Your instructional packet from
The Monticello Institute
Michelle Bellicini
At this point all you need to do is to continue with the manual clitoral work that was included with your greeting packet with a slight modification.  Your next packet will have new set of instructions that you will use to augment this set of instructions.  The modification is that you not try to achieve immediate orgasm via clitoral stimulation (lubrication usage and type are your option) but to concentrate on the quality and staying power of your clitoral erection.  You should work at keeping your clitoris fully erect and yourself near, but not achieving, orgasm for 10 to 15 minutes.  This does not mean 10 to 15 minutes of clitoral stimulation concluding with orgasm, but clitoral stimulation until maximum clitoral erection has been achieved and maintained for 10 to 15 minutes then concluding with orgasm.  After the 10 to 15 minutes of quality clitoral erection you may work to achieve an orgasm with manual clitoral work only.  This Clitoral specific activity should not include any indiscriminate rubbing of the clitoris but either single handed method of:
  1. Using your index finger below and lifting your clitoris and your thumb pressing the hood back and exposing your clitoris and stroking your clitoris like a miniature penis through its erectile development and your eventual orgasm. 
  2. Or you can anchor your index finger below your clitoris and using your thumb to stroke your still hooded and predominantly unexposed clitoris.
  3. You also option to alternate between both methods as you or your body might dictate at the moment.
Vaginal penetration should be avoided if at all possible, as this exercise is designed to focus on your clitoral reflex response.  If you absolutely feel that you must have vaginal penetration you should keep it to a minimum and nothing larger than your husbands erect penis.  The orgasm is optional.  If you don't feel you can achieve an orgasm you should feel no pressure if you fail to achieve one.  While your clitoris is erect you need to take time to make a mental note the size of your clitoris during arousal prior to orgasm as well as after orgasm.  You should also make a mental note that if you ejaculate, how much you ejaculate compared to other orgasms, as well as the quality of your orgasm on a scale of 1 to 10, where 10 is the more intense orgasm and 1 is the less intense and 0 would be no orgasm or unsuccessful attempt. 
  • Tip Some participants have found it very beneficial to include their breasts as contact points during masturbation.
As you become more proficient at achieving orgasms and achieve them with with increasing regularity your testosterone level will begin its correction.  As you read earlier your apparent testosterone correction may be slow to change and can be helped with the introduction of adrenaline.
Adrenaline can be produced in many ways and the most complementary and efficient way to produce adrenaline for your situation is to invoke a risk situation by being as naked as you can be while you are performing your masturbation packet exercise in bed.  The risk factor in adrenaline production is significant at a primal level.  To assist in the maintenance of the future of your marital relationship it is absolutely imperative that you confine all of your masturbratory activity contained in the packets to your bed.  In future packets we will provide you with other ways to induce adrenal activity to your blood stream.  The frequency of these masturbratory activities presently needs to be only a few times per week, always avoiding menstrual periods.  Masturbation in any form during menstruation is not constructive to your goal of testosterone correction.  The purpose of this exercise is to help you better understand and control the relationship of your erect clitoris and the quality of your orgasms production, as well as how to more readily and efficiently achieve orgasm.