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First Summary and Set of Instructions
Sherry Graham
  Here is my summary of your first set of follow up questions.  It is mostly things you need to start doing to begin changes in your blood chemistry and your marriage.

Your Story

Your story is like everyone else in our part of The Monticello Institute.  You were molested as well as raped.  You also have had a tearing of your perineum which may be influencing your sexual feeling and sensations in and around your vagina.  There is a level of household friction between you and your husband, as well as the both of you and your child.  You have a low self esteem based on your physical appearance as well as a low spousal esteem based on his appearance.  You would like more romance and sexuality in your life. 

Things you need to do, understand and answer

  • I still you to "map" your vagina as I described in a recent e-mail.
  • Keep trimming your pubic hair as described on the trimming page.  Trim your husbands scrotum and shaft as described in your e-mail.
  • Your sexual problems are not a result of your husband and daughter arguing.  Your problem has existed since "shortly after the birth of your first child" so friction between your daughter and husband are not a cause, though they may not help the mood of the house.
  • If your daughter has a school problem put her on a strict learning schedule that is reasonable for all three of you.
  • Compare and contrast the lengths (in inches) of the penises you have become familiar with.
    1. Tommy
    2. Paul Jr.
    3. Paul Sr.
    4. Stanley
    5. Ricky
    6. Clarence
    7. Scott
  • How did the size of your husbands penis meet your expectations, when compared to the others?
  • You need to start kissing and holding your husband.  If his breath is a problem, prior to kissing or other intimate activity, start handing him his tooth brush with tooth paste on it when you are brushing your teeth.
  • You both need to get health with a weight and fat loss regimen.
  • Begin paired workouts.  Use the workouts as foreplay.  Unless you live close to your husbands workplace, your husband may be unable to workout with you every day because of his schedule.
  • Begin a cardio program together.  Even if it is just an evening walk, start a cardio program.
  • Begin exercising your husbands penis by aiming for 30 minute long erection.  Slow masturbation and oral sex that is not aiming for orgasm but a full erection.  You may finish with an orgasm.  If an orgasm occurs prior to the 30 minute completion keep working him for the erection time.
  • If you or your husband consume caffeine, stop now.  Caffeine gives the body energy to do work instead of making the body consume fat supplies.
  • You will need to become the initiator of sexual activity.  Foreplay, photoplay and oral sex.
  • You will need to begin some sort of birth control program prior to sexual intercourse.
  • Are you or your husband taking any dietary supplements (vitamins etc.)?
  • What do you and your husband eat in a day?
  • Start sending me weekly updates about your weight and percent body fat, as well as your husbands weight and percent body fat.  Remember your body and libido will change more rapidly once you start using the "trigger" of ingested testosterone.
  • Continue masturbating and learning about yourself and your orgasms.
  • Follow the instructions from your past instructions and include the items above.  Send me your answer to the questions above.  Send me any questions you may have as well.  This is a two way street and if you have any questions, feel free to ask me.

    I will try to figure out a workout schedule for you and your husbands schedule and e-mail it to you, as soon as it is complete.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

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