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Sherry's fantasy

This is Sherry Graham's first shared fantasy, followed by a short passage from our follow up mail.  I hope that Sherry will continue to express and explore herself as she shares more of her fantasies, as well as study the fantasies of others in her adult literature.

     When I would fantasize about Bill, I would initiate it...I would imagine myself being totally
my idea of what a beautiful woman is...pretty much what all of the graduates of the Monticello Institute are...perfectly shaped, beautiful face etc. but I would go to his house, wearing something sexy..

I would make him sit down on his couch and straddle him...then we would start kissing passionately. He would then start putting his hand in my panties and rubbing my clitoris. He would stick his finger up deep into my vagina and I would lay on the couch wanting more...

He would then undue his pants, pulling them down and then off completely. He had a very large penis in my fantasy..very erect at having pleasured me. 

He would then, with pants off, carry me into his bedroom and onto his bed. He would then pull off my panties and take off the rest of my clothes and thrust his penis very deeply into my vagina. It was wonderful..his penis was so long and thick...I would then, after quite a while of missionary sex, want to change positions..we would have anal sex, and in my fantasy it didn't hurt, but felt extremely good. After we did that for a while, we would go into the shower and have sex standing up in the shower, with the water running over us. 

Then we would go back on the bed, after drying off a little, and I would have oral sex with him....I would watch his expression and loved the way I knew it was making him feel...I would happily swallow when he came.....then we would switch places and he would give me the same. He was very good with his mouth and new what to do to manipulate my clitoris. He would suck on my clitoris and make me cum multiple times. *********

        Then my fantasy would end...

Was this what you were wanting ?  I thought it would be hard to put into words, but after I got started, the words just flowed...

> They always do.  And usually, but not all of the
> time, when members have
> *fun time* after writing one of their fantasies
> (like the one you just wrote)
> they have an especially good *fun time*.  The may
> notice lots of vaginal
> wetness as they start their *fun time* (because they
> are already very aroused)
> and work through that, rather feverishly, reliving
> that fantasy in their
> mind as they masturbate.  I hope you were that
> lucky.
*****Yes, actually, I was that lucky. It was hard to finish the story.
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