Terri Larson is a graduate from The Monticello Institute.  Terri joined The Monticello Institute at the age of 29 and graduated and changed in just over 11 months.  Terri works as a radio dispatcher for their local electric company.  Terri lives happily near the Georgia coast with her husband and two daughters.  Terri is still helping her husband through The Monticello Institute program, he just does not know what is driving her to make him change.


My before pictures
Playing with my husband and a belly button ring  Man that thing hurt when it got put in.
Playing around in the morning at a secluded campsite  It sure does make your heart pound hard to stand still out in the open like that while your husband takes a picture.

My after pictures
Standing next to my brothers midget racer  My husband took the picture after they backed it off the trailer at the county fairgrounds.
Yes I have a thing for cut-offs  And my husband likes me in them too.
Red shorts at the neighborhood pool  It is fun to impress the other 30somethings.
Self portrait in the bedroom with Monticello Institute digital camera  They send all of the new members loaner digital cameras for free.  If you participate and graduate you get to keep it.
At our computer  My husband took the picture while we were getting dressed to go out to eat at an ocean front restaurant.  I like going out because it lets me dress up and show off.  You can really see the change in my tummy and my upper arms in this picture.
No more tummy  My husband took the picture at the park.  I really like my new body and what feels like a new life.

My husbands pictures
They won't put my husbands pictures in yet because he is not done yet.  But he will be in a few more months.  Then they will post his pictures.

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