to serve her needs.

    We've got to get Sherry moving in the right direction or we'll need to bring her in to see what's wrong. 

    Sherry shows a lot of potential and she is very intuitive based on her early messages, but this constant dragging on, stuck on the same plateau has to be wearing on her confidence.  If her progress continues to remain flat we may need to bring Michelle in to NYC see what else we can learn about Sherry in a face to face, before we consider bringing in Sherry.
      Amy & Cori for case student Sherry Graham

    Hello Sherry
      It's me again.  I hope your feelings weren't hurt by any ot their findings.  I can tell you all of their course of action is a must do with the exception of how to handle Bill which would be strictly up to you.  Don't ask me what I would do as I have been instructed to not lean in either direction.  I will remind you of this, that you have been very clear in stating that you don't love your husband and may never really ever had loved him.  You also found Bill to be a person who was weak.  Amy and Cori may be right and you may need;

    1) Bill to come to your house fuck your brains out in a night of passion so you'll want to leave your husband for a better life.
    2) Bill to come to your house disappoint you with a familiar night sexual frustration and disappointment and you stay with your husband for a better life.
    3) Or you throw yourself at your husband and your goals, fuck your husbands brains out and make a better life for yourself.

    Whatever you decide regarding Bill let me know, and like I said all of the other course of action items are your new list of things to do.
    P.S. Below are some diet tips you may want to review.

    Eat smaller meals throughout the day 

        * Eat snack during the time you are without food the longest during your waking hours
        * Eat small meals every 2.5 or 4 hours throughout the day
        * Plan 3 meals and 2 or 3 snacks distributed throughout the day every 2.5 to 4 hours
        * If eating less than 3 meals, eat an additional meal.
        * Introduce breakfast by drinking milk, fruit or vegetable juice
        * Introduce additional food to breakfast
        * Eat cereal for bed time snack instead of a high fat snack food
        * Prepare extra for meals so left overs are on hand
        * Plan time for preparing a nutritious snack lunch or snack for hard to get away times
        * Slightly decrease portion sizes of your largest meals 

    Eat more fiber 

        * Eat 100% whole wheat instead of white bread
        * Add beans, steamed or raw vegetables to any meal
        * Eat a green salad every day
        * Eat fresh fruit for dessert or a snack
        * Eat oatmeal or other higher fiber cereal for breakfast
        * Stock up on frozen vegetables and fruits so they are always available
        * Add raw spinach leaves to salad for more nutrients
        * Eat a vegetable to a meal: breakfast, lunch, or dinner
        * Add vegetables to omelette, pizza, sandwich, stir fry, and other recipes
        * If you find it hard to eat vegetables consider vegetable juice or gazpacho
        * Purchase pre-cut veggies and salad mixes for convenience
        * Eat 5 servings of fruits and vegetables daily; keep a tally of servings eaten 

    Eat lower fat foods 

        * Eat ice milk, sherbet, or non-fat frozen yogurt instead of ice cream
        * Choose lower fat salad dressings (low fat, no fat)
        * Substitute plain yogurt for sour cream
        * Substitute plain yogurt for mayonnaise in your chicken or tuna salad
        * Decrease sandwich spread or salad dressing by progressively adding plain yogurt
        * Eat lower fat cuts of meat
        * Choose milk with lower fat (2%, 1%, 1/2%, Skim or non-fat)
        * Choose lower fat cheese (monzorella, low fat cheese)
        * Eat cereal with reduced fat milk for bed time stack instead of traditional snack food
        * Plan to eat healthy 6 days a week and only eat sweets and higher fat foods one day a week 

    Appetite control

        * Eat just until comfortable, leave food on plate if necessary
        * Eat a snack before lunch or dinner to reduce the tendency to overeat
        * Keep a food journal of the quantities of all food eaten
        * Rate appetite after each meal or snack: 1) Very Hungry, 2) Hungry, 3) Satisfied, 4) Full, 5) Very Full
        * Check your diet periodically using computer diet analysis software
        * Weigh food and serve pre-determined portion before sitting down to eat
        * Limit the number of times you eat out at restaurants
        * Eat before being around processed snack foods (eg: party, shopping, etc.)
        * Agree to do extra exercise if you eat more than you had planned using a caloric expenditure and content database or table 


        * Write weekly menu with accompanying shopping list
        * Keep shopping list (with pen or pencil) conveniently located in kitchen
        * Prepare foods the evening before and refrigerate for the next day 


    Eat small meals every 2.5 to 4 hours or eat 3 meals and 2 or 3 snacks distributed throughout the day 

        * See Exchange Lists for food groups
              o Eat 3 food groups every meal
              o Eat 2 food groups every snack 
        * Plan meals around moderate or intense exercise
              o Plan snack or meal 1 to 2 hours before
              o Eat high carbohydrates meal very soon after exercise (Rationale)
                    + carbohydrates and quality proteins in approximately a 4:1 ratio
                    + 10 20% of total daily caloric intake 

    Eat protein and carbohydrates every meal or snack

        * Eat lower fat Meat or Meat Substitute or Milk exchange every meal or snack
        * Eat Starch or Fruit exchange every meal or snack
        * Combine foods to compliment proteins (optimizes amino acid ratio)
              o Eat legumes (beans, peas, lentils, peanuts) with grains, seeds, or nuts
              o Eat grains with milk or cheese. 

    Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables daily

        * Eat vitamin C rich foods
              o At least 1 serving a day
              o Citrus fruit, tomatoes, fresh melons, strawberries 
        * Eat cruciferous vegetables (cabbage family)
              o At least 3 servings per week
              o Cabbage, broccoli, brussel sprouts, kohlrabi, cauliflower 
        * Eat vitamin A rich foods
              o At least 1 serving every other day
              o Dark leafy greens, and dark yellow foods 

    Eat foods with fiber 

        * whole grains, vegetables, fruit, and legumes (beans, peas, lentils) 

    Eat calcium rich foods

        * Milk, yogurt, cheese
        * Green leafy vegetables, tofu, canned salmon, sardines, figs, almonds. 

    Make lower fat and healthier fat choices (Rationale)
        * Cook with little or no oil
              o Roast, bake, broil, grill, poach, steam, or boil instead of frying 
        * Keep saturated fat intake low
              o Eat leaner meats or meat substitutes
              o Remove skin from poultry
              o Lower fat milk and yogurt
              o Choose lower fat snacks
              o Limit hydrogenated fat (used in products to increase shelf life) 
        * Consume moderate poly-unsaturated and mono-unsaturated fats
              o nuts, olive oil, salad dressing, mayonnaise 

    Limit refined foods
        * White bread and cereals, soda pop, sweets, alcohol
        * Eat whole foods whenever possible 

    Limit cured and smoked products
        * salt-cured, smoked, nitrite cured foods 

    Eat a variety of foods from each food group every day

    Hello Sherry,
      I don't know where Amy finds these very relevant comparisons but this what she thinks you'd see if you compared your husbands present erection to your goal, ideal, Bill or maybe even Clarence.  Amy put the captions and the measurements on the picture.  Amy may be right he may be smaller than 6 inches but you can grow him bigger.  I feel sorry for the little fella in this picture, you know he's got to be embarrassed.  And if you had your choice which one would you rather fuck?  Or suck?  And which one do you think you'd like to touch?  And be honest which one do you think will make you cum?  Email me your answers.

    Hello Amy and Michelle, (cc Sherry Graham's SMU page),
      I know Sherry has a problem with her husbands penis and his endurance and she may not even love him, or have ever loved him, but she says on the other hand, that she wants to make her marriage better. And I for one believe that. But Sherry's progress is so very, very stuck. SInce Sherry seems to be so very entrenched, I will become more personally involved and personally check Sherry's account weekly to review her progress. Amy and Michelle, you've both been outstanding counselors and I expect you will remain top performers and I will not be stepping in but I will be reviewing Sherry's progress. I don't understand why Sherry is having such a difficult time progressing. Sherry has one of our best counselors and her mentor Amy, is excellent as well. I am also worrying about Sherry having another hiccup in her results and allowing herself to fall short and blaming it on the holidays and the resulting pressure. So I will wire some cash ($580) to her to spend as she sees fit. Not cash from The Monticello Institute, but my personal bank account. I don't give a darn if she buys a monster dildo or takes Bill out to a dinner and then back to her house fucks his brains out, or hires a mail prostitute, or buys some clothes that make her feel more sexy. As we all know the main pressure at Christmas is paying for it all after we bight off more than we can chew, so I hope she can use it to lighten her Christmas load and avoid the doldrums that keep her from reaching her goal. I feel like The Monticello Institute has failed Sherry and I feel like I have failed Sherry. We've got to get a maximum effort out of Sherry and get her graduated ASAP or bring her to NYC for a more personal interview. Failure is simply not an option.
    P.S. When Sherry gets her VS bikini in have her update her photo history page with a before picture of her in her bikini.
    PP.S. And of course somebody from SMU will need to make a cash drop at Sherry's, in the usual place.

    Hello Amy and Michelle, (cc Sherry Graham's SMU page),
      I am very pleased to say Sherry seems to have started to more accurately follow her personalized plan and is getting more doses than before. This would seem to have provided a payoff in some weight loss for her so far in this first week. 
    1. Sherry's next goal will be 155 by when she wakes up December 13th. 
    2. We also need to remind her to include sex at regular intervals, her goal now is three times per week, in addition to her dose schedule. 
    3. Sherry will also need to be reminded to get her exercises done as well as her cardio, and to eat properly in reasonable proportions. 
    4. I know it's cold where she is living but we need to make sure she is going commando everyday she is not menstruating, as well as sleeping in the nude or bra only to keep her breasts from losing their battle with gravity. 
    5. Sherry should also continue to include *fun time* in her workout routines, 5x15 before and after work, and should have at least one self sample in each of those sessions. 
    6. Sherry should also include showing her husband that she self samples, as a part of her exciting her husband as a part of foreplay on the three days she selects for sex.



    Sherry's next goal of 155 by December 13th is a firm and easily achievable goal. Failure is simply not an option.

    Hello Amy and Michelle, (cc Sherry Graham's SMU page),
      I am very pleased to say Sherry has made great strides towards her goals. I am a little disappointed in the missing of that last half pound but this is the season of generosity so I will let it go and I feel more than very confident that Sherry will meet her next goal with great ease. Michelle please summarize the minutes and decisions from the minutes of the board meeting and add them to Sherry's SMU page. And Merry Christmas to each of you as well as an early Happy New Year.

    Hello Sherry,
      Here is the Summary and Paraphrasing of what Dr. Whitmore mailed me. I am confident the goals are easy and that you will make it with liberal and frequent use of your doses. Don't let your husband deny you. I'm sure your falling short ½ pound was due to your husbands illness preventing you getting your doses. And skipping the doses may have been a wise decision in as much as you don't want to get sick yourself. Here is Dr. Whitmores mail paraphrased in a summary:
    1. Bicep - Good but will change as more fat is lost muscle is gained and skin elasticicity tightens. 
    2. Bust - I'm sure that had to break your heart. And it may get worse. Add butterfly chest reps and pull downs. The pull downs will increase your lats and improve the measurements, but the butterflies will increase the muscle under your breasts. 
    3. Waist - Best ever! Your ab work is beginning to pay off, as well as the cardio. 
    4. Hips - Best ever! Cardio will continue to slim your hips and the ab work will continue to help shape them slim and blend them. 
    5. Butt - Best ever! Cardio will burn off the last and most resistant fat supply you have. Step-ups will also help to round and lift the muscle as they harden and tighten your ass into a firm ripe pair of perfect little cheeks. Then they will be just the right size and shape to fit in your husbands hands as you arc your back and presenting your cheeks for a perfect squeeze. 
    6. Thigh - Best ever! Cardio from cycling will slim your thighs and step-ups will help shape them. 
    7. Calf - This will be a little like your biceps except without "teachers arms" excess skin troubles. If you want to sharpen and tighten your calves add elevated tip toe extensions. 
    8. Weight & Body Fat - Best ever! 5 pounds a week has been a very doable goal for you. Maybe even more could be expected once the holidays pass. Your January 31st goal of 150 pounds is still in effect. And we are setting your projected graduation date as March 17th. That's St. Patricks day, which you will associate with green because this is all GO, every single day from now until March 17th. 
    9. Pit falls to avoid - As you lose weight you may have a lot of loss on the "top shelf". Don't let that bother or worry you. If it does all go away, you can buy new ones, or tighten and lift what's there, or do nothing. It is all up to you how you deal with that sort of outcome. But no matter how things go don't let it discourage you if you do have your breasts lose their fatty tissue. Just keep working and get hard. The morph Michelle made of you turning into her will really happen to you.
    Work hard, and keep your husband dehydrated.

    Hello Sherry,
      Here are your things you need to get do this Sunday and Monday:

    1) Your successful weight loss to 145 or significant fat loss.
    2) Your fantasy about Clarence, at least one, more if you can type them up.
    3) Your movie of you on your seven inch toy.
    3a) More movies for each additional toy.

    Send your fantasies about Clarence as well as your movies in as soon as possible (expected Sunday/Monday). E-Mail the stories and use the high speed transfer for your movies. Try and make sure your camera is far enough back so your face can be observed. They need to see where the pain starts as a indicated by the expression on your face.

    Regarding your bust it may go as low as 29 or 29½ inches. To see about how much droop they may get depending on skin elasticity, take a tape measure and put the 0 it at the deepest point in the crease between your breast and your ribs. Wrap it up and around your nipple to your collar bone. See what the distance is, at your collar bone. If you want you can hold both ends of the tape where they are and but over the center of your body above your sternum. Let the tape measure hang down so it sort of makes a hanging loop and make the loop so no part of it is more than one inch away from your body. This will be about how far down they will hang if they don't spring back up.
    See the picures below.

    Measure like this...


    And there will be a new movie added to this page or your movie page in the next day or so.

    Hello Sherry,
      The doctors have been looking at the movies and have decided that they believe you are not sending in movies of you achieving any sort of "release" or orgasm.  They believe that in each case you have already had significant and powerful orgasms prior to the movies you had already recorded.  What you have sent in is not what they needed to see to help them make decisions about you and to help figure out what you need.  Below is what they have determined.

    Their theory

    When you first saw the longer movie you got turned disgusted at first because it was porn.  But after you watched it a little it started to turn you on.  You got so turned on that you let the movie loop around and start over.  Except this time you were not disgusted but turned on, real turned on and you were trying to hold those feelings back.  You were thinking something like "Guys jerk off watching porn, not me!", but as the movie looped and started a second time you knew what to expect.  You wanted to see it again.  You watched the conversation and you knew where it was going, and you wanted to see it.  You wanted to see it real bad.  As the conversation part ended you decided you wanted get fucked too, so you paused the movie and got a toy.  "Blue Bumpy" or "Red 7"?  You selected your toy and got back in front of your monitor and quickly got undressed.  Ooooh!  This is going to be good!  I can't wait!  You sat back down started the movie again and spread your legs apart and started to warm yourself up with some finger only *fun time*.  Your fingers could feel how wet you were as you started.  It was good and then it was as though something else took over, you were out of control and getting your rocks off doing what those dirty guys do, and jilling yourself off.  But you didn't care, there were people on the screen and you were by yourself, it was good.  It was damn good!  And you were only on your fingers, so far.  Stop rest   That first orgasm was good, catch your breath rest watch a little more...  A couple of minutes go by.  You think, "She's enjoying herself, with a big man, why can't I.   I'll use my dildo.  Why can't i take it as deep as her!  Keep going!   Oh!"  And you keep going for another orgasm.  Wow!  you just got your rocks off twice while you watched porn!  You felt so embarrassed yet satisfied, yes, very satisfied.  You felt sloppy and wet and huge, as your dildo slopped around in your wanton wet pussy, but you felt good.

    Next time would be better...

    When you finally got around to the second time that night try the anal thing a few times before you'd eventually do the anal movie.  The anal use of the toy didn't hurt, but it didn't really excite you either.  That's ok.  You still have some anal fetish issues, and desires. 

    But now that you got that movie out of the way you'd do what you really wanted to do and have *fun time* in a planned fashion.  A little finger starting foreplay and then on to the dildo again.  You are already real wet, and it is good.  You lean back in your chair and hook your knees over the arms of the desk chair and start going deep and you can hear the sloppy wetness and it excites you even more.  You lean even further back and put your feet on your desk and just start pumping your pussy harder and harder as you watch the movie.  You begin to massage your clit while you are fucking yourself and, BAM!  Your first orgasm of the session.  As you get up you notice you have already cum a little in your chair but you don't care.  You move to your bed to catch a little *fun time* on film and record the event.  And you have a little fun, but you hold back, for reasons we simply DO NOT understand, and you never have an orgasm.  Not even close.  After you push stop you fall back into bed and do *fun time* like you like it, uninhibited and with abandon.  This time you orgasm and intensely, maybe even without toys, just your fingers.  All in all an end to a good day of self pleasuring, but non of it caught on film, and all of your true pleasures still hidden.

    This time you feel pretty good because you get to skip the anal thing and get to your new erotic toy, porno movies.  They stimulate your mind to have erotic thoughts, and that's ok.  This time your completely undressed as Michelle asked you to be and you start watching the movie.  Instantly you are aroused and you can't help yourself, your pussy and your clit are crying out, "touch me!", so you oblige and let them guide your hands.  Its good and you have a couple of orgasms before you realize you can feel your lit growing under it's hood and you put two hands on the job and pull the hood back with your left and do some detail work, and have an even better quicker orgasm.  You stop, catch your breath, and rest for a second or two.  SHIT!  I should have taped that!  I'll do another one to send in...  You do the movie and it's better than yesterdays but you don't really like it and you hold back.  You start to have an orgasm but you suppress it.  You don't need it, you already had two or three.

    End of days off *fun time* movie exercise.

    Sherry... Are we correct?  Have you already had significant and more powerful orgasms prior to the recordings you sent in?  Are you holding back?  We have a long history of watching women who come to NYC for personal counseling, and when they believe they are not being observed and they watch these two movies this how (99.813% of the time) they behave.  When they know they are being watched they behave another way, actually one of two other ways.  So?  What did you do?

    Other things we have noticed in your movies...
    You are losing weight and you are gaining some muscle.  Do one movie of you just walking around completely nude.  Not really flexing but do some flexing.  Move around and do some movement where you leave your feet still and twist your upper body, slowly.  Make sure the room is well lit.  You'll also do some movies of you in your bikini bottom only or nude of these exercises...

    1) forearm and backhand curls, 
    3) forearm and backhand overhead extensions, 
    5) pull downs on your machine, 
    6) butterfly curls on your machine, 
    7) 8 minute abs, 
    8) 100 step ups (each leg),
    9) 100 inclined situps if you have an ironing board that will support you,
    10) 50 pushups.

    That's 11 movies in total, that you can make a part of your regular workout routine.  Have your husband work the camera.  Tell him you want to see the movies to see if you can see any new definition.  If you want to add a 12th movie have him record you up close while you stimulate your clit.  Make it finger only fun time or not, it's your choice.  Send them in so we can get a better idea about how you're doing.  The movies should be sent in ASAP.

    The parcel

    We are worried you are not getting enough exercises vs. calorie intake so we are sending out a package of various items.  You will find them under your red car. 

    1) Metabostix - They will tell you tell you if you are working out hard enough in relation to your food intake, by checking for the onset of ketosis.  Read the enclosed instructions.  Begin using immediately, as directed by the instructions.

    2) Hydroxycut - We are worried you may have other metabolic issues and while we don't believe diet pills are the way to go (they are not), we'd like you to try these per the directions so we can see how they effect you.  Start date for these will be set pending how you do vs. your goals.

    3) Fahrenheit - The same goes for these, as the Hydroxycut.  We don't believe diet pills are the way to go (they are not), we'd like you to try these per the directions so we can see how they effect you. Start date for these will be set pending how you do vs. your goals.

    4) Durex Tingle - This is like the KY warming, except it tingles, and we'd like your opinion on it for *fun time*.  DO NOT use it for sex.  When you have sex with your husband, it will need to be without anything other than your natural lubricants.  Start date for this will be immediately, and used regularly until it is gone.

    Other Items
    This make take some juggling on your part to coordinate several items you need to accomplish...

    Anal erotic fetishes
    This can be helped by you in one of two easy ways.  1st ask, and it may need to be a tell, your husband to finger fuck your asshole while you are having foreplay or during sex (doggie style, or if your on top).  2nd, during shared shower time, bend over doggie style and ask/tell your husband to finger your ass.  This can either be in conjunction doggie style sex or not, which ever you prefer.  If you want to have anal sex and your still a little soapy wet NOW would be the time to tell him to do it.  And it really is as Michelle has already told you, a lot easier now rather than after you've enlarged him.  And we "underline" the word tell, because asking doesn't get it.  Tell him to do it and he will do it because you're horny and ordering him to do it.  But also make sure he's hard enough to penetrate your anus.

    While your husband showers before a dose
    You should shower before he does, then watch the movies on your web page that turn you on.  Start your own motor too, if you want. 

    When your husband is slow to recover
    You have already seen the movies on your web page and have had some pretty exciting *fun time* watching them.  When your husband is drooping and you need more, think about the scenes and rerun them in your head, while you start finger only *fun time*.  It'll be good for you and should help him spring to life.

    You need to masturbate well enough once a week to make yourself cum.  And not just drops but fairly large quantities.  You know what you want and need so do it.

    Put the ring on your husband before foreplay, or before he starts playing with you.  Hold it close to his body at the base of his penis so he will have as much through the ring as possible making him as large as possible.

    Hello Sherry,
      It looks like your really working hard, even with the adversity of your daughters misjudgment(s). Your next goal has been set at 140 by February 15th. It may seem hard but your bill is over and that's only 5 pounds in about 5 and a half days. Ordinarily you would get until the 17th but we've got to get you caught up so you will be on track for March 17th. I know you can do it, but you must stay single mindedly focused on your goal.

    Waist stuck - More Vertical leg crunches, not sit ups. You should continue with your present sit-up regimen but also add vertical leg crunches until you are exhausted. Also do Seated Knee Ups until exhausted.
    Butt stuck - Add more step-ups, and this looks like this will be your most stubborn and last refuge for your fat.
    Thigh stuck - This could be a mixed issue and may be in equilibrium, you may be building muscle from your cardio as quickly as you are burning the fat. Keep going, the fat will come off.

    Biceps stuck/mixed - Do more Bicep and Tricep work. At least twice as much as you have been doing until you reach 140.
    Calf stuck/mixed - Do elevated toe extensions, with weights, to exhaustion. This will prevent "cankles".
    Percent body fat stuck/mixed - See Observation below...

    Hips best ever - Keep going nothing to add or tweak right now.
    Weight best ever - Keep going but see observation note below.

    Dose count very bad - I know you had some problems with your daughter, but do whatever you can to boost this up. If you can't get one a day try and get makeup doses when you can.

    Bust 3.5 to 4.5 more to go... I know this one has too be killing you. Don't feel bad, treat it like a badge of honor a black board you are wiping clean. And yes it will be worse next week, and for several weeks to follow. Have you decided if you are going to go for implants or not?

    You are doing very well on your overall weight loss, however you are doing so at the detriment of your muscle weight. Since last week you've lost 1.65 pounds of fat and 1.34 pounds of muscle.

    This works out to:

    Percent Body Fat
    Fat Weight
    Muscle Weight

    On the plus side you've lost 31 pounds since you started with The Monticello Institute and 20½ of those pounds is since October 26th. And that's getting stuck several times between then and now. But during this last week you seem to be moving fairly well, on your total weight, as I said though at the expense of your muscle weight. I am guessing your starving yourself a little to bring your calories down. Just remember to get enough protein and lots of doses. Try shifting away from simple sugars to complex sugars. If what you are eating is satisfying you continue that way, and start adding some low carb protein drinks bars or meals to substitute for other calories. If you are still consuming caffeine start removing some by reducing your intake of caffeine, but don't cut it out completely if you may binge on it later.

    Hello Sherry,
      How are things going with your daughter? I hope they are getting better, and at least well enough to get some working out done. And if you haven't been able to get your working out done, then I hope you've been able to keep your calorie intake to a minimum. At least low enough to maintain your progress on your muscle growth so far and to keep your overall weight moving down. Let Michelle know haw things are going so far, with your daughter and yourself. Send in a set of measurements of where you are right now.

    We are aware of you vising your web site every so often. You don't seem to be using your adult movies as often, almost never, as you did. Do you not find them arousing anymore? Would you like some different ones? Or should we disconnect them from your page?

    Would you like to escape the hectic difficulties at your house for a week? I know you are "ashamed and embarrassed" by your husbands penis, and how tiny it is, and you have expressed a very strong sexual appetite especially for large cock and passionately wild rough sex. Would you be interested in winning a contest so you can have your fantasies filled? I am absolutely sure you would take the bait if it was held in front of you. Let Michelle know, and we'll make the arrangements.

    Since you haven't mentioned to Michelle that you have gotten your sex in, I can only guess you and your husband are still not having sex. I'm guessing pretty much your stuck at zero for quite some time. I know you find him tiny, and he doesn't do anything at all for you, and his endurance is, well, he's a quick shot, but you have got to start breaking the ice.

    The six sex assignments Michelle gave you need to be completed ASAP. We'd also like you to record each of them, from the side and send them in as they are completed. We'd also like you to record several doses and send those in. Try different positions and use the ring in half of them (one without & one with). We'd also like you to make a hand gesture to the camera as to how satisfying he is while he's working away. As in with your index finger and thumb showing how small he feels inside of you.

    You'll also need to send in a movie of you having *fun time* and ejaculating. Not dribbles but soakers. Use whatever method works best for you. Record every event and if you don't ejaculate the first time, keep recording each *fun time* event until you do. You'll send in all of your movies at the end of each week. The movies should be framed like the one you did that you felt was too close.

    And given your feeling Bill was a better overall package then your husband, would you be up to asking Bill to have a "nooner" with you? And do you think he'd accept your offer of, just sex?

    Is there anything else we can do for you, to help you succeed? Let Michelle know and we'll see how we can fulfill those needs.

    Regardless of how bad things are going we've got to get you moving and you've got to get that ice broken, if you're planning on keeping your husband. This will require that you start kissing and making out more often, and being more adventurous. We've given you several guidelines and outlined several plans to follow but you seem to get off of our beaten path, and lost. Our concern for your progress is tempered by your trouble at home, but eventually, we're going to have become very aggressive in your treatment and put you back on the path. A nine day trip that will rock your world and fill every fantasy you have and wear out every hole on your body because you begged for it, repeatedly, may be just what you really need and really want.

    And about the only thing that will stop your trip is for you to do the things that have already been planned for you as well as the things listed in this message and for you to open up The Scott River and keep him hard and dried out. And if he can't get a load for you and he can get it up, you'll have to have sex with him until he can't keep it up.

    Failure is not an option, and your success may need a jumpstart in New York City. Which do you choose?

    Replies to a recent message
    Hello Sherry,
    I am guessing since I was on the BCC: line this is a piece of mail you did not intend on sending. I will have to admit I am very taken aback by what you've shared, but in the spirit of your inner thoughts, I will reply...

    > Dearest Self, Or what I'd love to be able to tell
    > Michelle,

    > I've got an eating disorder. You people
    >don't seem to address this issue,

    Actually yes Sherry, we do, and you never brought it up. You've had several years to bring it up and have chosen to keep this "information" to yourself. We can't help you with what you won't talk about. You agreed to be completely honest with us when you joined The Monticello Institute, but apparently have not been.

    >only that I need
    >to replace my food cravings with *fun time*, which
    >is total crap, in my opinion.

    Sherry you are entitled to your opinion, no matter how misinformed it may be. Have you tried substituting *fun time* for urges to eat what you know you should avoid? It's only been a short time since Michelle made that suggestion. We can't imagine you've had many opportunities to try. We, no I, personally challenge you to try *fun time* every time you get an urge to eat inappropriately. If when you are done you are still hungry go again. And none of that rubbing the head of that dildo on your clit, I mean real deep hard fuck stuff. I mean complete loss of control that makes you feel it in your stomach like you're about to be split in two. I know you like to fuck, we have reports (from questionable sources) that say you do.

    >Plain and simple, I
    >love to eat. Whether I'm hungry or not, I just love
    >the hell out of it. I get cravings all of the time.
    >Whether it be for cookies, cake batter, cheetos,
    >candy. Just whatever.

    So do I Sherry, so do I. But your list doesn't show any meat, fruit or vegetable, just unhealthy self destructive choices or tendencies. And I'm sure your desire is not demonstrated by just small nibbles but outright engorging. And yes, you probably eat like that to replace a lack of love in your marriage, a marriage you no doubt regularly try to sabotage and destroy. A marriage you probably prefer to keep loveless and sexless. A marriage we are trying desperately to save for you in spite of your sub par efforts.

    >I think if I could be
    >hypnotized professionally, it would probably help
    >the situation.

    Why don't you? We've never said you couldn't. It's not a matter of cash, because we've sent you cash before and you could have spent it thusly, but did not. Could it be because if it fails, you couldn't stand or bare to be the ultimate cause. or be responsible for yourself or your actions and or inaction?

    >I hate blow jobs. It's really hard
    >for me to believe getting an enormous amount of
    >cum in your tummy is worthwhile to the "cause".
    >I know you guys have said you have done studies
    >on this and it has been proven. It's just the
    >weirdest thing, that the one thing I really hate
    >to do, is the one thing that will help me...

    Hold on a second there Sherry. Your entire statement is a lie. A complete and utter, bald faced lie. You do like sucking dick, you like it a lot. You don't like sucking your husbands dick because he's so small, and "boy" like. Just so you know, there are other members (graduates) of The Monticello Institute who had sex with your husband in the late '70s. Their sexual remembrance of your husband is different than yours is now. And I've seen your husband now. He's had some shrinkage, it's that simple. His shrinkage is commensurate with your years of neglect. Sherry, you have admitted to having oral sex with your brother, and in your fantasies where you gladly swallow their cum. You don't hate it, you're actually turned on by it, because it is a taboo. You're sexually aggressive Sherry and you won't even admit it to yourself. I'm willing to bet your oral sex history is greater than you've admitted to. We can bring you up to NYC and hypnotize you and find out the truth, if you'd like. or if you dare. Any memories you've suppressed would come right out. Would you like us to do that for you?

    >You guys are always on my case to
    >lose 5 lbs in a week, which I just can't do, plain
    >and simple.

    You can if you want to, or more accurately try to. You just don't because you are subconsciously sabotaging your efforts. You do this to prevent being sexually active. If you're fit and trim you have no reason to feel "fat and ugly" and deny your husband the love and sexual respect he's shown you. If you are fit and trim, your old excuse of 'I don't feel pretty' won't work anymore.

    >Haven't you ever heard that if you
    >lose weight that fast, it won't stay off? You are
    >supposed to lose no more than 1-2 lbs in a week to
    >keep it off.

    It will. We are turning you into an athlete. A sexually aggressive athlete. The 1-2 pounds a week is for the old Sherry, not the New Sherry.

    >Now I'm forced to come up with a lie
    >to give myself time to play catch-up with your
    >expectations of me. This is stupid!!

    Yes it is Sherry, lieing is stupid. Tell me where you are really at, and then get back to work, and stop lieing. Follow the plan we've laid out for you and stop messing yourself up.

    >You play your
    >scare tactic card of sending me to NYC for get some
    >"chocolate goodness", big black dick. I don't
    >want to do this at all.

    You're lieing again Sherry. To us and to yourself.

    To yourself...
    It's not scare tactics. You've seen the famous graduates and what they shared. We are so real it's not funny. NYC is real.

    To us and yourself...
    You do like big dick, and you don't mind if it's black. You've had lots of sexually oriented fantasies and over half of them are about interracial sex. You resent your husband now for not being the 10 you wanted, yet you still love him deeply, because in spite of all of his short comings he warms your heart and soul as no other man has. Way back when it was no big deal, but now, subconsciously, you hate it. You claim to have "almost" cheated on your husband in the past, but we both know that's not entirely true. And we both know you are flirting with and are getting close to, cheating on him again, and are keeping those plans a secret from us now.

    I WON'T do this.

    Well you can say that now, but I've never had a no show, ever. And just so you can be sure of my knowledge of all of our contest winning members... If you win a contest trip to NYC you will do like every other winner and succumb to your fantasies. And as sexually aggressive as you are in your fantasies and in your past, this is my prediction... You will explore sexual favors from a lot of men, each one an Adonis, and you will sample each of them not only one at a time but several at a time as well. I predict you'll repeat the usual contest winner porn fantasy, vaginal, anal, oral and one in each hand. I also predict you'll swallow so much cum it'll slosh around in your stomach. And when you leave your vagina and anus will be so sore you'll find it hard to sit down. And when you get home and have sex with your husband, it will be like he is throwing a raisin down hallway. Of course you'll be 15 to 30 pounds lighter, and a head filled with memories you'll privately cherish forever. You'll also make enlarging your husband an urgent priority.

    I am raising my expectations of you now. If you think hypnotism will help, I'll prime the pump with $200 out of my own pocket. You'll find it in the usual spot. You find a Hypnotherapist and see if it works.

    You will send us your real measurements for a new starting place.
    You will also replace binge eating with *fun time*.
    You will keep your husband dehydrated, via doses and sex.
    You will refrain from any further dishonesty with us.
    You will work to stay on schedule to meet your goal.
    You will have to come clean on your entire sexual past. present and plans for the future. No wishy-washy answers, your statements and answers should be so complete we won't have to do follow-up questioning.
    At every 1 pound increment between 131 and 112 (19 opportunities, only) you will have your husband go down on you. Right now it will be treated as a reward.
    You said your husband was small, and I'm guessing not very erect either, so I want you to change how you get your doses. I want you to lay on your back on your bed with your head laying over the edge of the bed, upside down. With your mouth open have him deep throat you until he ejaculates. You may gag the first few times but you'll get used to it. Let him set the pace, you will have your hands free to control his hips. Just tell him to go until he's done or can't go any more.
    If you're used to the lights off, turn them on, for ALL activities.
    There will be more assignments coming soon, and those will be via Michelle.

    Any questions?

    Now get to work.

    Hi Sherry,
      You present us with something of a quandary, especially after watching your last movie. You say you aren't aroused with penetration yet you want your husband to be 9 inches and thick with incredible sexual stamina and endurance. Your fantasies are consistently revisiting men with large penises. Your impression of your husband's penis is that he is like a boy, tiny, ineffectual and completely unable to please you. Please, stop saying you are unmoved by penetration.

    As far as what we've learned about you from your movies is you are not stimulating your self with "foreplay" and war up yourself with clitoral penetration you just jump in and start stuffing yourself with a big toy, almost like you're doing it to complete an assignment for the camera. Instead you should be using the camera to record what you do best to get your rocks off. This last movie was more of an example of that than most. We believe that you had a real good time before you pushed the record button and did not try to stimulate your G-spot then and only half heartedly did so while recording. What you recorded was not *fun time* but a poorly acted out sex show. Almost like you were faking it for your husband, but poorly. We also believe you probably did more *fun time* after the movie was completed. Honestly I feel a little insulted. We are doing our best for you and your marriage, but you seem bent on foiling not only us but yourself. Honestly I can't understand why you are trying to destroy yourself or your efforts.

    Why do you insist you are not pleasured by being penetrated by big cocks? Your fantasies aren't about guys with little bitty wieners. You are obviously aroused by watching movies with women being pounded by big dicks. I'd be willing to wager when you watch them you are so aroused you drop what you are wearing and go straight to finger only *fun time* and intense orgasms. Would you be more aroused to watch guys pleasure women with little dicks? You know the kind of movies I'm talking about, where the guy cums in about 30 seconds.

    No more toys.
    Finger only *fun time* to stimulate your G-spot. Check the page on "how to".
    Finger only *fun time* for all *fun time* events.

    Scott's available skills seem to be a very short list, mostly due to destructive forces.
    Scott's endurance is non-existent due to neglect.
    Scott's size is insufficient due to neglect.
    Scott's skills at manually stimulating you seems to be hindered by being completely cut off from any opportunity.

    As soon as you can (your next freshness opportunity), have your husband suck on your clit. We need to see if he can get you off. Position is your option, but you should try both a reclining position for you (you laying down. legs apart) and one superior one for you (him laying down and you straddling his face). Report back on his performance, but don't be too surprised if he fails here too, since you are withholding opportunities to stay in practice.

    Weight and measurement issues...
    Thus far you seem to be retracting, and eroding your progress. The Hypnotism seems to have been less than helpful. Your exercises seem to have been removed from the stove, not placed on a back burner, as do sensible diet and doses. Your time usage seems to have gone very awry. I can't imagine what's going on in your life to make you so distracted from your goals. If it's important, I apologize, and beg you to take care of it. Let us know so we won't expect too much from you. If it's trivial, then shame on you. Saying "I'm too tired" has little weight with me, especially given your progress from start to best, even at that slow pace. What's most disheartening is the erosion of our progress from your best to your most recent numbers. Sherry it almost seems like you are trying to fatten up. I am re-extending your goals one more week, without even knowing where you are at now, but expect no more disappointing reports. I do have a counselor/trainee in your neighborhood and she has noticed your regression durring her morning jogs (DO NOT interact with her). Michelle was right, you should treat this like a second job. You should also vigorously pursue your husbands fountain of youth. If you miss out on his workdays then get makeups. On your combined days off you need to be at him every 30 minutes (30 minutes starts when you are done with him). If he can get it up but can't cum (pardon my French), fuck him. If he can't get it up have him stimulate you until he is hard. If he still can't get hard send him down town on you.

    Your success is very important to me, I hope your success is important to you as well.

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