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Sherry Graham first took a testosterone level blood test in the 98/99 time frame.  Sherry was contacted for potential membership by The Monticello Institute in the third quarter of 2001.  Sherry responded to her e-mail contacts, tested and was accepted in mid February 2002.

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Sherry Graham's Countdown Timer to December 8th and 150 pounds
Sherry Graham's Countdown Timer to December 15th and 145 pounds

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Sherry's Question Page Questions for and from Sherry. This page will be updated regularly. Last update, 01/27/05.
Sherry's 8 week program To help Sherry off of her plateau. (It reads better in older browsers)
Sherry's follow-up and answers The follow up questions and answers.
Sherry's first follow-up and summary with instructions Summary and instructions for improvement.
Sherry's first shared fantasy Remember fantasies outside the confines of marriage are to remain, just fantasies. More fantasies to be added as Sherry provides them.
Sherry's message from Dawn Whitmore
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Your distance counselor
Michelle Bellicini  Here I am.  I added more pictures of me, in hoping to inspire you to participate more fully.
My story  This is my story and a background about me and how I came to be with The Monticello Institute. 
My husband  My husband's before and after pictures.  Growth is good.

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Sherry's "Fine Arts" Adult Theater of fantasy and erotic pleasure
Where you can escape to a private pleasure that is always guaranteed because, you are the guide.

My counselors

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Other members who have graduated (I will add more in the near future).
My Graduated Students
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People who have corresponded with Sherry Graham
Let the successes of the women who have contacted you inspire you to achieve your goals.  Inside each of these links are the archived mail that each of these women has sent to you.  You will also find on their web pages a link to pages that have some of their photographs.
Miriam Wallace
    Miriam Wallace Photo links
Madison Taylor
    Terri Larson Terri is the girl who shared some pictures from the internet with Maddie.
Cynthia Brookshire
Kim Dominguez

Instructional information based on what we believe we know about Sherry Graham
Your personal test results  If you want to review your answers.
How to trigger weight loss  It's not easy but it is simple.
How to trim your pubic hair  It really is more important than you might think. 
Anna Waldron's trimmed pubic hair  Anna has done an excellent job in sharing a good example of how pubic hair should be trimmed.
Sherry's photo assignment  A series of pictures Dr. Whitmore has selected to serve as a guideline for Sherry to follow.
Information about the penis  And some demographic information.
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Your instructional packet  More of a form letter, but I'll get you a more personalized one after I get to know a little more about you. 
How we work
Board of Editors   Also located on the Interesting facts page along with link to a partial list of staff. 
Amenorrhea Information   This is the same information that I e-mailed to you regarding Amenorrhea. They're here now in case any of the messages I mailed to you became truncated in transit. 
Sherry's statistical progress   A simple statistic page showing that you are coming along, and moving towards your goal. 
Calories per hour page   This link leads to the offsite Calories per hour page, it may help you make crucial decisions about exercise and diet, and how they inter-relate.

These items will be moved to an exercise page with your other exercises at a later date
Your exercise program will be designed around your personal needs.
Protection against bone degeneration
How to keep your breasts healthy
Core training: general guidelines

  1. On the ball description 
  2. On the ball workout 
  3. More abdominal exercises page 1
  4. More abdominal exercises page 2
  5. 30 Minute upper body routine
  6. 30 Minute lower body routine
  7. 10 Best leg exercises
  8. 12 Stretches
  9. More Exercises Targeting your Legs, Rear End and Breasts (with animation).
  10. Exercise goals to "stretch" for.
  11. Michelle Bellicini's exercise schedule.
Equipment tips
If you are not doing so already, remember to remove the batteries from your equipment when they are not in use. Worn out batteries can be a real disappointment, and almost always occur when you least need them to. A switch from worn batteries to new batteries can make your toys go from barely useful to a buzz saw surprise.
Your new bullet equipment

Other reading materials
Other reading materials will be listed here, so check often.

Humorous and Inspirational image links


  Remember you can only change if you are willing to do the work.  You have joined The Monticello Institute because you have issues with sexual activity.  Don't feel bad, I had the same problem, and I overcame it.  We won't dwell on the past but we will need to discuss the past.  Most of our conversation will be based on whatever you would like to discuss.  I hope you have lots of questions and lots of things to say.

You can expect that I will check my mail a couple times a week and I expect you to try and do the same.  You should also check your web page fairly frequently as well for news, information, tips and any other updates.  The Mail server is hosted at the Yahoo server farm in San Francisco, so don't be surprised by the Yahoo reference, as they do not have access to our data.  It is secure and safe. 

  1. When you leave your site you will still be able to get back in without your id and password.  However if you leave and close your browser you will need to re-enter your id and password.  So always close your browser after you surf your site, and nobody will ever be able to see where you have been, or be able to gain access to your information.
  2. We speak honestly, frankly and openly about sex and sexuality as a part of your counseling.  We use the most direct language we can to help our students understand what they need to do to change.  Please do not let this frankness interfere with your learning process.  Nobody will try to offend you with mature language so don't get stuck on the words.
There will be some things that may seem odd about we ask you to do, but you will need to trust us.  We can't tell you what you will be doing in the future for the next assignment.  We won't tell you because you may skip your present assignment and miss an important event.

I can see, by what Cynthia and Maddie have sent me, that you have not visited many of the links.  You will miss lot's of important information if you don't study those pages.  You may even miss information that will help you understand what is going on inside of you chemically.  Knowledge is power as well as the cure, learn all you can from the girls who have put this path before you.  Make your time and effort count.  You may even be inspired by the successes of the other girls who have gone before you, so check out their pictures.  All of the girls you have been contacted by already are each impressive.  Miriam is especially impressive when you factor in her age. 

Also be sure to check your Monticello Institute mail box.  I will have some follow-up questions in there and you can Re: the answers back to me. 

Also be sure to send me a message letting me know you have started your membership.  If you don't have time to send your answers to my follow up questions just send me a simple "Hello" message.  You can also include a short description of what your expected outcome is from my counseling and tutoring you.  We should start seeing some change in you sooner than you think.

The change begins with you.


Hello Sherry,
  Since you didn't pass along any thoughts you may have had on your plateau, I'm going to have to put your past statements together and sort of guess at what path you may need. Mostly I think this will be a review of core items from The Monticello Institute you need to make sure your following through on.

1) Exercise with weights. Both your weight machine and your free weights. Workout hard, you should be exhausted by these efforts. 6 days a week.

2) Floor exercises situps (roman situps too), pushups, exercises with your inflatable ball etc., and don't forget your stretching exercises. 6 days a week

3) Cardio, 30 minutes, at least 6 days a week. Keep your heart rate in the optimum zone for weight loss. I think you should be in the 130 to 135 bpm range. Check this site; http://www.timex.com/hrm/manage_weight.html or check the documentation that came with your heart rate monitor.

4) Eat properly. I know we have told you it does not matter what you eat, and that's true as long as the portions are properly sized. And you don't need to count your calories, UNLESS, you don't get your exercises in. 

  A) If you don't get your exercises in you will need limit yourself to 1000 to 1200 calories per day (for now, but this may go lower if your plateau continues without workouts). And make those good calories, since they will be limited, ie; fruits, vegetables, low carbs, low fat, low sugar, no junk food, no fast food and no caffeine. 

  B) BUT, if you're getting your workouts in and your sweating hard and exhausting yourself you will be able to eat what feels right.

5) Keep your "presentation" trimmed and keep yourself clean by keeping your cleaning regimen to showers only.

6) Go commando as often as you can (limit that to non work place environments). Flash your husband when he is with you and you are commando.

7) Continue high risk activity, that is just scary, not unsafe or dangerous.

8) Keep up with your Kegels (an any time exercise), and enlarging your clitoris as a part of *fun time*.

9) You need to be getting *Fun Time* in a minimum of 5 to 6 days a week (but not while menstruating). Finger only *fun time* is best, and no matter how you do your *fun time*, it is absolutely imperative that you be on your side of your bed and completely nude when you get your *fun time* sessions in. Your skin is your largest organ and you need to release those pheromones to improve your blood chemistry. And every event needs to get several orgasms. Ejaculating orgasms are best, both in the satisfaction you will have as well as the changes they produce in your blood chemistry. You have 20 minutes to get that in privately. On the days your privacy will be limited you may have to do the *fun time* as a part of intimacy with your husband, AND/OR if he is in another room and you have some alone time while you are near your bedroom, get naked and get some *fun time*. Cori told me she had a hard time getting her husband interested in doses (they were both tired after a 12 plus hour day of boat remodeling), and that he would end his day doing book work for their boat business in the "office" in their master cabin (a tiny fold down table in the corner of their master cabin) on their boat. So Cori's counselor suggested that she start *fun time* while he was engrossed in his "work". By doing this, Cori accomplished several things. She was getting her *fun time* in, but more importantly it was very high risk. Cori told me that the first several times he never knew what happened, and she felt very scared, but excited, as she quietly lay there completely nude, quietly spread her legs and slipped her fingers in and proceeded to have fun. She did this several weeks before he knew what was going on, and once he found out, Cori was surprised that he was not only cool with it but was much more available for intimacy and doses. Timing is everything, but don't worry if your husband catches you. You said your husband was ok, when you did that in front of him once or twice a long time ago. And DO use your Phallic toys, but on a limited basis. Your large toy usage should be even rarer in their usage as you don't want to stretch yourself.

10) Doses, as many as your husband can produce (for now). Average at least one a day maybe more on days you don't have to work. Be aggressive, take control. Don't be timid and don't ask, tell him to cleanup and snap to attention (a reference to his erection, not actually standing up unless that turns you on). Be naked yourself when you get your dose. If your positions make it possible have him stimulate you. Even if you have to grab his hand, and put his hand on what ever you want him to stimulate on you. And that can go from the obvious (and always popular) play with my vagina to squeeze my ass, or whatever you like. Get him involved in the act.

11) Sex, you're eventually going to have to make it a part of your menu. You are already aware that he is too small to sexually satisfy you at 6 inches and that he disappoints you sexually but the size will come with time and effort, and when it does so will you. And when you get to where you can start having sex with your husband you will need to start to introduce more physical intimacy and reciprocation with oral "treats". And while his size is disappointing now the ring will definitely help his endurance (but not without the ring, you will still have to train him for endurance without the ring), especially if you get the ring very near the bottom of his penis, where the shaft attaches to his body.

Keep your cart moving! You have 3 months and if you really work your ass off you will make huge strides and be unrecognizable by the end of the year. And you really can do it, I am absolutely certain of it. But you have to do it. In addition to working your ass off you will have just have to be unforgivably and unashamedly demanding on your husband and literally devour him. And when he can't keep up just roll over on your back and right before his very eyes start masturbating yourself to orgasm. He'll get hard, and if he doesn't, and it's not too late, hold him down and put your firmed up clitoris right in his mouth. You don't have to speak, unless you want to tell him what your doing, But don't ask and just force yourself on him. He won't fight long, before he submits to your aggressive sexual will.


Hello Sherry,
  Amy reminded me that when she first was introduced to her large toy (like yours but only 8 inches) and how to use it with a "pillow stack", that she initially got it wrong. I have included an image (let me know if it got through) demonstrating the right way and the wrong way to stack the pillows. Amy said it made a large difference (and of course it would) in how deep it could penetrate her vagina. She said it went from a couple of inches to several more inches and she learned about deep penetration joy and how deep too deep was, as well as how good too deep felt with a large toy.

When I was her student, Amy had me use my nine inch toy immediately prior to trying my Olympic weight insert. To sort of help me relax and stretch a little to accommodate something a little larger, but feels a lot larger.

Amy also reminded me about her favorite toy (like yours is your large silver bullet and hers is something she used before she joined). So I tried her favorite on Monday. I don't know why I didn't think it would do much, but it was very good. This will be one I keep in my hiding place, it was that good. It will make it into my *fun time* batting rotation. ;)

Also, it's time again. Please send your measurements? And some of your husbands penis as well? Both unringed as well as ringed?

Hope to hear from you soon?


P.S. I added this image in case the attachment didn't get through. I aplogize for the poor quality of the image, but I quickly slapped it together for demostration purposes. And if one pillow isn't enough try stacking two or more pillows to get it built up for deeper penetration.

And be sure to try this same method with both your nine inch toy as well as at least one trip with your Olympic weight insert. And when you do be concious of how deep you are able top go.

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