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These are some stretch and strength goals you should be working to achieve.

  Hello Sherry,
These are goals you should keep in mind as you do your stretch and strength exercises.  They are all much easier to achieve than you might imagine at this point but a little bit of stretching and exercise every day will help you achieve these goals.  These are pictures are of two of my students, Mandy Cole is the numbered set and Erica Borman is the last picture with an extra stretch/exercise.  Mandy was one of my recent graduates and has returned as a counselor, Erica is also a recent graduate and has chosen to not return as a counselor.  I will add a link to Mandy's pages soon but probably not Erica's page.  Don't feel pressed to send thankyou's to either of them until after you are linked to their photo pages.  Remember that you don't want your muscle to inhibit your flexibility so always stretch before, after and during your exercises.  Read the captions and understand these are all achievable with time.
Stretch For These Goals
This is a side view of a one armed push-up.  As you do your chest exercises, which should include push-ups, you will find that this a major muscle builder.  Shooting for a one armed push up for each arm will help build and define your chest as well as your waist.  This will also add symmetry to your chest as well, provided you do an equal number of reps on each side.

This is a front view of a one armed push-up.  Study the form in each picture and understand how each is a full body exercise.  You may not be able to do the one armed push-up yet but you can probably do a hold of the start as illustrated in the picture below.  Try to do them as a hold and feel the muscle in your sides and in your stomach.  Do the hold for 5 minutes (or as long as you can stand) on each side for three times each.

This is a simple high kick.  Don't hurt your self but you should concentrate on stretching the hamstring in the back of each thigh as far as you can with each kick.  It is almost like doing the splits but laying down on your side as you do that, which is also a good stretching exercise.

This is a straddle hold.  It is also a full body exercise that works your shoulders chest back and thighs.  It is more of a strength exercise than the others and will be much easier as you gain more upper body strength.

This is a full split, but to the side.  You should be able to this split in both directions (right leg or left leg in front and the other leg behind).  Again this won't come easy but it will lend itself to your physical wellness, and prevent your muscle growth from impeding your flexibility.

This is a regular full front split.  As with each of these splits it is best to stretch and to hold the position for as long as you can and lean around to increase the stretch.  They won't be easy to arrive at but they are achievable with repetition.  This one in particular is a great workout for your inner thigh.  After you get there these stretches will be easy to maintain.

This is Erica's contribution to our physical regimen.  This split can be treated like an exercise because it will allow an over extension of the inner thigh and tighten that part of the thigh even more.  The pelvis is actually raised and lowered as far as the comfort of the tendons and muscles of the inner thigh will allow.  It is a real workout for the inner thigh and the buttocks and should not to be taken lightly, so don't hurt yourself trying it out.

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