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Is your sex life lacking due to a historically low or recently lowered libido?
Is this lowered libido causing friction in your marriage? 
Do you want to restore, rejuvenate and raise your libido to new
If so, read on and do not lose this rare opportunity to participate in a life-changing event to help your libido (sex drive).

  Greetings Sherry Graham,
Welcome to your newest installment of The Monticello Institute newsletter. In this news letter we would like to call to your attention a few reminders and a few new tips: 

A new piece of equipment

You will soon be receiving a new larger Silver Bullet adapter for your pulsatron controller.  Many of our users have found that extended use of the original Silver Bullet adapter cause their fingers to feel numb from guiding and positioning the Silver Bullet to pleasurable areas on their bodies. 

This new larger unit has been designed after several months of testing and analysis.  In addition to packing a stronger punch the new Silver Bullet is also able to penetrate deeper.

Tips for use

You can still use all of the settings on your Pulsatron controller since its power adapter is identical to all of our other designs.  In addition to the other tips and instructions we have passed along to you, we have received a few others from our field testers:

  • With your vagina exposed to the open air, place the tip (opposite from the power cord) firmly on the exposed area of your vagina between the anterior (forward) portion of your vagina and your clitoris.  With one hand guide the rounded tip between your vagina and your clitoris, like you were drawing and re-drawing with a marker on paper, at a speed you find pleasurable.  Put the controller on the setting you find must helpful for your needs.  With the other hand pull the hood of your clitoris back to fully expose your clitoris.  You can dip the tip of your new bullet into your vagina periodically to collect moisture that will aid in the sliding between your vagina and your clitoris.  You can also pause periodically on your clitoris before returning to to the sliding movement.
  • Or - Slide your new bullet into and out of your vagina at a speed that will help you achieve orgasm.
  • Or - Slide your new bullet into your vagina as deep as you are comfortable with and dial in a setting you find pleasurable. 
    • You can also try doing this when you are flat on your back with your legs in the air.  When you get your new bullet inserted and the setting dialed in try crossing your legs tightly and exerting as much grip on the silver bullet in your vagina as you can until you achieve orgasm.
  • Don't forget, you can mix up the methods above and improvise on your own.  You can also add other tricks you find helpful for your needs.
Each of these tips listed above is recommended by our field testers.  And as always, never immerse the bullets or the controllers in water as they are not waterproof.


If you are not on your side of your bed, disrobed and uncovered you are not helping yourself with the flow of your own pheromones, and the correction of your own libido. 

We still hope to see you test and join soon.

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